January 18, 2004

Party at the Dollhouse

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Dahlia's Party

Remote control car from Radio Shack

Last night, Dahlia hosted a blog party because her friend was in town. She invited a bunch of people who all have blogs, most of which I've never read, but I'm a lazy blogger - I only read a few sites, but that roster of sites is growing.

Dahlia offered to supply food for the event, if the guests provided the libations. That was easy enough. She made these delicious empanadas that had raisins in them, which added a nice touch. I've actually never had empanadas before, but if they all taste like the ones last night, sign me up to eat some more!

Thanks to Dahlia for a fun evening and some excellent empanadas.

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- Dahlia on the "Party at My House"
- Karl on the "Party"

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