January 16, 2004

Dinner at Rice

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My main course, the rice pilaf.

More rice pilaf.

Dessert at rice...Rice Krispy treats, what else?

Last night, I got together for dinner with a Corie, David (hopefully a future blogger), Dahlia, Rachelle, mostly blog friends that are becoming "real life" friends (except Rachelle, who I have known longer). The convergence of online and off line is always strange, but I met all of them at Corie's housewarming party a while back.

We had dinner at Rice, which pretty much incorporates rice into every dish, I got the wild rice pilaf. It consisted of wild rice, mushrooms, and herb pilaf and served with grilled pieces of beef topped with a balsamic and honey glaze. It was quite the tasty pilaf and beef. With this and the trip to Amy Ruth's, that's two meals with honey in 3 days.

- Corie on the "Rice-A-Thon"
- Dahlia on the "Rice-A-Thon"
- Rachelle on the "Rice-O-Rama"

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hey, i met you before you had a site!

Posted by: rachelleb at January 16, 2004 7:34 AM

i said mostly! fine, i'll change it. sheesh.

Posted by: tien at January 16, 2004 7:39 AM

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