January 7, 2004

A Great Day to Return to Work

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Yesterday, I was out sick with some sort of virus. Maybe not the flu since I'm better now, but maybe a stomach virus or something like that. It wasn't pretty. In a 24-hour period, I went through a whole roll of toilet paper, making life very uncomfortable for certain parts of my body. I think during that same period, I actually peed twice. Needless to say, Gatorade will be my friend today.

Today, I return to work, with frigid temperatures outside and an office without heat. Because of that, I'm sitting in another office (with heat, thankfully), using a laptop and feeling somewhat out of place. I should have just stayed home for the rest of the week.

Posted by tien mao in Work at 10:06 AM



i got a nasty stomach virus last year on christmas and spent much of the week running to the toilet. not fun.

in addition to gatorade, i also recommend stopping by a pharmacy to pick up some pedialyte. it doesn't taste great, but it's awesome for getting electrolytes back in your body.

Posted by: jeannette at January 7, 2004 10:36 AM

i'm still a tad unstable, i believe.

there are no pharmacies near work. i should go after work, but i'm probably too lazy/forgetful.

Posted by: tien at January 7, 2004 11:04 AM

i had that bug, too. it's those situations when one really, really misses urban fetch.

Posted by: corie at January 7, 2004 11:12 AM

urbanfetch? not kozmo? i think i ordered from of the companies once. i never got a chance to order from them more often.

Posted by: tien at January 7, 2004 11:23 AM

"In a 24-hour period, I went through a whole role of toilet paper, making life very uncomfortable for certain parts of my body. I think during that same period, I actually peed twice."

that might be just more information than I really needed to receive on my daily visit here...

Posted by: joe at January 7, 2004 1:42 PM

i agree joe!

my roommate was sick this weekend and i had to be her kozmo.. "oh.. and could you get me just one more thing from the deli?"

i myself was only sick for one night when i was home on vacation.

Posted by: rachelleb at January 7, 2004 1:48 PM

my life is an open book. well, not really. but i thought i would share.

Posted by: tien at January 7, 2004 2:27 PM

After reading your description of the bathroom/toliet paper story, I think I'm sick now too. J/K Pretty gross though. :)

Posted by: alison at January 7, 2004 5:45 PM

I think this post is a perfect illustration of why we must never, never, never, never, never, um, never write about ourselves again. Promise me!

Posted by: jake at January 7, 2004 8:54 PM

hmm, this is a good point. i shall keep this in mind. i pledge to limit posts concerning my digestive system.

Posted by: tien at January 7, 2004 9:22 PM

Keep the digestive system reports coming! Preface them with a "gross posting alert" so the more sensitive among us know to skip that entry, but keep posting whatever it is you want to write.

Posted by: joe s at January 7, 2004 10:29 PM

i guess b/c tien is a friend, i want to hear what's going on with him, even when it's about him feeling sick. and i get to dispense layman's advice.

i don't think hearing him obliquely refer to the big D is gross at all. but then again, it's really hard to gross me out.

Posted by: jeannette at January 8, 2004 12:06 AM

thanks jeannette! let's just say, i slid into first, third, and home and felt a burst, saw a turd, and saw some foam.

Posted by: tien at January 8, 2004 12:13 AM

Jake will discuss his bodily functions nonstop in person, so I don't know why he's bitching.

I was sick when I was in Hong Kong during the first 5 days pretty much - my parents were freaking out because we had to go to Sydney, would I be nabbed for having SARS like symptoms... anyway, I think it was due to the horrible smog and pollution in HK, versus pristine NY.

Then when I came back to NY, I was throwing up. Boo.

Posted by: Jen at January 9, 2004 12:25 AM

well, who doesn't love talk of their own bodily functions. i guess it's just not as fun to read about them. i'm usually okay with it though. throwing up when you came back? as in on the plane? that's the worst. i used to do that when i was a kid.

speaking of pollution, beijing used to be the worst. after one day outside, you go home and blow your nose. watch out.

Posted by: tien at January 9, 2004 4:44 PM

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