January 4, 2004

Home Sweet Home

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I'm back home. Despite nature's best attempts to stop air travel in the Midwest, I am home. Back from California, back to my apartment, back to work.

While in California, I briefly considered carpet-bagging and making a run for the governor's mansion, but quickly returned to my senses. I'll let the "real" politicians handle the budget crises in Cal-eeee-for-knee-ah. Besides, who would want to mess with the Über-governor/Gröpenfuhrer/AHH-nold anyway? That, and my heart belongs to The Empire State and The Big Apple.

My overall impressions of L.A. and Santa Monica (where I was staying) is that they were nice, but not for me. The palm tree lined streets, ocean breeze, and ocean access in Santa Monica are great. But since I'm a stubborn New Yorker, I'll take my cement sidewalks, subway smell, and roof access and like it. I'll take my four seasons, not two or three. Los Angeles, a nice place to visit, just not for me.

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 11:38 PM



Like in greek, the word is 'hatheeka' = I am lost.
Here in Cali we are all wandering, lost. Without seasons, without reason. ha.

Posted by: tparis at January 5, 2004 2:00 AM

In NY, I'll take 2 or 3 girls at the four seasons. Ha!
There is just something about city.
Even in SanDiego I prefer downtown. I like the SMELL of downtown.

Posted by: tparis at January 5, 2004 2:04 AM

I'm with ya all the way on that, and I was even born and raised in California.

Posted by: Oscar at January 5, 2004 8:41 AM

there's also a sense of history that i don't feel when i'm in CA. i've spent a lot of time in san diego and everything is just so new. i know that our entire country is pretty new, if you put things into a world perspective...but somehow walkng down the street in nyc makes me feel closer to the little history that we have.

plus, seasons are important. they give you something to look forward to.

Posted by: corie at January 5, 2004 1:27 PM

Personally, I could see myself in SoCal. The mountains in particular are a big draw for me, and I'm not a big city guy (even though LA is highly populated, I don't consider it a big "city" like NYC - LA is much more spread out of course, like a big conglomeration of smaller cities.)

Of course, I would miss the snow, and it would be too hot for me in the summer. But otherwise I think I'd like it. But I can certainly understand why New Yorkers wouldn't.

Posted by: Justin at January 6, 2004 3:53 PM

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