December 30, 2003

Decorating With Flowers

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Ask any guy and they will tell you that playing with flowers is their favorite way to spend their vacation. Wait, nobody would say that, but that's what I did today. A few weeks ago, my local Michigan Alumni chapter forwarded an invitation to decorate Rose Bowl Parade floats from the L.A. chapter. When I read the e-mail, it sounded like a fun thing to do. I would get to see the floats up close and see what goes into making the end product. I can't say that the actual work lived up to the expectations though. There were a lot of volunteers that came out to help, so some of us had better tasks than others. Justin and I spent all our time cutting flowers. We used razor blades to cut most of the stems off and then placed the flowers into little water things so they would stay fresh through the parade, which is on New Year's Day. Exciting, I know. We did this for almost 4 hours! In-freaking-sane. I think I have repetitive stress syndrome. There were some other people that actually decorated the floats, but I would say the bulk of the people were doing the same thing Justin and I were doing. There was, however, one great thing...there was free pizza. It was Domino's, but free pizza is free pizza.

The floats that we were "working on" were the Big 10 float, the Disney float, and the China Airlines float. We went through an insane amount of flowers by the time we left. There were at least 100 empty buckets when we were done, with 100 flowers in each bucket. You do the math. It also seemed like most of the flowers were daises and not roses. Yes, a shocker. Especially since it's called the Rose Bowl Parade.

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Blogger, pizza gourmand, pinch hitting florist: You got skillz, man. And when I think about the Rose Bowl Parade, I think about the song Rose Parade by Elliott Smith:

You asked me to come down and watch the parade
to march down the street like the Duracel bunny
but we get away from the cavalcade
throwing out candy that looks like money
to people passing by
they'd all seem to be going the other way

So won't you follow me down to the Rose Parade?

Tripped over a dog in a choke-chain collar
People were shouting and pushing and saying
they'd traded a smoke for a food stamp dollar

Ridiculous marching band started playing
got me singing along
with some half-hearted victory song

So won't you follow me down to the Rose Parade?

The trumpet has obviously been drinking
cause he's fucking up even the simplest lines
You say it's a sight that's quite worth seeing
It's just that everyone's interest is stronger than mine
When they clean the street, I'll be the only shit that's left behind

So won't you follow me down to the Rose Parade?

Posted by: Jen at December 31, 2003 8:37 PM

hmm, that sounds about right. i didn't go to the parade though. no tickets and it started at 8 am!

Posted by: tien at January 2, 2004 12:56 AM

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