December 30, 2003

Fire, Mini-Me, Lactating Women

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This morning, my trip didn't exactly get off to the best start. I boarded the bus to LaGuardia and was sitting there reading my newspaper when the bus driver ran in and yelled, "get out of the bus, the back of the bus is on fire!" Not exactly what you want to hear while you are sitting towards the back of the bus. It was also nice of the driver to take his stuff and run out before letting the passengers off.

After getting to the airport, everything ran smoothly from NYC to Detroit. Well, as smooth as can be for Northwest. My flight from Detroit to Los Angeles was packed with parents with babies. Not really the most pleasant experience when you are on a five hour flight. As a bonus, however, Verne Troyer was on the plane.

Lactating women. do I explain this? Since there were many infants and very young children on the flight, there was naturally some breast feeding going on. This didn't occur to me right away though. I tend to like looking at young children (not in the Jacko kind of way) and making faces to see if I can get a reaction. But today, in two separate incidences, I looked at two kids and didn't realize for at least 5 seconds that they were feeding while I was looking at them. Oops.

But now, I'm here, in L.A., which is cold and in the 50s. Bah. On the plus side, I've already had In-N-Out Burger.

Posted by tien mao in Travel at 2:05 AM



On the flight from HK to Sydney, there was a kid who was vomiting and had severe diarrhea during the "fasten seat belt" time (his parents announced this many many times). I'm sorry, but I had to share.

And I like looking at kids in a "look at me, I am a goofy adult" way, too. But then I worry their parents think I'm psycho so I turn away.

Have fun in L.A.

Posted by: Jen at December 30, 2003 7:38 AM

i love making silly faces at kids on planes. i learned my lesson a few years ago, though, when i befriended the kid in front of me who kept standing on the seat and peering over. it was a 5 hour flight...and each time i stopped playing with him he screamed. for the sake of the rest of the passengers, i felt obligated to play peekaboo non-stop from CA to NYC. it sucked.

Posted by: corie at December 30, 2003 9:47 AM

oo - that's a scary story, corie. kids are generally a pain the longer you're in their presence (IMO, at least).

call me a prude, but i am not a big fan of public breastfeeding. put a little blankie on top of that thing!!

Posted by: jeannette at December 30, 2003 10:17 AM

I saw Verne Troyer in the Houston airport earlier this year.

Also, In-N-Out .. bah! Very jealous. :( :( :(

Posted by: rachelleb at December 30, 2003 10:21 AM

jeannette-- then definitely DO NOT GO to either park slope tea lounges. there are more breasts being suckled than one could ever imagine (or want to imagine)!

Posted by: corie at December 30, 2003 10:47 AM

ugh, severe diarrhea is not good. mild diarrhea, however, not so bad. actually, what the hell am i talking about! all diarrhea is bad. okay, no more diarrhea talk.

sadly, one of the babies did have a blankie over it. i still wanted to see the kid. it seemed like the kid was playing underneath it, but oh how i was wrong.

and mini-me is soo short. even shorter than i imagined.

Posted by: tien at December 30, 2003 11:06 AM

i swear i saw peter dinklage ("station agent") in williamsburg yesterday.

Posted by: el at December 30, 2003 12:43 PM

verne troyer gives me the creeps. i shudder everytime i see him on tv. he plays roles originated by guys who like "cotton-eyed joe".

thanks for the fair warning, corie. i don't go to park slope much (except to eat at the chip shop). i didn't know there were lots of tea lounges, though! i love tea...

i'm not sure where my distaste for public suckling comes from. i guess i feel like it's illegal to show boobs any other time - why should moms be an exception?? it's kind of brazen. like if a guy needs to adjust himself, do it discreetly, don't make a show out of it. i dunno - maybe if i become a mom i'll say hell with other ppl's discomfort, i need to feed my baby!

Posted by: jeannette at December 30, 2003 5:07 PM

it's actually legal to breast feed. there was a whole issue about it a couple of years ago. women might even be allowed to be topless in public. i wholeheartedly encourage this.

Posted by: tien at December 30, 2003 6:55 PM

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