December 22, 2003

Ack! Only Three Shopping Days Left!

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Snow in Brooklyn, since we won't have any on the 25th.

On this, the first day of winter, there are only three shopping days left until Christmas! There seems to be some sort of insane shopping crowd out there, as reported by the NY Times. Apparently, someone brought his whole family to the Toys 'R' Us in Times Square to buy a GameBoy - one freaking GameBoy, but he brings his family of five to the store. Who does that? Yet another reason to avoid Times Square.

Today is also the shortest day of the year, with the sun setting at around 4:32, so those with shopping to do better hurry, lest those criminals we have here in the city mug you of your precious gifts. Oh wait, we don't have those anymore.

Posted by tien mao in Friends/Family at 9:50 AM



if only you'd posted this earlier - sam and i thought we'd kill some time at the toys r' us in times square yesterday before a movie, but the line was half way around the block!

Posted by: dahl at December 22, 2003 10:47 AM

yeah, the picture in that article is insane! it's actually on the cover of the print version if you get a chance to look at that. or, you can just look here. the lines look much worse in the print version.

Posted by: tien at December 22, 2003 10:54 AM

a friend of mine called me from macy's yesterday. i told her she was insane. going anywhere involving mall-like or toy stores is out of the question right now.

Posted by: corie at December 22, 2003 11:33 AM

i think i might venture to some sort of store (i'm not counting footlocker) the weekend after the 25th, maybe even on the 26th! good thing for me that i don't celebrate xmas.

Posted by: tien at December 22, 2003 11:41 AM

i think the picture looks particularly scary because of the masses of people in the times sq area, not just for toys r' us, but the line did continue half way east on 44th st before turning around to file people into the entrance.

Posted by: dahl at December 22, 2003 2:15 PM

it seems like the more i think about it, the more i hate times square. if it wasn't for those movie theaters, i think i would go there maybe once a year.

what movie did you guys see?

Posted by: tien at December 22, 2003 4:50 PM

Wow Tien, you are funny. So you don't celebrate christmas either.(I don't, I'm not a lemming) Not that you are a humbug, -(what a stupid saying)- but for people that don't and are totally placid about the "holiday", after all the crazy people running around, inviting,giving gifts 'of love'on a deadline, asking what you are doing, assuming, not grasping, not accepting,annoying, you eventualy throw an I Hate tantrum somewhere along the way. Funny. I've done it.

Posted by: tien paris at December 26, 2003 1:23 AM

we were in toys r us in hong kong (don't ask) AFTER xmas, and it was still totally insane. roving bands of wild young chinese kids. i think i might have stepped on a couple of them by accident. i consoled myself with a green tea fro-yo from TCBY.

Posted by: jeannette at December 29, 2003 9:35 AM

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