December 10, 2003

Bush to Women: "Let you boobies run free!"

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Much has been made of the Bush administration's desire to tax clothing imports from China, specifically, bras, knit fabrics and bathrobes. The coverage of the bra issue is a comedian's dream, but there are clearly other ramifications to starting a trade war with China.

As talks begin in Washington, NY Times Op-Ed columnist Nicholas Kristof decided to go to China to examine the issue (I just think it's an excuse to travel with his Chinese-American wife). He traveled to the Taishan area of China, where, until a few decades ago, many Chinese immigrants to the U.S. came from. If you've ever been to China before, you know that there are stark differences between a modern city like Shanghai or Hong Kong and rural villages. There has, however, been progress. In Kristof's article, he mentions some of the differences from when he last visited in 1987, paved roads, vehicles, cellphones, to name a few. Kristof also questions the logic behind picking a fight with China, not because of their military largess, but because of it's increasing role in the global economy. It's really something that people should consider. While China seems very dependant on the buying habits of U.S. consumers, China is also buying U.S. debt to stabilize their currency. Doesn't sound too good, does it?

I talked to my dad about this briefly, and he said that the Taishan influence was quite noticeable when he came to the U.S. back in the late 60's. He said that if you tried to order noodles using Mandarin (the "national" language of China) in Chinatown, you would be ignored. Even using Cantonese wouldn't get you that far, which is crazy because almost everyone in Chinatown speaks Cantonese these days.

- NY Times: Attack of the Killer Bras

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Nice to know that Bush does not discriminate when it comes to alienating foreign countries! Canada, Europe, the Middle East, now China. Next thing you know he'll call China "old asia!" Ugh.

Posted by: Justin at December 10, 2003 9:49 AM

i think he's going to start calling all chinese people "yao" and all japanese people "ichiro"...maybe he'll even refer to us as orientals.

Posted by: tien at December 10, 2003 12:00 PM

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