December 7, 2003

The Inaugural Top 15

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***This is the first college football top 15 ranking here on the "little read book," with another one to follow at the end of the season. There should be more starting with next season. Justin (self-professed football junkie) has been gracious enough to write it, so I hope you will read it.***

As a new feature for, I've been asked to compile a ranking system for college football. Hey, if computer nerds and newspapers can have their own rankings, then so can I! I'm no expert or anything, just a college football junkie who watches basically every televised game during the season, as well as every Michigan home game in person. Naturally, these rankings are for entertainment purposes only, and have no impact on the BCS formula unfortunately!

12/07/03 Top 15

1. LSU - most impressive team overall this season - awesome D, improving O
2. USC - Great offense, good defense, but easier schedule than LSU
3. Oklahoma - overrated? Perhaps should be lower after yesterday's debacle
4. Michigan - Like USC last year, playing great but undone by early losses
5. Kansas State - early losses due to injuries - looked unstoppable vs. Oklahoma
6. Ohio St. - Good D, Bad O, won ugly but won, parity keeps them this high
7. Tennessee - won in Gainesville and Coral Gables (Miami)
8. Miami - like every 2 loss team, some big wins and some bad losses
9. Florida State - see above
10. Texas - finished strong, but not a tough team and was annihilated by Ok.
11. Georgia - lots of injuries, tough having to play LSU twice
12. Purdue - good enough to beat most teams, but not UM and OSU
13. Iowa - overachieved this year - ugly team but got the job done
14. Ole Miss - Give Eli credit - he was a one man team and almost won SEC
15. Miami (OH) - Great QB, underrated team, but not BCS material
15. (tie) West Virginia - rough start, but blew out VT and Pitt and should have beaten Miami - another very hot team

- ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll
- AP Poll

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this was supposed to be say it was posted by justin, but apparently i am having some server issues. thanks justin for all your efforts.

Posted by: tien at December 7, 2003 8:37 PM

i agree at least with your top 5, past that its hard for me to say who's better, and it doesn't matter much at this point. I don't think that USC got screwed at all though. They lost to Cal, Oklahoma and LSU lost to much better teams. The timing was really bad for Oklahoma, but looking at the whole season, I'd say they had a better year than USC. As far as the BCS goes...

I think we need to separate two aspects of the BCS in order to say if it works or not. One is the cooperation of all the bowls to get a 1 vs 2 game. If this was 1990, LSU, Okl, and USC would have no chance of playing each other, they'd all be locked into their bowls. Then you end up with Washington/Miami, PSU/Neb, UM/Neb, etc. Not good. So the BCS definitely fixed that.

As far as how to pick said 1 and 2, I dont think anyone will ever agree. There are too many teams, too many angles, etc. So I say you leave it as is, get the top 4 into two of the BCS games, the winners of those two play each other a week later and there's your winner. One small change, much more sense.

Oh, 2 other changes: bring back margin of victory, maybe capped at 28 points, and fix schedule strength so TCU at 10-2 is weaker than Texas at 10-2. That's just stupid.

Posted by: dan at December 8, 2003 5:17 PM

I pretty much agree with Dan as usual. BCS is better than old system, but that is not saying much. A one-game playoff after the bowls would certainly be an improvement (I'd like to see the BCS replaced by an 8-team playoff). And margin of victory should be considered.

On a related note, I really like LSU and they will be VERY tough to beat in the Superdome. With LSU basically playing a home game for their first nat'l title in 50 years, could be the toughest ticket in college football history!

Posted by: Justin at December 8, 2003 10:28 PM

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