December 5, 2003


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My prized possession...

Nike's Air Max 95 - the original release, with original box!

It was almost like ESPN Page 2 was thinking about me when it wrote about guys being obsessed with sneakers. It mentions people that are just starting their sneaker collection, and already have 70 pairs. At this point, I'm not sure how many pairs I have, but I don't think I'm even close to 70. My buying habits have slowed. I can modestly say I have 30 pairs, but it's probably closer to 50 pairs. My most prized pair of shoes is my Nike Air Max 95 - original release. None of my shoes are in unworn condition, save a pair or two, but I have yet to wear the Air Max 95 outside the house since I bought them on eBay. They are probably one of the top 10 most influential sneakers of all time. In 1998, Footaction ranked it #17. I scoff at that. I want a new pair of sneakers. Something to do over the weekend! Woo. Festivus shopping for me. I realize I am completely insane.

- The 'sole' of a shoe fetishist
- Air Max 95 auction on eBay (they are a tad large, but I'm considering putting a bid in)

Posted by tien mao in Rants at 8:55 AM



Your sneaker collection is certainly impressive. I recognize those ones in the picture - did you have them in college? Some of my favorites from the past include the early model air Jordans, as well as the Reebok pumps! I don't collect them though, too expensive for me!

Posted by: Justin at December 5, 2003 11:20 AM

yes, justin i had them in college. actually, i had the re-releases. when these orginally came out, i really considered buying them, but i didn't for shame.

it should be noted that i also have jordans. the jordan XI to be precise. i also had pumps back in the day.

Posted by: tien at December 5, 2003 11:27 AM

i have air maxes in orange and neon green. but with my little feet and even littler budget, i have the boys' ones which i'm sure are worth jack. do you wear all these pairs of sneakers? at one point a couple years back i did a count of the number of black shoes i own and it was ridiculous. more ridiculous was that i never wore more than half of them.

Posted by: e at December 5, 2003 11:49 AM

i have them in orange as well. i've worn those out. i do not wear a lot of them, prompting my dad to constantly ask for me to "donate" pairs to him.

you know what? you should have bought the women's version of the shoes. you get all the air compartments and they came in nice colors.

Posted by: tien at December 5, 2003 11:55 AM

what kind of person collects sneakers?

Posted by: calvin at December 5, 2003 12:39 PM

yeah, i'll accept criticism from anyone on this except you calvin.

Posted by: tien at December 5, 2003 2:01 PM

calvin told me that he wont even cross the east river!!! then i hung up on him.

Posted by: rachelleb at December 5, 2003 2:50 PM

tien- i think your sneaker collection dwarfs mine by now... your ebay habit has grown out of control.

rachelle- although i'm pretty used to girls hanging up with me on the phone, i think you were just mad because i refused to eat your pecan pie (in the literal and non-sexual way).

Posted by: calvin at December 5, 2003 3:07 PM

i've stopped, i swear!! i haven't bought anything on ebay since...checking ebay profile...since april!

Posted by: tien at December 5, 2003 3:09 PM

I think calvin's comment above is the lewdest thing that has ever appeared on Tien's blog -- way to go!!

plus, both of your sneaker obsessions are equally pathetic.

didn't both of you in high school buy 2 pairs of air maxes -- one to wear and one to keep?

Posted by: JK at December 5, 2003 3:45 PM

jk- for the record, i bought 4 pairs of airmaxes in the original colors and have a pair in orange, i'm currently on pair #2. it was my year spent in sneaker-crazed japan that totally exacerbated my problem.

i still think tien's sneaker habit is worse.

Posted by: calvin at December 5, 2003 4:05 PM

what is this about hanging up the phone and pecan pie??

i do appreciate the progress we've made in sneaker fashion. i wasn't a huge fan of the air max styles or colors, really, but i was a big fan of the air terra humara (?). my pair are REALLY old and provide zero support, so i'll have to retire them. i wonder if i could get another pair??

i think in the past 3 years i've bought about 15 pairs of shoes, 3 of which are new sneaks. haven't bought fashion sneaks in over 3 years, i think.

Posted by: jeannette at December 5, 2003 4:15 PM

I vote that "sneaker fetish" be added to the About Me section on the main page. All in favor?

Posted by: Joe at December 5, 2003 5:01 PM

jeannette, at your thanksgiving party tien kept (quite rudely) talking on the phone to calvin so i (half drunkenly) stole the phone away and talked to him (i've never met him before) and invited him over for pie but he said he would never cross the east river (to go to brooklyn) so i handed the phone back (in disgust!).

Posted by: rachelleb at December 5, 2003 8:30 PM

ps. i only have 3 pairs of sneakers! 1 pair of adidas shell tops (old skool), 1 pair of etnies (ca skater style), 1 6 year old pair of adidas tennis shoes

Posted by: rachelleb at December 5, 2003 8:32 PM

did you have to drag me into this, rachelle?

jeannette, i also have a pair of terra humarras.

calvin, i never bought 4 pairs of air max at once. just two at once. the guy at the store thought i was insane.

joe, it shall be done.

Posted by: tien at December 5, 2003 8:32 PM

only 3 pairs of sneakers!! wow - that is some streamlined shoe collection! gotta respect that. :) i like your sneaks.

tien - why were you talking to other ppl on your cell at the party? how impolite! and to someone who's not even willing to cross the river to sample some of rachelle's delish pecan pie?! i'm saddened. ;)

what kind of terra humaras? i think i got mine in 98 or 99 in honolulu. they're the first generation.

Posted by: jeannette at December 5, 2003 10:33 PM

only 3 pair?!? hmm, for me, that might be like you hearing that i don't really like mexican.

mine are mostly green, i wish i had the original colors. i missed out. oops. i'll wear them one day. they aren't my most comfortable shoes, but they are warmer than most in the winter.

Posted by: tien at December 5, 2003 10:40 PM

hate to interrupt, but did you know that there is a book all about the sneaker culture in new york city? it's true.

Posted by: jess at December 5, 2003 11:13 PM

i believe it resides on my amazon wishlist!!

Posted by: tien at December 5, 2003 11:16 PM

jess- there are only 19 shopping days left before christmas... i think barnes and noble still has a few of those books left in case you wanted to buy one for any of your good 'ol college roommates

rachelle- i would cross streams, brooks and rivers for your pie. i just had a lot of work that night (for law school-- which just happens to be locate in brooklyn)

tien- the guy at the store thought i was insane as well. in tokyo, i would have been just a regular customer. i guess i know where i belong...

Posted by: calvin at December 6, 2003 1:56 AM

hi there,
im addicted 2 kicks of the 80'ies from converse/cons.
can anybody help me? i need all of the cons-series. urgently!! pleaze help!

Posted by: ace23 at January 16, 2004 7:49 AM

i seem to have a problem too ;)

Posted by: kirk at March 3, 2004 3:46 PM

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