December 1, 2003

City Hookers Not Good Enough for GOP

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The Norwegian Dawn.

It seems that Republican leader Tom Delay wants a cruise ship to be a floating entertainment center and hotel for Republican members of Congress and their guests. This has some New Yorkers up in arms because it would take the visitors and money away from NYC hotels, restaurants, and shops. I guess Delay thinks that New York isn't good enough, or doesn't offer enough fun and entertainment for his fellow Republicans.

The ship, the Norwegian Dawn is a 2,240-passenger luxury cruise liner, has 15 decks, 14 bars and lounges and babbling brooks. New York City may not have many babbling brooks, but I think we've got everything else covered. But, if Tom Delay wants to spend his time on that ship, it's his prerogative (no matter how wrong he might be). Protesters will know exactly where to focus their attention for post-convention activities as well.

Better yet, maybe they'll all come down with the Norwalk Virus. That would be classic, Delay is giving an interview to Fox News (because they are "Fair and Balanced") and he has to excuse himself to use the crapper.

- NY Times: G.O.P. Option at Convention: Luxury Liner
- Gothamist on the GOP and their fancy boat

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