November 25, 2003

TMQ to move to

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TMQ - Now with new logo!

TMQ has finally found a home, - The Football Gods Rejoice. Yes, quite a shock, but it's good to know that Gregg has found a home period. Just a little surprising that it is with the NFL. I wonder if that means he gets more access to cheerbabes and maybe a Direct TV connection.

Football Outsiders was the home for TMQ while it was homeless - the shelter, if you will. Everyone should continue to check out The Outsiders for their interesting take on all things football. There is also a link on the right side of this page under "sites you should read/use" that has been there for a long long time.

- The new TMQ article on

- Gregg's announcement on Football Outsiders
- The Buffalo News on the announcement
- More about TMQ on this site

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