November 23, 2003

Robert Randolph and the Family Band

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Last night, after stuffing myself, I headed to Roseland for my 2nd concert this week (I went to the White Stripes show on Tuesday). This time, it was for a band that I had never heard of, Robert Randolph and the Family Band. My friend Johnny described it to me as a “jam band”, so I had a certain picture in my mind. Let me just tell you, my mental picture was totally off - Robert Randolph is black, as are 2 other people in the four person band. Obviously, music is one of those things that transcends race, I was just surprised.

The concert was phenomenal (it seems that I really love all the concerts I go to, I guess live music is just great). The beats that they turned out were spectacular. Robert was so into the music and performing and had this energy that just transferred to the crowd. Having a base player that can belt a high-ass note or two is also a good thing to have in a band.

I didn't get through with my camera this time, so I don't have any pictures or clips of the show. Check out the band's site for some clips of their music. Excellent stuff.

- Robert Randolph and the Family Band - Official site

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