November 17, 2003

Friday Night Party

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Halley showing off his light saber - yes, light saber.

Friday night, Halley had a pseudo housewarming/going away/plain ole party at his apartment (and no, he couldn't decide what the party actually was). There was plenty of beer to go around, which is always nice. He even had "Jamaican Ginger Ale - Original Brew." For some people, who had a few beers on an empty stomach, this sounded and looked (I hear it was in a green beer-like bottle) like actual ginger beer. Much to the discontent of those people, it was just ginger ale (I hear it was pretty tasty though). His party was an interesting mix of people, lots of architects from Cornell, which is a crowd that I don't usually hang out with - architects and Cornellians. Unfortunately, I didn't stay too long due to hunger and my nasty habit for drinking without eating. Oops. Minor detail. Thanks to Halley for the party. It was a good time...while it lasted for me.

- Halley's entry with more details and photos

Shannan and Halley - I "work" with both.

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