November 12, 2003

Kidneys and Liver Still Intact, Vegas Here I Come

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Last night, I ventured into New Jersey to "claim" the "free" trip I won last week (possibly a slight over-use of quotation marks there). Many people had their suspicions about the news that I won a trip, and rightfully so. On my way out there, I thought to myself, "I won a trip, and have to go out to New Jersey to claim it? Isn't Jimmy Hoffa buried under Giants Stadium? I wonder if stuff like they show in The Sopranos actually happens?" When I arrived at the address I was given, I was pleasantly surprised that it was an actual office building and not an abandoned warehouse or an empty lot. Once inside, everything looked pretty professional and on the up and up.

When they called me on the phone last week, they said, "don't worry, we aren't trying to sell you a timeshare," which was comforting, but just because they weren't trying to sell me a timeshare, doesn't mean they weren't trying to sell. Apparently, the company is a "wholesale travel" company, which sells you 30 vacation weeks for a mere $3000. For that, you get to stay in condos and stuff. You also have to pay a membership fee. So essentially, it is like a timeshare except you don't buy one specific property. I had to talk to three different people before finally getting this form I have to mail in for my travel voucher. At least the first person was kind of hot. She smelled good too. All a ruse, I'm sure. If there wasn't a possible trip to Vegas on the line, I'm not sure I would be jumping through all these hoops.

Since I still have my internal organs, I can just go to Vegas and damage them with booze. Sounds good, no?

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