November 11, 2003

TMQ back and Seems to Enjoy the "little read book"

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The football gods have shown their mercy (even though Disney has not) and TMQ is back! An entire column written by Mr. Gregg Easterbrook himself! This week, it resides on Football Outsiders (which happens to be a great site), next week, who knows.

If you read on, there is some cool stuff that TMQ says about my site. I'll just paste it here for you to read in case you don't get to the TMQ column.

"Note: thanks to the efforts of Tien Mao, a New York City construction guy with a severely cool personal website, you can still read my Maroon Zone column here. Mao has rescued everything the Ministry of Bristol tried to drop down the memory hole, though without the cheesecake and beefcake photos, sadly. Isn't this just the beauty of the Internet? One guy working alone in an apartment in New York, greatest city in the world, single-handedly frustrates the attempt of a huge corporation to make something disappear."

I just want to thank Gregg and Aaron for their kind words (Aaron in his maroon zone analysis). It should also be noted that I am not really a "construction guy" even though I work in the field of construction. I am more of an "office guy."

- previous communiqué with Gregg
- the TMQ controversy
- the TMQ archives

Posted by tien mao in TMQ at 1:50 PM




I have the TMQ images from weeks 2 through 5 of this season, if you'd like them. Let me know.


Posted by: Patrick Nance at November 11, 2003 5:28 PM

thanks for the offer patrick, but i don't feel industrious enough (read - lazy) to put all the photos in.

Posted by: tien at November 12, 2003 12:11 PM

Thank you Tien Mao for gathering the TMQ archives for all of us to savor!

Posted by: Ray Cooney at November 12, 2003 12:50 PM

Thanks for Helping TMQ...great site

Posted by: russell simmons at November 12, 2003 9:43 PM

Posted by: rachelleb at November 12, 2003 10:52 PM

it would be awesome if it was the russell simmons, but i think it's just someone named rusty.

the compliments are obviously still appreciated though.

Posted by: tien at November 12, 2003 11:40 PM

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