November 6, 2003

Let it Be - The Beatles Naked

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John and a grizzly Paul in the background.

On November 18th, The Beatles will release another album. Well, not really, their record label Apple (not to be confused with Apple Computers) will release another album. The album, "Let It Be...Naked" consists of songs remixed from the original session tapes. The result is an album full of songs the way the band intended them to be. The songs as recorded, before producer extraordinaire Phil Spector changed them. No choirs or orchestras that you can hear on "Let It Be," "The Long and Winding Road" and "Across the Universe."

The NY Times' review of the album is very interesting. It goes into detail about the history of the band during the period they recorded the tracks. "During the "White Album" sessions in 1968, tensions within the group were beginning to run high, and much of that two-disc album is a compilation of individual projects. Each of the Beatles ran his own session for his own songs, and they called one another in only as needed." John was hanging with Yoko, George was interested in Indian music and hanging with Dylan and Clapton, and Ringo quit for a while.

Fans, however, may not be used to the sound of the "naked" songs. Despite the difference, I eagerly await "Let It Be...Naked."

I will now listen to songs by The Beatles for the rest of the day.

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