October 25, 2003

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In a quest to serve the public, I'm going to try to put all of the old TMQ articles as entries on my site. I finally finished with all the articles I found. The links that were in the articles are gone, as are the pictures. Unfortunately, no pictures of cheesecake.

They will be linked from this entry.

***TMQ update: All my "coverage" on TMQ news.***

New key to success: the Maroon Zone (10.14.03)
TV policy causes TMQ more pain (10.7.03)
Run amok: Soldier Field, Terrell's ego (9.30.03)
Cowboys' win better than ice cream (9.16.03)
Highlights, lowlights and ugly unis (9.9.03)
Hangin' with the cheer-babes (9.9.03)
Most accurate NFL predictions anywhere (9.2.03)
NFC preview: Pass the potatoes(8.26.03)
AFC preview: not blacked out(8.19.03)
I am back with offseason highlights (8.12.03)
Divine intervention (7.01.03)
Next stop, avoiding reality (6.17.03)
The Rust Age of the NBA (6.10.03)
Life in the NFL doldrums (6.3.03)
Wiz choose err over Air (5.9.03)
Making the grade ... with ease (4.29.03)
Making a mockery (4.22.03)
Near naked and not complaining (2.21.03)
LeBron-gate (2.13.03)
Derelict predictions (1.29.03)
Why are you punting? (1.28.03)
The weekend the gods winced (1.21.03)
Blitz happens (1.7.03)
Affiliate follies frustrate NFL fans (12.31.02)
NFL's 88 percent solution (12.24.02)
NFL talking heads stuck in reverse (12.10.02)
Pass the turkeys out of Dallas, Detroit (11.26.02)
Don't say you haven't been warned (11.19.02)
Muddling along the NFL's middle (11.12.02)
Dishing out the dirt about DirecTV (10.29.02)
There's nowhere to run to, baby! (10.22.02)
Honk if you're from St. Louis (10.15.02)
Shrink-wrapped help for your teams (10.8.02)
Always read the fine print (10.1.02)
Losing is alien to Rams, Steelers (9.24.02)
Florida foibles and football fumbles (9.17.02)
Dumb, dumber ... and Dwayne Rudd(9.10.02)
Haiku me? No, haiku you!(9.3.02)
New map points to NFC treasures(8.27.02)
Previewing the fall line for the AFC (8.20.02)
Delusions of grandeur in preseason (8.13.02)
Offensive and boring(6.4.02)
Lies, Damned Lies and Hundredths (4.23.02)
A real mockery of a draft(4.16.02)

Posted by tien mao in TMQ at 9:18 AM



well done Tien. as long as tienmao.com is alive, TMQ will always have a voice in cyberspace!

Posted by: Justin at October 24, 2003 10:53 PM

Absolutely well done! The internet is the greatest equalizer. ESPN stomps hard on TMQ, but Tien resurrects the whole thing. Now soon TMQ will be available again, and ESPN will collect nary a red cent (assuming they really get anything out of the ads on Page2).

Posted by: Johan at November 3, 2003 6:32 PM

Tien, good job on keeping TMQs still alive... I noticed you're missing "Week 3: When in doubt, pass on second down!" which was published on 2003.06.19, thus missing one of the immutable laws: "Clang on First Bars Run on Second". Anyway, I happen to have the column (though in "word" format). If you're interested, drop me a line and I'll send it ASAP.

Best regards from Spain !!

Posted by: Jose Luis at November 14, 2003 12:02 PM

Niccceee pagee

Posted by: Meban at February 20, 2004 7:47 AM

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