October 19, 2003

homecoming '03 - ann arbor, mi

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the gang (left to right) - john, ryan, schreiber, tien, dan, justin, andy.

this weekend, i went to michigan for my annual football trip, meeting up with my college friends for a weekend that happened to be homecoming. besides the mandatory football game, homecoming was a chance for all of us to catch up on old times, and reminisce about all the stupid things we did. most of us graduated only three years ago, but it feels like several years ago.

it was a great weekend, but very tiring. i got there friday afternoon and met up with andy and schreiber. before going shopping for food and drinks, we stopped for a bite to eat at jimmy john's, which is a sandwich franchise with a few locations in town. delicious. back in the day, i used to buy day old bread from them for 50¢, which was a bargain. we decided to forgo the hockey game, which was unfortunate, but we were all tired from our travels.

later in the night, we ended up going to ashley's (as i had hoped) for some drinking. while at ashley's, i proceeded to spill ranch dressing on my pants, resulting in a lewinsky-like stain on my pant leg. it was the best tasting my pants have ever been though. when we were finished drinking, some of us were hungry again, so we went to bell's pizza. it's not really the best pizza in the world, but i would say that it does the trick late at night or when you're looking for a cheap bite to eat. they have a "pick-up special," which runs you around $6 for a large pizza and a soda (or pop as they might say in michigan).

saturday was the football game, but this was preceded by tailgating, which isn't a huge event at michigan, like at some schools, but it's still a good time. we all struggled to get up at 6:30 and make it to the golf course. once there, we fired up the grill, cooked some food, drank some booze, and tossed around the pigskin. tailgating when you are staying in a hotel is not the easiest thing to do since you can't really refrigerate your food or drink, but what can you do? there were several people at the golf course that had portable direct tv units to watch tv before the game. justin, schreiber, and i also played some touch football with some of our neighbors. it was an intense match-up, with the two teams trading touchdowns. our opponents were in their 30's, we're in our mid-20's, but they seemed to be more in shape than us. okay, everyone seemed more in shape than me. i was quite winded, and this was with me not even going out in coverage on defense. the actual football game was a laugher, with michigan beating illinois 56-14. i even fell asleep a couple of times during the game (this of course is no surprise since i can fall asleep anywhere). the highlight of the game was a 74 yard punt return by steve breaston. it was the greatest punt return that i have ever seen in person. after the game, we made our way back to the hotel, rested a little, and went to dinner at zukey lake tavern. it wasn't as good as i've had in the past, but it was still good. and at $15 for a 20 ounce porterhouse, i'm not going to complain. after we stuffed ourselves silly, we drank some more and called it a night. schreiber and i had to catch an early flight, so we got up at 6:30 again. just dandy. two mornings of early wake-ups.

a great weekend, as always. i'm sure we'll be doing it again next year.

oh, and michael bolton was on my plane. not michael bolton from here, but this michael bolton.

random thoughts from the trip:
smoke in bars is now strange to me.
people using cell phones while driving - also strange to me.
driving 80 and being passed is normal in michigan.
michigan is flat.
after visiting new airports, the new york airports look like crap.

info about the game:
- mgoblue.com game summary
- mgoblue.com photo gallery
- highlight reel including the punt return

my clip of the band performing at halftime (it's tiny, not that loud, and a tad out of focus).

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more photos:

ryan and schreiber mesmerized by the flames.

the team takes the field.

the band at halftime.

a band member and her tuba.

schreiber has a craving.

915 s. division st crew (left to right) - jahan, dan, tien, justin.

taking the express tram in the airport.

Great weekend! It's funny, I felt fine on Saturday after our football game at the golf course. But ever since I drove back on Sunday, I've been really sore and stiff. We must be getting old Tien!

Posted by: Justin at October 20, 2003 9:31 AM

Sounds like a great time. Well, I just missed my 25th college reunion last year, so I know about feeling old. I don't think we play much of a football game any more, but we can still drink pretty good.

Speaking of age, when I was playing in a band in New Haven in the 70's, there was a big-headed, big-haired singer we used to share gigs with named Michael Bolotin. He had already been in the business for over a decade, and he conducted himself like a big star even though I didn't personally know anyone back then who could tolerate the music, which isn't (exactly) to say that it wasn't good.

In any case, he showed us, by becoming Michael Bolton about ten years later. But we still love to make fun of him. I don't think it bothers him any ;-)

Posted by: Oscar at October 20, 2003 10:16 AM

It's nice to have a token asian in the picture, isn't it?

Posted by: JK at October 20, 2003 11:20 AM

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