October 16, 2003

a special house and a movie

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last night, a friend and i went to soho house. yes, the soho house (well, at least the one in ny). the one that was in this episode of sex and the city. the one that is membership based and extremely hard to get into. how did i get in? my friend's boss is a member. we went there to watch a screening of pieces of april, a movie about a young woman on thanksgiving struggling to make a meal for her visiting family. i'm going to stop with the synopsis, since there is a better one on the movie site. katie holmes was good, as was derek luke (i still have memories of him from antwone fisher saying "i'm still standing!" great movie.), but patricia clarkson as the mother was the best. actually, i think everyone in the movie did a good job in their roles, from the family to the supporting cast in the building.

back to soho house...we watched the movie in the "black room," which has 43 leather armchairs that made it about 1 billion times more comfortable than watching a movie at a regular theater. i don't care what loews is doing, i'll take soho house's seats over their reserved seating any day of the week. so they had a minor problem with showing the movie, i went for free, so i'm not complaining. with the $900 price tag and $200 registration fee, it's not exactly the cheapest club to belong to. but if you figure i pay about $1020 for the gym a year, soho house almost seems worth it. if only getting in wasn't so hard. and i'm not exactly in the industry, another minor detail. oh well. i'll just have to hit up my friend for invites. and as a bonus, some of the staff have british accents. nice ones, not spice girls british accents.

also at the screening was miramax big wig meryl poster. she seemed pretty laid back and cool. who knows what she's really like though.

soho house's entrance. a tad blurry, i didn't want to cause a scene.

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 10:39 AM



ooh, i neglected to mention that we went to corner bistro after the movie. yum!

Posted by: tien at October 16, 2003 3:28 PM

man - sounds like a good night! so fun that you got inside soho house! and even better that you got into corner bistro! that place always has a ginormous line out the door!

Posted by: jeannette at October 17, 2003 10:50 AM

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