October 11, 2003

open house, but apparently not for sale

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today was the first day of the inaugural openhousenewyork, a celebration of new york architecture and part of architecture week here in the city. the event opened up over 80 sites that are usually closed to the public.

i went to three locations today, the jefferson market library, the terrapin chelsea art gallery, and the green-wood cemetery. not only that, but there was a stop for pizza at john's pizza between events. it will be up on the pizza review page as soon as i get a chance.

here is a photo from each of the places i went to today. if you keep reading, there are details on the sites and some more photos.

climbing a few of the 149 steps to the top of the jefferson market library.

van gogh's starry night, constructed with marbles for the child's room at the terrapin gallery.

green-wood cemetery's main entrance.

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jefferson market library:
the first stop we made (we being audrey, ingrid, jess, rachelle, and me), was the jefferson market library. the jefferson market library, built from 1875-1877, served many functions before becoming a library in 1967. jefferson market was originally a courthouse/jail/market (strange with the market, i know), and has had many functions: a courthouse for women, a prison, a woman's detention house, and a police academy training center. growing up, i used the library as a resource for some papers i was writing.

see rachelle's entry on jefferson market.

an abutment on the tower in jefferson market.

ingrid, jess, and audrey (left to right) on the balcony of the tower. the balcony, which offers 360° views of greenwich village, was once used by firewatchers.

rachelle on the way down some of those 149 steps. man, that was a long walk up.

thankfully, i don't have vertigo.

terrapin chelsea art gallery:
our next stop was the terrapin chelsea art gallery on 15th street, is an amazingly designed apartment, that serves as an art gallery as well. this owner renovated apartment incorporates wood, metal, and stone in a unique way, integrating design and function seamlessly. there are several ideas that i would love to use when i design my own apartment, but i'll probably just go with dry-wall.

see rachelle's entry on the terrapin gallery.

the master bedroom at the terrapin gallery.

the stairs and railings at terrapin.

unique lights.

green-wood cemetery:
after some pizza, rachelle and i ventured out to brooklyn, the site of the green-wood cemetery. founded in 1838 and with 478 acres, green-wood is about half the size of central park, but serves as the final resting place for almost 600,000 people. among those people are several famous (or infamous) people including: jean michel basquiat, leonard bernstein, the brooks brothers (h. & d.h.), peter cooper, charles ebbets, william poole (bill the butcher), charles pfizer (as in viagra), f.a.o. schwarz, henry steinway jr., louis tiffany, and "boss" tweed. the cemetery, which contains the highest point in brooklyn, is also an arboretum and a "bird watcher's paradise."

see rachelle's entry on green-wood cemetery.

stained glass in one of the mausoleums.

the catacombs, open to the public for the first time in 165 years.

ready for some of his family...creepy.

a tombstone at green-wood.

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