October 9, 2003

i need three of these to buy mediterranean avenue

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the new $20 bill is out today and the government has a spiffy new site with everything you need to know about the new money that is rolling out. still there are the security thread, the color shifting ink, and the watermark. they have also introduced new features, including some added background colors, "symbols of freedom" (calling anything that is crap in my opinion), an enhanced portrait, and small yellow 20s on the back.

i can't wait until they release the new $50 and $100 (the $5 and $10 are still in consideration) so i can have my full compliment of monopoly money.

**updated 10.10.03 - gothamist's take**

Posted by tien mao in Tech at 10:49 AM



Wow! Pretty money! Finally the US goes color. I want one. But then again, I'll take any color money I can get, even if it's just plain green.

Posted by: corie at October 9, 2003 1:12 PM

whoa, that interactive money thing is fun.
but there's just too much going on on this bill! i'm overstimulated. damn mtv generation.

Posted by: jess at October 9, 2003 1:14 PM

if you carry around 50s and 100s on a regular basis then we need to go out drinking together more. what are you doing tonight? heh

Posted by: rachelleb at October 9, 2003 2:28 PM

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