October 7, 2003

"read between the lines."

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how can you not want to see this movie when you see this picture? (okay, maybe if you don't like jack black.)

last night, i met up with eddie and we watched school of rock. jack black was great. he was the classic jack black, from high fidelity and not the jack black from shallow hal. since i knew what to expect from him because of the previews, it was the children in the movie that stole the film. of all the kids in the bunch, i think i might have liked the asian kid the best. i mean, he's asian i'm asian, we both played the piano. i suppose that's pretty much where the similarities end. sure the movie has flaws in the plot, but i didn't go see this movie for realism. go into the movie, don't raise the bar too high, and you'll have fun. what more can you ask for in a movie like this? plus, there are some kick-ass tunes.

does anyone else think the movie kind of seemed like sister act? oh, and sarah silverman, totally hot (despite that whole racial incident).

the new york times review.

Posted by tien mao in Movies at 10:00 AM



Here's something that I'd like to get your thoughts on

Before the movie there's a preview for Perfect Score.. the SAT movie.. in it, there's this dork asian kid.. and I started thinking about how the token asian in a group in a movie is almost portrayed as a geek or nerd or dork in some way.... all the way back to 16 Candles.. Long Duk Dong.. and then School of Rock comes on and there's another nerd asian kid trying to be cool. What's up with that?

Posted by: rachelleb at October 7, 2003 11:29 AM

hmm, i didn't have that preview, but i just watched the trailer.

of course the token asian is portrayed that way. all token characters (asian, black, latino, etc.) have to conform to the "roles" that society has for them. sure, a lot of asian kids do study a lot, but does that make them dorks, geeks, or nerds? maybe. not sure where i'm going with this. anyway, there are a lot of "normal" asian kids too, but they usually aren't portrayed because if there is only one role for them, then why break the norm. token roles are just that, and they usually have to conform to the views that people already have. i'm not sure if i'm addressing what you asked, but let me know.

btw, if you watch better luck tomorrow, a lot of asians in that, not necessarily conforming.

Posted by: tien at October 7, 2003 12:18 PM

what do you mean when you say, the movie is not realistic?

Posted by: abby at October 7, 2003 2:14 PM

how was 'better luck tomorrow'? i haven't seen it yet. i wonder if as our generation grows up and has kids, if in 15-20 years roles for asians in hollywood will be more mainstream.

Posted by: el at October 7, 2003 2:42 PM

blt was good, but disturbing. i can actually see it being a semi-accurate depiction of some asian people. i'm not sure people go that far, but there were kids in my high school who were kind of similar.

Posted by: tien at October 7, 2003 3:47 PM

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