October 2, 2003

hole in my pocket

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i've discovered that my spending of money has increased, which is very very bad because my income has stayed flat. naturally, like any fiscally sound person would do, i set out to find the problem. most things in my life have remained constant and are no different than last year. i've have bought a few plain tickets recently, but the main problem is concerts. i have gone to six concerts already this year, which might not seem like a lot, but the costs add up. assuming the average cost is $50/ticket, i'm in a big $300 hole. there always seems to be drinking involved during and after too, which doesn't help the situation. plus, i buy most of the tickets, so i've already paid the credit card bills, but haven't been reimbursed.

that said, starting tomorrow, i'm going to 3 concerts in 8 days. springsteen at shea tomorrow night, then radiohead next thursday and friday (i know, foolishness). i'm also going to see the white stripes in november, but those tickets are cheap - $76 including fees, which is less than on springsteen ticket without surcharges.

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