September 25, 2003

murph, the mike, a bratty child, and stripping...all at shea stadium

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sorry to see you go murph.

tonight was the last home game of the season for the new york mets. it was a strange, strange night.

the game tonight was bob murphy's last game before calling it a career. he was an original met, calling his first game when the mets debuted in 1962. in all, murphy called more than 6000 games, is a member of the hall of fame, and had a bobblehead doll. before the game, there was a touching tribute that brought tears to many of the people in the stadium. he really will be missed. read more about his career.

tonight was also the debut of mike piazza at first base. sure, it was the last game of the season, and in the 9th inning, but it happened. immediately after entering the game, a line drive was hit right to him, which he fielded cleanly. there were even talks about the gold glove. it was a good start for him, but i think i'll just hold off on the gold glove talk.

earlier in the game, a ball was tossed into the crowd. after one guy picked up the ball to give to his autistic child, another kid who was probably about 8 was yelling, "can i have the ball?!? it's my birthday!!" after no response, he continued to yell, "it's my birthday! but it's my birthday!" when the guy who picked up the ball didn't respond, the kid proceeded to walk over to the man to ask for the ball. if i had the ball, i would have thrown the ball back onto the field before giving him the ball. just because you're a kid (even if it is your birthday), you're not entitled to the ball. if an adult gives the ball to you, that's a good deed, but not your entitlement. that kid needs a swift kick in the ass.

finally, there was also some stripping going on at the game. no, it wasn't me, but a strange woman that was wearing some sort of american flag mask the whole game and carrying a lady liberty torch. it was the strangest thing i have ever seen at a baseball game. she actually got up on her seat and started to take her shirt off, exposing her less than shapely body and her bra-covered chest. it wasn't a pretty site. some people were yelling, "take it off," which is sometimes funny, but i was thinking "no, please keep it on!"

a strange night at shea to end the season. sad to say, it took away from bob murphy's night.

Posted by tien mao in Sports at 11:51 AM



Tien, yelling "take it off!" is ALWAYS funny, even if you really don't mean it! Just ask Homer Simpson!

Posted by: Justin at September 28, 2003 9:28 PM

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