September 24, 2003

apparently, i'm going to have a sex, not really.

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from the bbc:
"All letters are short and to the point: Tien wants to have a sex change to become a woman."

contrary to what the bbc reports, i am happy with my current sex organs and have no plans to lop them off.

similarities between tien in new york and tien in saigon: watching television, wants to grow hair (tien in ny has done that and needs a haircut), "most of the time they think i'm a pervert."

differences between tien in new york and tien in saigon: tien in new york is staying a male, watches football (american and futbol), never wanted to become a woman, has not used a razor to cut appendages off and does not plan to either.

thanks to shannan for pointing out the gender-bending article.

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