September 23, 2003

chill with the umbrella there, pokey.

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okay, so it's raining hard and you don't want to get wet. fine, open your umbrella right as you open the subway. but if it's not raining hard at all, do people really need to open their umbrellas immediately upon reaching the open part of the subway stairs? i think not. i believe eyes are a tad more valuable than your freshly coifed hair. and these people complain about the same thing when they are entering the subway. the nerve.

Posted by tien mao in Rants at 10:22 AM



for me, the worst is when people (who carry those big umbrellas with the pointy end) close their umbrellas, carrying them mid-umbrella, swinging the arm back and forth while walking, so esp on the stairs, i have to watch for potential stabbing.

Posted by: el at September 23, 2003 12:16 PM

and the splash of water when people open their umbrellas. that sucks too.

Posted by: tien at September 23, 2003 1:14 PM

my height (5' 81/2") happens to be the EXACT HEIGHT at which the pointy edge of an umbrella carried by a woman of average height (5' 4-6") meets my eyeball. it's an amazing feat of nature.

Posted by: jess at September 23, 2003 10:21 PM

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