September 19, 2003

brotherly love?

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this weekend, i'm going to philadelphia to visit my friend dan. philadelphia is called the city of brotherly love, which i find odd since you never see any love when you watch sports highlights from the city. the fans in philly are renowned for their boo-ing abilities, including boo-ing their own teams. they once cheered when a member of the dallas cowboys was on the field and immobile. employees at the vet once turned up the heat in the visitor's locker room after members of the team complained it was too warm. the vet used to have it's own courthouse to service all the drunks at the eagles games. maybe the city just gets a bad rap. i guess i'll find out.

things to do in philly this weekend:
- take in a phillies game before the vet closes (one of the main reasons i'm going - to see the vet).
- have some cheesesteaks (no, i won't ask for swiss cheese).
- take in a women's world cup game at the linc (this is new idea, but why not?).

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