September 18, 2003


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i know, i know, how many times can you post about michigan's football team? what can i say? it reflects how much i love the team.

don't tell anyone, but there is an article about michigan in this week's sports illustrated. unfortunately, you can't read it online. fortunately, michigan is not on the cover. the article discusses how this michigan team is something to be excited about, which any fan of the wolverines will agree with. apparently, "comparisons are flying between this squad and the 1997 national champions." if all goes well this weekend, i will truly believe that this team can be as special as the 1997 team. that was a great year. defensive end, larry stevens said, "i came here to win a championship. i haven't been successful. yet." lets hope larry is right. give me a victory at oregon and i'll be a true believer.

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