September 14, 2003

shopping, bridge, and pizza

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on this beautiful sunday, with the temperature around 80° and the humidity somewhere in the 90s, ingrid, jess, and i decided to go out and occupy ourselves. first stop, century 21. jess had broken her sunglasses and was looking to pick some up, so where else to go? surprisingly, none of us had ever been to century 21, which some people consider a shopping mecca. jess has only been in new york for a couple of months and ingrid for a couple of years, but me? i've been here all my life. pretty insane that i've never been. their website says it was rated the #1 discount store in the city. pretty impressive. while there, jess found her sunglasses, and ingrid found a new wallet. i just looked at the many packages of underwear (so did the ladies, but they were looking at the packages on the packaging).

after our virgin experience at century 21, we made our way to brooklyn via the brooklyn bridge for some pizza at grimaldi's. walking on the brooklyn bridge is always an adventure, with joggers and bikers always close to running the pedestrians over. thankfully, we made it over.

at grimaldi's, we came close to meeting seven people and confronting a fake pregnant woman before we ordered a whole lot of pizza. i really love pizza. i love it a lot. yum. everybody was then dropped off where they needed to go, using the navigational skills or jess. they all lived happily every after. the end.

ingrid - "look at my new red wallet!! i love red!"

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 11:42 PM



For the record:
-Tien purchased striped velvet pants and a Calvin Klein thong.
-My directional skills are impeccable. I was just trying to make Tien feel helpful and manly.
-I look super cool in my new sunglasses and would highly recommend Century 21 for any future sunglass purchasing.

Posted by: jess at September 14, 2003 11:52 PM

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