September 13, 2003

michigan 38, notre dame 0

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chris perry, 4 touchdowns. ap recap in the times.

the big game is over and michigan played like nobody expected. apparently, they were double digit favorites though, something that brent musberger mentioned several times. i think he has some money on the game. i went to my friend johnny's place to watch the game. a relatively friendly venue for watching the most important game of the season for me.

we decided to do a running diary of the game, similar to the sports guy, but nowhere near as funny. but as johnny said, "screw them," when referring to the people who don't find it funny. so we're just going to go with that. anyway, read on for our "ode to sports guy."

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4:15: points scored, 17. points seen, 0. damn osu game going into overtime. you would think that at least osu could lose. no such luck.

4:28: dog food disguised as mexican food arrives. this can't be good.

4:46: brent musberger just said, "perry who wears number 23, jordan's number, catches it like jordan." uh, okay brent, whatever you say...jackass.

4:48: blog just starts, cris perry fumbles. not a good sign.

4:52: aflack quiz is retarded. the answer was "none of the above," which wasn't even an option. johnny says, "why did we get that food? man, people who read your blog and don't know me must think i'm a freak." i think people that read my blog and know him still think he's a freak.

4:58: carr's shirt has a waffle pattern making it look like thermal underwear. michigan unleashes a deadly 15 yard punt.

4:59: the university of michigan - ugliest cheerleaders in the big 10. "9 out of 10 women in the big 10 are hot, the 10th goes to michigan."

5:01: johnny realizes i'm a jackass. there are those cheerleaders again.

5:02: michigan 17, notre dame 0. do they really need these on field interviews of the coaches? they never reveal anything. michigan is playing really well. but i still have yet to see a live touchdown. damn osu.

5:25: 2nd half starts. vontez duff, what a jackass. the stutter step 5 yards deep in your own end zone always fools the oncoming kick team.

5:26: johnny makes a joke about latex.

5:28: johnny wonders why punters always catch the ball on the snap. i give him a bewildered look as i sit dumbfounded.

5:29: perry for the touchdown!! hail to the victors! finally, the first points scored while i've been watching.

5:31: commercial break. playmakers? wow! that's a lot of moaning for 5 in the afternoon and network tv. i might have to tune in.

5:37: gary danielson says, "brady quinn is the only other scholarship quarterback on the team...playing quarterback." uh...okay gary.

5:42: 111,726 people at the game. a new ncaa record. wow. capacity is 107,501.

5:52: michigan cheerleader to dad - "dad, did you see me on tv? i was the one with the crotch to the camera."

5:54: navarre on the run...just great. i believe he has a 5.4 second 40 time.

6:01: 1:30 left in the 3rd quarter. the overrated chants start. counter-intuitive don't you think? ideally, you would want your opponent's rating to be accurate as you are trouncing them. i remember my friend dan constantly saying this in college.

6:04: i maintain: band cool, band members not so cool.

6:08: mexican dog food kicks in, johnny pounds the tums.

6:10: 4th and goal on the 2. michigan actually goes for it! perry runs it in! michigan 31, notre dame 0. oh yeah.

6:15: all the memories coming back. the "gooo...bluuuueeee" cheer is in effect.

6:26: game over. scrubs in, johnny uses jive.

6:30: johnny's note to outback steakhouse - the blimp should be named the bloomin onone, not the bloomin onion one.

6:35: october 18, 1902 - the last michigan shutout against notre dame. michigan won 23-0.

6:36: another michigan touchdown. johnny's jive talkin' continues.

6:50: game over. michigan wins 38-0. wow, what a game. i don't think in my wildest dreams i would have envisioned this. well, my wildest dream about this game. not dreams in general. get the point.

check out the boxscore on see photos from the game here.

1:37: I read your blog, I know you both--You are both freaks. 'Nuf said.

Posted by: Katie at September 14, 2003 1:34 PM

ha. well, we may both be freaks, but you chose to be with that freak...'nuf said?

Posted by: tien at September 14, 2003 1:36 PM

Tien, thanks for posting the score for everyone to see. I was there and Michigan dominated in every aspect of the game.
We got another big game this weekend.

Posted by: John T at September 15, 2003 10:09 AM

what i found the most impressive was that notre dame didn't get past the michigan 38 yard line. that's insane!

Posted by: tien at September 15, 2003 11:58 AM

Please don'tlet Brent musberger what ever his name is the two faced b ever talk about ou agin. Please .He wants it both ways for a lot of years I've given him the benefit of the doubt.He acts like he's ou he isn't nothing please don't have him at ou .DON"T NEED HIM ,DON'TWON'T Him He is Usless.Thank You

Posted by: R .W Cavanaugh at December 6, 2003 11:15 PM

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