September 11, 2003

big weekend game

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if chris perry gets 208 yards, we should be in good shape.

this weekend is a huge weekend for michigan's football team. the last two weeks, they beat two soft teams, but this week, michigan takes on notre dame. the new york times even has coverage on it. in the times article, michigan quarterback john navarre has a great quote, "growing up, you always hear the michigan and notre dame fight songs, the two most recognized fight songs in the country." there are other things besides the songs, navarre continues, "the signature helmets. the blue uniforms. the gold pants. it's two of the winningest programs in the nation, two of the most storied football traditions in the nation. this is one of those great games. this is one of the reasons why you come to michigan." awesome! i really wish i could go to the big house for the game. has the gameplan for the two teams.

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