September 9, 2003

get out and vote

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sure, it's only the primaries, and there are no "major" offices in play, but if you live in new york city (or anywhere for that matter), you should get out and vote. it's one of those rights that is often overlooked by people who live here. has anyone noticed that? everybody complains about the people running the city/state/federal governments, but how many people really vote? not that many. granted, you have a right not to vote if you don't want to, but is it really that hard to go to a place in your neighborhood and pull a lever? i don't think so. i'm also of the frame of mind that people that don't vote should quit complaining. putting the soapbox

in new york city, find out where to vote on the board of elections site. for those elsewhere, check with local board of elections.

if you aren't registered to vote, check out rock the vote, where you can find details on how to register for every state.

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 12:02 PM



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