September 7, 2003


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where on the map is I-RACK? i can't seem to find it anywhere. but there is this dopey looking guy on the tv talking about it.

am i the only person that loves those fried noodle things that come with chinese food when you order soup?

one thing that i'll miss about summer is the availability of gino's italian ice. i love gino's. i had a large lemon ice today. i think about 30 minutes afterwards, i was having heart palpitations.

Posted by tien mao in Random at 8:50 PM



i happen to be the only OTHER peerson in the world that completely ADORES those crispy noodles that come with the soup or as munchies at the beginning of a meal....god i love eating chinese food in chinese restaurants...the sick feeling afterwards...actuallly, no i hate that....but i ALWAYS ask for the crispy things ....and i used to eat just that and wonton soup but i've opened my eyes to bigger and better things like cold sesame utmost fav dish on earth...when done right of course!BUT SERIOUSLY...I need to watch out cause when i get older there's a distinct possibility that i'm gonna become a fat cow....i like food and thinking about food and ordering food WAY WAY to much....

Posted by: SasF at September 11, 2003 4:31 PM

know what's sad? sometimes if my parents and i go to "that type" of chinese place, my dad will sometimes ask for those noodles for me. crazy, right?

and i hear you on the fatness thing. i might be in the same boat.

Posted by: tien at September 11, 2003 4:50 PM

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