August 28, 2003

mtv vma thoughts

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britney, madonna, christina - photo of the kiss mentioned below. from this times article.

i feel like sports guy at the oscars with all the random observations while watching an awards show, but here are my thoughts on the mtv video music awards.

mtv vma notes:
chris rock just said, "good charlotte is more like a mediocre green day." damn, that's messed up. messed up for green day.

christina aguilera is quite dirty. her album should be named "skanky" instead. and what is with the black hair? i guess it's probably closer to her natural color anyway. and i don't recall her ever claiming she was a virgin. hmm, i wonder why.

pamela anderson, i thought she got a breast reduction.

either mtv went broadway with their microphones, or beyonce is lip synching. i mean, at least show us a mic if you aren't going to use one.

ben stiller just made a joke that went over 95% of the audience at radio city. he quipped that the winner was "cruz bustamante." i guess we know who he's going to vote for. i wonder if mtv will edit that out for the west coast.

what the hell is that hat on missy elliot's head?!?

and metallica to close out the show?!? their performance - awesome!

apparently, i missed a madonna tribute with britney spears slipping some tongue to madonna. i eagerly await the re-broadcast.

okay, so just saw the madonna thing and it was pretty cool. amusing parts, when they first showed christina aguilera reveal herself from behind the veil, there was this woman they cut to and she had a face like "damn, that's nasty." if you watch it again, look out for that. and the kiss, that was nice. too bad they didn't show the madonna/christina kiss also, but the justin thing was funny. also, i think christina was darker than all the other people on stage, including missy.

from chris rock's monologue:
"hey dmx, you've been punked." "oh yeah? you've been stabbed." "aston kutcher is literally a mother fu*ker." "seeing janet jackson with jermaine dupree is like finding out they had bentleys on sale for 4 bucks." "getting paula abdul to judge singers is like getting christopher reeves to judge a dance contest." "50 cent got more shots in the face than jenna jameson." "you got the olsen twins over there, so now you got to put r kelly all the way up there."

more coverage on gothamist, of course.

Posted by tien mao in TV at 10:55 PM



messed up for green day? i thought that was a good joke chris made. . .

i think beyonce had an earpiece/microphone on under all that hair... you could see her trying to adjust it or maybe it was falling off or something. or maybe she was just messing with her hair.

Posted by: rachelle at August 29, 2003 12:31 PM

oh yeah, it was a good joke, but i'm saying it might have been a slight to green day. since i don't even know if good charlotte is half as good as them.

and someone else said she had a microphone also, but i still don't think she was singing. not with all that dancing and stuff.

Posted by: tien at August 29, 2003 12:46 PM

"i'm saying it might have been a slight to green day. since i don't even know if good charlotte is half as good as them."

I agree with Rachelle, saying "Good Charlotte is a mediocre Green Day" doesn't reflect negatively on Green Day. It basically gives them props for being authentic while acknowledging that Good Charlotte is essentially a boy band masquerading as a punk band.

Posted by: MikeyC at August 30, 2003 3:52 PM

I just watched a re-broadcast on MTV here in Santiago, Chile and they don't bleep out anything. It's cool to actually hear them cuss instead of those stuipd bleeps. Chris Rock really said what was on his mind. It must really piss off the people who take themselves seriously.

Posted by: californian in chile at December 15, 2003 12:02 PM

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