August 27, 2003

happy birthday to the crayola crayon!

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today is the birthday of crayola! it's a pretty momentous occasion, if you ask me. 100 years ago today, the crayola brand was born. according to the crayola site, the name comes from "craie," the french word for "chalk," and "ola," for "oleaginous," or "oily." back in 1903, there were 8 colors (black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, violet, yellow, all of which are still in the 8 color box) that sold for 5¢, now, there are 120 colors available.

i wonder what percentage of people in the united states has used a crayon. it has to be really high, since they are relatively cheap and readily available.

the original box of crayola crayons.

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