August 26, 2003

$401 billion in 2003, $480 billion in 2004, $1.4 trillion over 10 years

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the congressional budget office (they are non-partisan, unlike me) released some budget figures today and they are ugly. i suppose the deficit projection is not quite as bad as i stated, the 10 year projection has the country $1,397,000,000,000 in the red ($13 billion is a drop in the bucket). if a company was run like this, they would be bankrupt and their board and ceo would be ousted (hmm...board and ceo ousted...elections...hmm...). and i love how i got that tax break, i feel like i'm helping to contribute to the $401 billion deficit this year too. even people who don't vote are participating in government, how nice. i guess this goes to show us that when you are hemorrhaging money, you don't cut your source of revenue. sure there are added expenses with the whole security thing and the rebuilding of other nations, but that doesn't make sense either, does it? "we're facing increased expenditures, what should we do? let's cut our revenue!" and the unfortunate thing is that there is no politician in their right mind that will raise those taxes because they wouldn't get re-elected.

if you want to read more about this, read this, or go to the cbo's study (it looks really boring).

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