August 24, 2003

how do they do it?

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this afternoon, i played a little softball in central park and now i am disturbingly sore. a couple of muscles in my legs and my right arm, resulting in pain when i lift my arm. why disturbing? because the hardest running i did was in the outfield chasing a ball that went over the heads of the rightfielder. and the arm soreness came from only 3 hard throws.

all this makes me wonder how the kids in the little league world series (watching as i type) can play so many games in such a short time (hmm, harold reynolds just mentioned that at 12, they bounce back quicker from soreness), while i'm here at the age of 25 and sore only a few hours after playing. and major leaguers? they play even more. craziness. i guess at 12 though, i didn't get sore from little baseball either.

just great, brent musberger just said he liked michigan this year in college football. what next? lee corso picking michigan? not good, not good at all.

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