August 20, 2003

type-ity type type

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you know what sucks? when you're typing away and you mess up one letter and then the rest of your sequence of typing is then off because your fingers are just moving at a set pace. another thing that sucks when typing is when your hands are just in the completely wrong position, for example displaced to the right, thus causing everything to be off by one letter. like if you were trying to type "the cat in the hat," you would end up typing "yje vst om yje jst." normally, there is only one hand off, but you understand what i'm trying to say, i hope. it makes sense to me. another problem i sometimes have is typing the space bar at the wrong time. and for some reason this always happens when i type "it" with a word that ends in "t" before it. so i end up with "tit" in my emails, which isn't the best when it's a business email. man do i love that spell check.

it should be noted that this all seemed to make sense in my head...but now maybe not so much.

Posted by tien mao in Random at 11:46 AM



does spell check catch "tit"? what is spell check based on? is it regularly updated, like the webster's dictionary? the problem is that spell check doesn't catch things that are spelled correctly, but not quite the right word. i used to work at a public relations company and there were more than a few times things went out written "pubic relations"...

i guess i didn't pay attention enough in computer class when we learned typing. i can type pretty well if i am looking at the screen (not typing from a document), but i use creative finger patterns to reach certain keys. with the advent of IM my typing speed saw a vast improvement.

i am constantly typing my name as eleanot.

Posted by: el at August 21, 2003 10:36 AM

well, eleanot, i just checked, and outlook does not catch "tit" but thankfully, it catches "abou" (about sans "t"). IM has also helped me out in the speed, but the accuracy in IM is overlooked by me unless it's really bad.

i also just noticed that i always hit the space bar with my right thumb and not my left one. hmm.

Posted by: tien at August 21, 2003 10:53 AM

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