August 19, 2003

learn to be gay at u of m

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since 2000, the university of michigan, which happens to be my alma mater, has offered a class on how to be gay. this year, the class has come under fire again, with some hokey "family values" lobbyist campaigning against the class. the university, of course (no pun intended), has no intention of canceling. i guess that fool doesn't understand the concept of learning. you don't go to college to lead a sheltered existence, you go to expose yourself to new things. and it's not like students are forced to take the class. if they disagree with it, they can take other classes, it's that simple. that is what some people call course selection, which wouldn't happen if there weren't courses spanning a diverse range of subjects. next thing you know, this guy is going to start criticizing other areas of study too. he'll probably start with "african american social thought" or the "psychological aspects of the black experience" because we can't have any of "that kind" of learning going on either.

read the whole course description on "how to be gay: male homosexuality and initiation" here.

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