August 15, 2003

"i see the light! and it burns!!!"

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in many ways, the blackout of '03 was similar to the events of september '01 for new york city. obviously losing power does not rival the tragedy of two years ago, but in some ways it was worse. with the attack on the heart of the city in 2001, the city could still function, but with no power, the city that never sleeps was brought to a screeching halt. much like '01, new yorkers came together as one in an unimaginable event that none of us will ever forget.

some photos, mostly from my journey home:

williamsburg, brooklyn - subway shuttle in foreground, elevated subway on j/m/z line in background.

williamsburg bridge - pedestrians and cars clog the bridge

lower east side - blackout special. smoking apparently allowed.

1st street and 1st avenue - at the "nexus of the universe" during the end of the universe.

36th street and 3rd avenue - the view outside my apartment.

me in my apartment. clearly insane after more than 24 hours without electricity.

see more coverage on gothamist.

Posted by tien mao in NYC at 8:34 PM



i never ever want to live in an 11th floor walk up. but i've got calves of steel now.

i was at a deli getting more rations when the lights went on. i got the stuff anyway--need to put SOMEthing in my fridge.

Posted by: el at August 15, 2003 9:12 PM

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