August 13, 2003

tuesday morning quarterback

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***update: TMQ is no more. read more here***

okay, so posting something about TMQ on wednesday mid-morning, makes me a day late and probably about a dollar short, but i figured i would bring some attention to it. i'm a big fan of page 2 on espn (especially caple and simmons), but easterbrook is often overlooked. this week marks the return of tuesday morning quarterback (TMQ), since football season is about to start and all. covered in this week's article is the california situation and some off season highlights.

some samples:

Further Proof of the Decline of Western Civilization: The new College Sports Television cable channel announced it would broadcast the spring practices of college football teams.

Beginning of the Decline of Eastern Civilization: MTV started broadcasting in China.

For the Psychics Licensing Exam, Wouldn't They Know the Answers in Advance?: The city of Boston set off a furor among fortune-tellers by declaring that to obtain a psychics' license, they must show proof of local residency. And the psychics didn't see this coming? The Washington Post said an assault on the ordinance was being run by "Boston attorney Alfred Farese, who represents 45 psychics." Obviously they have not foreseen his bill.

In a related development, Sydney Omarr, the world's leading astrology columnist, died of complications from a heart attack. Apparently Omarr didn't see that one coming.

Heinz Assumes That Scooby Has a Higher IQ Than the Company's Customer Base: Heinz unveiled Scooby-brand dog snacks. Boxes are adorned by pictures of the dog, and stamped with the trademarks of Heinz, Cartoon Network and the WB. The treats are shaped like Scooby movie characters. Packages offer a Scooby scavenger hunt puzzle game. But -- do dogs shop? Is a dog wandering through the supermarket aisles supposed to spot the box and say, "Ro! Rook at rat! Rate! Rets ruy rum!"

read the full column here.

***update: TMQ is no more. read more here***

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