August 6, 2003

the race for mediocrity

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with the baseball season well into the second half of the year, teams and fans are thinking about the postseason and maybe a trip to the series. one can make an argument for 11 teams in the national league and 10 teams in the american league. that's a little more than 2/3 of the teams in all of baseball. with races like these, the final months of the season should be exciting to watch.

another race is also being closely watched, that between the 2003 detroit tigers and the 1962 new york mets. the '62 mets have the worst record in the history of modern baseball, with 120 losses in their season (their record that year was 40-120). in fact, no team has lost more than 112 games since those pitiful '62 mets. the mets had an excuse though, they were an expansion team, the tigers are not. they have been around since 1901 and are just really really bad. since 1988, the tigers have only had 2 winning seasons and they have not finished above .500 since 1993. as of today, their record (29-81) is the same record as the mets had in 1962 at this point in the season. the detroit news also reports that with their schedule in the final two months of the season, it should be a cakewalk to obtain the record for losses.

jayson stark also points out some interesting things about the tigers:
- they were the 4th team in history to be 50 games under .500 before august.
- in the past two seasons, they have been swept by all the teams in the AL and four in the NL.
- they have had losing streaks from 1 to 9 all before playing 100 games.

for more of his crazy facts on the season thus far, read here (the tigers info is on the right). and read more about the tigers' situation here.

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