July 22, 2003

i'll take a little action on that

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i never got into sports betting too much for some reason. i mean, i did the ncaa pools, some pick 'em leagues for football, roto wagering, and betting on the occasional horse race (my betting in vegas doesn't count b/c things that happen in vegas never really happen), but betting on specific games was never for me. i'm not sure why i never got into it, because i have always had plenty of disposable income to drop a wager. but, i can totally understand the allure of the bet though. and it totally makes lousy games more exciting. you can see this at any sports book in las vegas or even in some bars during football season.

to read the sports guy's humorous take on his gambling experiences, read here.

despite my not betting on games, i remember the things i win, just like sports guy does. notable victories: 1993 ncaa pool, 2001-02 football pool, 2002-03 football pool. i mean, that's 3 pools that probably put me up in my overall sports bets in my life. not bad.

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