July 12, 2003

long day

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after getting way to little sleep following the concert last night, today was not the easiest day to get through. i talked to my friend lauren this morning, which is always fun, and then went to the mets game...which is where, due to the heat and mediocrity of the mets, the fun slowed down. at the game with kim, which more than made up for the heat and the poor play on the field, there was plenty of sun. i think my hair and brain were slowly being baked by the powerful sun. thankfully, there was a slight breeze and some cloud cover that provided moments of relief. with the need of sleep and the sun draining my energy, what do i decide to do? what else...take a nap. as if the sun wasn't harsh enough, the game went into extra innings. the hapless mets went on to lose the game (could there be any other result?) in the 11th inning. sigh...

later in the night, i had the chance to catch up with my friend amy over some mexican food and girly drinks. since i was able to become familiar with girly drinks on wednesday, i was more than happy to order my strawberry margarita (which is about 10 times more "manly" than my drink on wednesday. i also got some gmat books from her. oh, how i loathe to look through those!

now, i am home to watch some boxing and pass out.

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Wow! A shout out from Tien, and a nice one, too!

Posted by: Lauren at July 14, 2003 7:40 PM

word. i'm all about the shouting.

Posted by: tien at July 15, 2003 1:02 AM

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