July 11, 2003

sausage gate

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okay, so this is kind of old news, but i have to comment on it. i'm sure most people know that on wednesday, randall simon of the pittsburgh pirates struck the "italian sausage" on the head with his bat. this got him arrested, a fine, and many enemies. so he is an idiot, but it was amusing. i wonder how much coverage this would have gotten if there were any other sports besides baseball going on.

the real thing to look forward to is the match up on august 15th and august 22nd (from the washington post):
"brewers executive vice president rick schlessinger said two scheduled races between the brewers 'racing sausages and the pirates' team of racing pirogis were still on. the mascot challenges are set for aug. 15 in pittsburgh and aug. 22 in milwaukee."

how fun does that sound!?! i look forward to the espn highlights.

for more on the whole thing, you can read the times ("all the news that might be true") article, the espn game summary, or the washington post article.

for more on the existence of the pirogi, check out this old espn.com article.

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