July 9, 2003

i scream, you scream, we all scream...

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for ICE CREAM!!!

okay, it's not cool of the new york times ("all the news that might be true" and registration required) to put this up. especially when i can't get any right now.

an article about ice cream as well as a list of the "best ice cream in new york" (it should be noted that i plan on visiting each in the coming weeks).

Posted by tien mao in Food/Drink at 8:22 AM



That ice cream looks wonderful! I want some right now!

Posted by: Lauren at July 9, 2003 2:35 PM

i have wanted it all day. but now my tummy hurts. thats what i get for eating 2 slices of pizza after i already ate lunch.

Posted by: tien at July 9, 2003 3:12 PM

dulce de leche from cones is the best!

Posted by: rachelle at July 10, 2003 6:50 AM

do you think that piling on the ice cream after pizza is a good idea? i mean, with the john's/cones combo, i would be in serious trouble.

Posted by: tien at July 10, 2003 9:24 AM

i've had cones as part of a dessert double header before.... and i've also gone there after johns.. any time is good for cones. it's dangerous that it's only about 2 blocks from my house

Posted by: rachelle at July 10, 2003 9:34 PM

mmm...desert double header...what was the other desert item?

two blocks is mighty dangerous. i think if i lived in that area, i would do the joes/cones combo all the time.

Posted by: tien at July 11, 2003 9:59 AM

magnolia bakery/cones double header. there's ALWAYS room for a magnolia bakery cupcake (only the vanilla one. chocolate is too dry.).

i need to get myself to il gelatone.

btw, i went to cold stone creamery last night. got some "peanut butter cup perfection" - it was GOOD. there is an incredible amount of labor that goes into each serving they make you. also, they have a mysterious chant that they sing. i wonder if there's something on their website about it?

hm - nothing about the chant, but see here:

On July 24th from 5:00 - 8:00pm, guests will be treated to a regular size “Make-A-Wish Creation™*.” In exchange for the free Creation™, customers are encouraged to make donations to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Posted by: jeannette at July 11, 2003 8:09 PM

i've only had magnolia once. and that was just happenstance. it was pretty damn good.

so, i believe i know what i'm doing july 24th!!

who's up for the tour of the "best" ones?

Posted by: tien at July 11, 2003 8:27 PM

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