July 8, 2003


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okay, this is totally random and may be too much information, but i just had to pee really bad (not driving across country and no bathroom for miles bad or just had an extra large soda and watching an imax movie about waterfalls bad, but bad) and this thought came into my mind soon after the peeing. i think that peeing might be the most underrated pleasures out there. not regular peeing, because that's just functional, but the feeling you get after really needing to pee. actually, peeing as a pleasure might not be rated at all (excluding the people that like to pee on people or be peed upon). if there were a box at blockbuster for peeing, they would slap an "NR" rating on it, since it wouldn't be rated by the motion picture association of america.

Posted by tien mao in Rants at 10:37 AM



i went to a picnic for the 4th of july and it was SOOO hot outside in dc. we were there from 4 to 10 and i didn't have to pee at all because i was sweating so much.

Posted by: el at July 9, 2003 4:46 PM

that's the same thing that happened to me at the foo fighters concert. so much sweating from the jumping that i didn't have to pee at all! i hate heat btw.

Posted by: tien at July 9, 2003 5:00 PM

oh, and you come up with the best fake email addresses. i could swear that there was some code that has anti bot stuff in it.

Posted by: tien at July 9, 2003 5:02 PM

i have to pee so bad right now i had like 6 cups of coffee and my bladder is about to explodei can't hold it any longer its an emergency

Posted by: zoo at August 16, 2004 2:32 PM

I hate having to pee rlly bad, especially when you can't find a bathroom. I was in this little market once, and sicne there i a bathroom i knew it wouldn't be bad if i had to pee, because i definatly did. Well anyway wen I got there the bathromms had been closed, and there wasn't a store around for miles, and to make a lons story short, i ended up peeing in my pants in the corner of the store! oops

Posted by: anna at July 2, 2005 6:33 PM

there was this one time i was with my friends and this guy was with us and he had to pee. BAD. he looked at us and said "hey um. . ."he clutched his penis in 1 hand and his oversized balls in the other . . ."whe- wher- where's the bathroom?!" we didn't know so we told him to hold it. he eventually let go of himself and walked to the side of the street, and pulled his pants all the way down. about 2000 people were looking at him. he grabbed himself and looked at me can you hold my dick while i piss? i had an extremely freaked out look on my face, but i had so much pity for him, that i grabbed his penis and squeezed it hard. he yelped OWWW MY DICK MY PENIS MY BALLS! it all feels as if it's on fire! i let go a little so he could pee. it went everywhere. he must have had 20 cups of coffee or sumthin cuz it was like a waterfall. then we all went home i washed my hands and he wiped himself. then we ended up making out . not a bad ending huh?

Posted by: grl at August 15, 2005 10:58 PM

Ok i have to pee really bad right now so let me stop typing befor i like explode umm never mind its to late

Posted by: anna at October 1, 2005 7:12 PM

ook well this one time i was at a mall and i REALLY had to pee. like i mean sloshing, heavy bladder, cant walk freely type of situation. Well, the bathrooms were in the basement across the mall and i knew i was exploding so i ran into the shoppers, bought some super pads, went to the nearest store and grabbed some random clohtes to "try on". at this point all i could think about was relieving myself and i had to do it quick. but to my udder amazement,the lady said i could not bring bags into the changing stall with me! i just about let the floodgates of my bladder loose right then. i dropped the clohtes, started to run towards the stairs leading to the basement where i could at long last empty the gallons of pee pushing against the sensitive walls of my too small bladder. Turns out my bladder couldnt take all the jumping and i started to leak. slowly but consistintly. i quickly sat down to stop the flow only to find a strong uncontrolable urge. there i sat, on the steps, far away from a toilet peeing myself. i couldnt help it. it warm and hot and my bladder was rock hard. it was SO RELIEVEING but SO EMBARASING!

Posted by: Jennifer at October 3, 2005 7:59 PM

this one time we went to see Lord of the Rings and I got a big coke and about halfway through the movie i realized i had to pee. i thought "i can just wait till the movie's over". but i had to pee soooo bad that i ended up running out of the theatre and into the bathroom. i missed about 5 minutes of the movie. to this day i don't drink soda in the movies.

Posted by: addy at November 27, 2005 4:33 PM

well i had to pee soooooooo bad in a movie 1 time and i thought i would just hold it and i came out of the theatre absolutly bursting and found out the bathrooms were locked and my boyfriend goes whats worng witth you and i go nuttin and he said well can u drive cuz i have to pee so bad i don't think i can, so i had to drive us home,, and then he ran into the bathroom and peed for like 6 minutes and he wouldn't hurry so i go hurry up b4 i pee on myself,a and he came out with a mean look on his face and he tied me to the bed and wouldn'ttlet me go and i endend up with over active bladder syndrome all cuz of that. i realllllllly had to pee so bad

Posted by: Ellen at February 14, 2006 12:46 PM

one day my freind took me to the mall and we were waiting in this long line for the toilet. i felt this squirt come out and wasn't weraring any underwear under my tight pants. it took another step in the line and the idiot behind me jknocked me down and i started pissing right there.

Posted by: jay at February 26, 2006 4:57 PM

I was once in a play as a talking tree. My costume was heavy and bulky and a zipper up one. Before the show i drank a lot of water. like , 6 bottles. By the time i was in the suit, i had to pee. By the time my lines were done i was bursting. Most of the other people were busy, and i ran to the bathroom. To my horror , my zipper was stuck I was stuck for several hours, holding it in in desperation. I will never drink that much again!

Posted by: Jess at April 14, 2006 7:55 PM

i am in the subway and i am on my laptop and i dont think i can get off at my stop ( anout 30 minutes) without peeing my pants! oh my gosh oh my gosh what id do/pay to pee right now! i am really afraid of what im going to do...i would do anything for anyone! im not kidding if i was the only one on this train...i am writting to keep me busy...my legs are crossed as tightly as possible and i am leaned slightly forward but my leg on top is pushing into my bladder! oh man i cant wait to releive this pressure! i am actually going to pee my pants. i cant type anymore..i would kill to pee anywhere. i cant take this any longer i havent peed since i got up this morning and now its 7:48 p.m

Posted by: jokeida at May 14, 2006 5:59 PM

i was shopping with my friend. it all started out great..it wasnt until after the bottle of water was chugged that i started to have less fun.we were shopping on queen street and since it is not a mall, there are no toilets.well this was just all around BAD news for me as i had to pee.well normally i can hold it for fairly long without wincing and squirming but not today.the water went right through me and my bladder was uriging me to empty it but i simply couldnt! i was forced to keep it in. It was then that i started to get ancy and desperate. i told my friend that i had to take a leak soon because i couldnt take it any longer. so then we started looking for bathrooms and GODDAMMIT i couldnt find one! we had to sit down and get my mind off of peeing because the thought of it was making me too anxious. i have never felt so helpless just sitting there with my legs crossed and bouncing and fearing getting up. i felt like crying. then i uncrossed my legs to switch and a small burst of pee came out! i pressed my hand against my clit trying to cover the peehole and it eased the pressure somewhat. i decided that i could not sit there forever and got up and i have never felt so desperate in my life! then i got this dirty idea but the thought of pissing was so wonderfull that it sounded like a plan to me. i went into a department store and grabbed random clothes to try on. as i was doing this my undies got a bit wet. oh my! my bladder was sooooooo full i couldve pissed right there and flooded the room. i was at the point of desperation where i couldnt even talk anymore. i went into the changeroom and grabbed myself before it was too late. i was going to pee in the bottle! i was so excited at the thought of peeing that i couldnt hold it anymore. i sat down while grabbing myself.so the plan was good but i couldnt move my hand! i couldnt get my pants off.i was squirming and must have been wincing because the store owner asked if i was ok. this must have taken my mind off the urges because i was able to stand up again. i ripped off my pants and when they were off i did my plan. at first the stream was gushing so hard it was spraying off the bottle and onto the floor. i couldnt help that though i was midstream and stopping was impossible.even as i was peeing i still felt as if i had to pee urgintly. the relief didnt come until i was releasing at a steady pace. when i was done i massaged my bladder for a few minutes and lay there trying to squeeze a few drops out but nothing. it was empty. i sucked in my stomach just to take advantage of the emptyness of my bladder.

Posted by: Vanessa at May 16, 2006 7:23 PM

There have been many times I have peed in womens restrooms. Sometimes it is due to the mens being cleaned or a one stall restroom.

Posted by: Paul at May 20, 2006 5:20 PM

Okay well me and my friend slept over at my friend's other friend's house last night, and we all slep in the basement. And now I have to pee really really bad! But I'm one of those girls who is shy about peeing, and so I can't tell anyone. Plus they are sleeping, and its reeallly early,(my computer clock says its like 9:00 am but that's definately wrong) and I have noo.idea where the bathroom is. SO what am I going to do!!?? This is so uncomfortable and I don't want to wake them up with my squirming...I'm trying to find a better position but anyway I lay it feels like someones pushing on my bladder! I want to cry...I'm like laying here holding myself "down there" and squirming like crazy. I have to pee so BAD!! Frig, I'm at the point where it hurts my bladder feels like its on fire...ooooh I can't hold my pee in for much longer...anyone have any ideas? Or similar stories? Someone has to. How many of us girls wake up in the morning and make a mad dash to the toilet? Frig WHY do have to pee so bad in the mornings!!! I think I'm just going to pee in my sweater.

Posted by: Amanda at May 22, 2006 9:01 AM

Oooohhh!! I just woke up and thought I'd hop on the computer quick, and this page was up. Hehe its funny cus I like peeing, especially when you have to pee sooo badly. Like right now, when you first wake up and your bladder is so full that your eyes are yellow! That's about how I'm feeling now...I REALLY gotta pee BAD! But I like it cus when I finally pee (in like 2 seconds cus I really can't hold it in much longer) it feels so good. Its so releaving! You just sit there and feel your pee just flow out of your bladder like a waterfall. (except I'm a girl so its more of a gushing stream than a waterfall, unless I pee in the shower which I also love doing)but anyways, I gotta go really bad so bye for now!

Posted by: saleena at May 22, 2006 9:29 AM

Does anyone else pee in the shower, like, all the time? Or am I just weird? Haha its just that feeling of relief when you wake up, run to the bathroom, and release your pee.

Posted by: Melissa at May 31, 2006 12:48 AM

i have to pee i have to pee i am going to pee any second it is coming out in my panties i better wake my friend up and ask where the bathroom is

Posted by: court at June 2, 2006 3:34 PM

Wow what a random site! Well I always have to pee badly when I first wake up... I remember this one time last summer me and my friend Ashley were sleeping outside in my tent. At night since it was dark it was easy for us to go pee just outside the door if we couldn't hold it until morning, and so we were laying there talking and I had drank a few bottles of water and needed to pee pretty badly. Ashley did too, not because she drank a lot of water but simply because she has a really tiny bladder (haha we make fun of it all the time). So we decided that we were going to go outside and empty our painfully full bladders on to the grass, when we heard a racoon outside our tent! Ahh! It scared is so bad and we decided that there was no way that we were going outside. But oh ya...we were both still bursting to pee. It hurt sooo bad I wanted to cry. Somehow we must have set the pain aside because we eventually fell asleep. Here's where the pee-so-bad-in-the-morning feeling comes in. It was still kind of early in the morning, and Ashley began shaking me awake like mad, with a look of complete desperation in her eyes. She told me that she needed to pee soooooo bad that she couldn't sit still at all and she was holding herself like a 3 year old (we were both 15 by the way). Haha so then I suddenly felt the hugest urge to pee that I have ever felt in my life, and I was totally awake. We had slept in our bras and no panties because it was super hot the night before, and so we were scrambling around trying to out some clothes on while holding ourselves, cursing that damn racoon. It didn't even really seem to matter that we were naked from the waist down in front of each other because we had to pee so bad. The second we were dressed we bursted out of the tent and started to run across my unfortunately large backyard. The grass was super wet too because of the dew and our toes were getting soaked. Then it happened. We got about half way to the house when Ashley stopped and bent over slightly. She told me that she was about to pee herself and that she could not physically hold it until she got inside. I thought that I might still be able to hold it at least til we got inside because my bladder is bigger than her small raisin bladder, but at that second I felt a huge serge in my bladder and I had to sit down. It was the most uncontrollable urge ever and Ashley and I just looked at each other desperately, Ashley almost in tears because she had to go so bad. We knew we couldn't hold it any longer so we hoped no one was awake or watching and we pulled our shorts and thongs down and started to pee. Haha it was kind of awkward because at first our streams of pee were gushing so hard out of our bladders that we accidentally peed a little on each other by mistake....haha we'l never forget that one. And somehow Ashley managed to pee on her cute little toes!we had to pee sooo bad and we had held it for about 7 hours after really needing to go. So that's my morning pee story...haha anyone got a better one?

Posted by: April at June 5, 2006 6:39 AM

omg. once i had just drank 2BIG bottles of water, u no those big 1ns that hold 2 L?, well, i had just drank 2 of those, and was in the car w/my twin brother, as we are 17 years old. i had to pee sooooo much but there was no bathroom in site!!! i was like, bryant, i g2 pee now!" my brother said, We'll b @ a store in 15 min, can u wait trev? i say no, so he starts to laugh and tell me about his trips 2 the watr fallz. i punch him. i am now practically dying cuz i hav 2 pee so bad, and then i tell him, pull ovr. bryant says no. we finally reach the store n by that time i was dead. i ran into the stor, askd wer the bathrooms wer, and wer told. i ran to them, my blader bouncing against my pelvis. i ran into a bathroom, and releived myself. It was then that i noticed that i was in the grls room, and was pissing on the floor!. lukili the stall was closed. i made it out w/no 1 seeing me, but when i got bak 2 the car i shovd my bro out of the way and told him that it was mi turn to drive. 5 minl8r, bryant says that he has 2 go. its anothr our till the mcdonalds, so i give him a plastic bag, and say no more. eventually he ends up pissing into it. it was so funni cuz it broke and shattered pee all ovr him!

Posted by: jj at June 5, 2006 6:55 PM

it is story of my boy friend he came to my room climb from the tree and my parents were out of the room watching the TV. I had lot of pee my boyfriend suck my pussy i was hot but i was screaming for pee he told in low voice do it here i came all on his face he loves it and i love it while peeing pussing licking.

Posted by: riya at June 22, 2006 8:37 AM

i hate it when you wake up in the morning cus u have to pee BAD and are tired and dont want to get up. story of my life.

Posted by: zadike at June 26, 2006 12:06 PM

i have to pee but i am with a girl named chantlle
and she wont let me go ooooo i peed my pants got to go see ya

Posted by: Camron at July 3, 2006 8:07 AM

I was going to Pennsylivania in one of those old trains that have like 2 bathrooms.
I had had a snapple earlier. My friends KC, Lola were there 2. So we get on the train. I really feel like I have to PEE. I had to pee so bad, when the conducter came to get our tickets I asked him "Where r the toilets?" He says "The one in the car next to u is out of order, but there's one at the back of the train, but it might be out of order, I dunno." So I take Lola to the back of the train to pee, there is the biggest line I've ever seen for the toilet. So we wait. But the guy like to spaces ahead of us clogs the toilet making it unusable. So by now I'm really ticked off and am about to pee my pants.
I go back 2 mi car and is like sqirming around. Finally my friend KC suggjests "Why don't u pee in that bucket? Wait where'd it go. Oh no, the conducter took it!" My one chance to pee had been takin away. I couldn't hold it much longer. We were about 2 min. away from the train station. We get there and I can barely walk. Little bursts keep on coming out with every step. My guy friend Alex is there waiting. I get near him and he hugs me squishing my bladder, then he TICKLES ME!!!!! I start screaming and when he stops I take off my pants and underwhear (KC, LOLA, Alex and I r the only 1s there) and start peeing, I pee like a waterfall. Alex starts peeing too, his flow is soon over, but mine keeps coming!. I just laugh at the relief.

Posted by: Luna at July 28, 2006 2:35 PM

I was going on a trip to California from North carolina and we had been on the road for 2 days (we made a few extra stops) i had to pee really bad but we were in the middle of noweher so i held it. Three hours later we stopped for gas, my sisters and my brother jumped out and ran into the bathroom. My brother ended up pissing on the roadside before he could even get into the store and one of my sisters gave up waiting and got back into the car.
I wanted to go but i didn't want to risk wetting myself so i held it a bit longer. Two hours later and my sisterm who is sitting right next to me, just loses control and wets hersel, getting me a little wet to. This didn't help. We stopped and i tried to go to the bathroom. But when i got p a little squirt came out, i squeezed my legs together and tried to walk some more but as i stepped more and more came out so i sat back down and waited. 15 minutes passed and suddenly i felt this surge and a huge unstoppable torrent fludded my pants. My sister saw and we stopped the car. I started running out to a tree or anything but the pee was rushing out full blast and there was nothing so i sat there and i let myself go, three minutes later i was back in the car. So my brother, my sister and me went on for another eight hours with wet clothes.
We haf seven more accidents that trip. all of wich included me.
No i have too mee so bad right now i have a towel underneath me and i am losing control. I'm not sure how long this towel will be enough.
***suncerly Bursting

Posted by: Bursting Bladder at August 1, 2006 6:57 PM

Oh god i have to pee right now!

Posted by: Bursting Bladder at August 1, 2006 6:58 PM

Hey it's me again, i shouldn't be on the computer right now because i have to pee so bad i am actually allready wetting myselg a little. I have a towel but i'm really letting go. So any way yesterday i was talking to an amazing guy at the cafe and we were just having a casual chat and all of a sudden i have this huge urge to pee. I hadn't peed in ten hours, i was playing a game, and i just started crossing my legs and dancing, he noticed. he asked me what was wrong and i said "MY bladder is absolutely bursting right now can you wait one sec?"
He smiled and said, "The bathrooms dn't work here. But u know where you can go."
I followed her, dancing all the way outside and he showed me his car.
I hestitated a little and then he said to sit in the back seat (it was an suv type of trunk) and go while he waited outside.
He had a dog who he had just taken to the vet and she had had an accident in the back. He had to get it washed to it was ok. So i climbed it and as soon as i sat tried to pull down my pants i lost it and wet myself. We have a date for tonight.
Sincerely bursting

Posted by: Bursting Bladder at August 2, 2006 7:23 PM

I was on a road trip with my friends. We were in a minivan driving cross country. we are driving from Arizona to New York. we are in oklahoma in the middle of nowhere when i have this urge to pee. so i tell my friends i have to pee. THe driver says there a rest stop two hours from where we are adn says hold it. so an hour later i have my legs crossed twice im holding my self and im bent forward. I've start to lean on my boyfriend casey by now. I move my hand for a minute to change hands and i feel a spuirt. I tell casey adn he says guys can we pull she about to explode. so may whos driving throws a towel at me and says sit on this. If you start to pee let us know adn we will stop but only if you start to pee. so know im sitting on a towel trying no to pee. Suddenly i feel the huge urge to pee. i yell pull over so May pulls over and i try to get up but i feel another squirt and sit back down. casey says Are you ok and i say i can't move il start peeing. So he says take the towel with you. I grab the towel with the one hand im not holding myself with. I get up and star to pee I drop the towel and grab my self with the other hand. i get to teh door adn the opens it self so im squirming and dancing around waitin for teh door to open. The door opens and i jump out. I try to get my pants pulled down but i cant because im holding myself. so just as i get the button of my pants undone i start peeing so i stand there holding my self and peeing myself. I pee for like three minutes and get back in.
THen about ten hours later we stop at a gas station and have to pee i ask teh guy were the bathroom is and as he says were it is i pee my self right therre in the middle of the room.
right know i hav to pee bad im sitting here bouncing and squirming and may handed me a cup to pee in if i really have to pee all of the sudden. omg i just started pee wheres my cup!!!

Posted by: K.P. at August 11, 2006 8:40 AM

I running outside one time about 2 hours after I ate a big steak meal. I felt digested, and fine, but half way through my run, about 3 miles away from my house, I felt a STRONG urge to shit. I tried to ignore it and to run faster back home to where I can relieve my self, but I had to go SO bad. Probably the worst I have ever had to shit. Well I had to stop because it was unbearable. I ran into a side street looking for a bush or something to shit it, but then suddenly it just all came out. I crapped myself in the middle of the day in front of everyone. I was so embarassed, but I had bad diarehea and there was nothing I could do, I did the best I could but I just couldn't hold it in any longer. That is my story

Posted by: Lindsay at August 13, 2006 11:11 PM

holy shit this site makes me wanna piss like a horse! i have to whiz so bad now thanks to you peeeps...too bad you couldnt see me right now haha

Posted by: tiff at August 18, 2006 3:29 PM

wow, wierd site.
anways, one time I was in belks at the mall getting some britny spears curios purfume, and as I was cheaking out and paying for the purfume, I need'ed to pee REALLY BAD. So I ask the person that was working there where the restrooms where, and she said that they where on the top floor beside of McGuffies, I knew I couldent make it, but I tryd anyway. By the time I was on the second floor, I just thought that my blaber was about to burst open. I feelt a little bit of a leak come out, so I sate down and rested for a minute. I got up and I hade almost made it to the top floor, and I felt another leak, I grabed myself down there with both hands and tryed to walk fastly to the restroom, (it was so embarassing). I had almost gotten to the restroom, and then I saw a LONG line of people standing there at them. I was about to explode all over the place! My blader felt like it was the size of a pea and I felt like I had just drank 50 gallons of water! I was about to just start shoving people out of my way. I HAD TO PEE SO BAD! I was squirming and jumping around trying to hold it in, the line got a little smaller and it felt like each person going in was taking 5 hours! I started to leak agian and then I just said the hell with it and squized myself down there and crossed my legs and hopped over to a close store, and hide behind some cloths and pulled down my pants and squted and was getting ready to let lose, I was thinking about how good it would feel to have an empty blader, and then this woman comes up to the cloths I was hiding behind and so I stood up and ziped my pants and walked away fastly while grabing at myself and looking retarded, but I didnt care how I looked cause I HAD TO PEE! I went to the next store over, bath and body works. I hopped over behind a bodywash display and I pulled down my pants and squated once agian, and then I peed all over the place! I was SOOOOOOOOOOO RELIVED! I stood up and ziped up my pants and glanced back at the restrooms and saw the line still there,I was SO GLAD that I didnt wait all that time in that line, Cause if I would have stayed there, I would have peed all over myself.

Posted by: Olivia at August 20, 2006 12:02 AM

Me and my friend had been to a restront and we was both like really thirsty and we both drank like 4 cups of tea. And then we went to a store to try on some cloths and buy some. Well, I was getting ready to try on a pair of blue jeans and took off my skirt I started to need to pee REAL BAD. I put my skirt back on and told my friend megan that I HAD to pee, she said just a second, let me try on this shirt. So she did, when she was trying it on I was looking at some cloths, I started to feel like an elaphants wieght was pressing down on my blader! I crossed my legs and tryd to act normal until megan came out, and she was taking forever just to try a freaking shirt on! When she came out I walk over to her and told her that I was about to pee on myself. She said that she had to pee too, and so we looked for a bathroom and they didnt have one. I was about to pee standing there! We got in the car and we drove over to a close grocery store, we couldnt find a close parking space so I knew that I probobly wasnt going to make it to the bathroom in time without peeing on myself, But I tryd. We where half way to getting inside to store and I felt another squirt, I told megan that If took one more step I would pee all over myself! She looked at me and said that she wasnt far behind from being that way. I almost started to cry. I forced myself up I was barly even walking and I was going SO slow. I had almost gotten inside when I felt it run down my leg. I crossed my legs and squized myself for all I was worth, when megan saw it runing down my leg she started to pee, so we where both holding ourselfs and squirming like crazy! My blader hurt SOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!!! I was squizing my legs so tight together that they hurt. I was in so much pain, and megan too! Megan said that she was going to bust and she let go of herself and uncrossed her legs and peed her pants. I was despreet for a tolit. I was standing there watching megan let lose, while I was over there dying for a tolit. Watching megan pee wasnt helping at all either! Sudenly it starts to rain. When it did I was just about ready to let lose, I knew that with megan peeing, me needing to pee, and it raing too, I would not be able to hold in all of that FOUR CUPS of tea. It started to rain harder and I was getting soaked, I thought about it for a second, If I was already going to be soaked, then why not pee? noone would be able to tell! So I let go and uncrossed my legs and let lose.

Posted by: Kate at August 21, 2006 2:43 AM

This one time i was at an amuesment park with my friends and this really cute guy, and it was really hot so i was drinking a lot of water, well any way we got in line for this really tall ride were you sit there and it gos up then comes dropping down. Well i started to feel like i had to pee, but we had been standing there for like ever and i didn't want to get out of line so i stood there. It wasn't an emergency so i waited. it must have taken a good 45 minutes for us to get to our turn, and by now i really had to go but the ride takes like a minute so im like okay i'll wait. Well we sit down and they buckle us in and just feels like the bar is just pushing into my bladder for all it is worth. Well after they took their good sweet time getting strapped in i really really had to go and was about to jump off but we had started to slowly raise up,, we were finally at the top and i was so grateful because that ment it was almost over. then at the top we stop. Just then an announcment comes on and says we are stuck. By now i have to go so bad i'm about to die. My friends are all talking and its getting colder by the minute. i'm squirming around about to pee on myself and we are just dangling about 500 feet in the air. About an hour later they finally bring us down. By now i can't talk i can't move i can barley breath. As soon as i get off i take off for the restrooms, unfortunatley so did everyone else that was stuck p there and i wasn't as fast as them considerin i had to go so bad. So i head off t another bathroom my friends close behind me when all of a sudden i realize i can't move. I find a bench to sit down at and can't move at all. Finally i find the strenth to get up being real close to the bathrooms but about ten feet from them i collapse. By now my friends were cracking up at my look of desperation but i had to go so bad it hurt, i was in so much pain i couldn't move. I had to pee soooooo bad i felt like i was paralized. By now every one is stopping to stare at me to see why i'm neeling in the middle of the park wincing. finally i try to stand up but just as i do it starts coming out and since the bathroom was now visible i began to run but all the while im just peeing on myself with evey one starring at me, by the time i got there i was done and then had to go the rest of the day in soaking wet clothes.

Posted by: Sarah at August 21, 2006 10:22 PM

ok this one time i had to use the bathroom so bad but i was little in that time, i couldnt hold it any longer i told my mom so she couldnt do anything so i just got up and peed on the tire, by the way we were stuck in trafick jam, that reminds me i have to pee so so so bad right know.

Posted by: emily at September 10, 2006 9:03 PM

i was in a skool bus w/my twon Bryant, and suddenly, he turned 2 me n said, jj, i g2 pee NOW!. well, we were on our way 2 ovrnite camp, and wer in the middle of nowhere. the bus mom sed that we coodn't stop, so bryant started holding his crotch and squirming. It was then that i took a towel from my bag (we had swam earlier) and put it under him. i then moved across the isle. finally the driver sed that she didnt want acsidnts in her bus so we pulld ovr. Bryant got up, and so did 4 other kids. my eyes were huge by the time my crush stood up. the bus mom askd any1 if they had bottles. 14 bottles came up to the front. I was supposed to take peepl out, 1 @ a time, and help them pee into a bottle. each person got 3 bottlz. then, i went outside w/ my bro and he pissed into 3 bottlz. then the other 3. my crush was wincing now, and was hard to get out of the bus, cuz he had to sit down every 3 steps. finally he came outside and sed 2 me, "i cant do it. i cant go. just put a towel in my pants. i cant go in a bottle ill spill all ovr myself. well, i was praktikli nokd ovr bi this idea, but went along n e ways. he pulled down his pants and boxers, and i was now looking at my crush, 1/2 naked, squeezng his dik like ther was no 2 moro. eventually i got the towl under him, and got his clothes bak on. i was told to sit next 2 him on the bus. boy, i almost fainted. 30 min. l8r, he says, alrite, i cant hold it n e mor im about 2 burst. the driver pulls ovr, and he takes 1 step. "sum just leekd out.damn" he says, and takes another step. after 5 steps a small amount is visible, but he straightens up and walks out w/out a problem. on the stairs he almost loses it. then, as he walks to the trees, he lets go and his flow is straming out now. his pants fall down because of the weight of the towel, and he blushes. I help him to the trees where he lets the rest go, and changes into a spare pair of pants. We go back and my brother has to pee. I give him the choice of a plastic bag or pants, or forest. he goes in the forest w/ me, and my best friend whos a guys also wets his pants. nother long story.

Posted by: jj jetplane at September 20, 2006 5:22 PM

Yesterday me and my best girlfriend came home from the "FRITZING BAR" and we had drank way to many drinks and we were both bursting for a nice, long, ansd reliving pee. (And not to mention we were both a little drunk, hehe.) When we had finally got home we decided to have a "Hold it" contest. We needed to pee so bad too! To make matters worse, My friend Taby Pourd us both THREE glasses of water EACH. And left the water running into the sink too! And she MADE me drink them ALL! She kept making it harder to by saying "Casey, don't you just want to let it out? huh? Don't you?! DRIP! DRIP! DRIP! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Making a peeing noise. I HAD to pee! I was going to pee my panties if I did'nt get to the bathroom! I ran for the bathroom while trying to squeez my lips together very tightly. Taby was feeling frisky so she ran over to me and through me on the floor determined that I would'nt reach the tolit! She sate down on my stomach and started bouncing up and down on my blader. I had to pee so bad! As well as Taby. I roll'd her off of me and sate down on her stomach and started bouncing up and down on her blader while trying my best to hold in all off my pee. She kept pushing on my blader with one hand and hold herself with the other. We both where putting as much pressure on each others bladers as possibale so one of us would lose the "Hold it" Compition. The pressure was just unbarable on both of us. We both HAD to pee, but there was only one tolit. And noone had lost the compition yet. I was NOT going to give up and lose! And by the looks of it, niether was Taby. I got up and ran to the kitchen and wet my hand with water from the sink and I slung a few drops of water on Taby's face to make it hard for her to resist Peeing. She came over to me and she pushed me up against the wall and started puting pressure on my poor little blader agian. So I pushed her down onto the couch and started putting pressure on her balder. We both had one hand shoved up our crotch , and the other pushing on each others bladers. I pulled on her arm forcing her hand out of her crotch so she would lose cotrol. She squeezed her legs together and gritted her teeth and closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She shoved her hand back up her crotch and got on her kness on the floor and looked up at me and grabed my leg and pulled me down with her. I was now down on my knees also and about to lose the compitition. Sudenly Taby starts to play with herself rapidly, so rapid that she starts to pee her panties making a hug puddle on the floor. She starts to knock me over onto the floor and play with me. I start to play with myself also, so my fingers, and her fingers where both inside me. And I pee'd all over our hands, and it was SOOOO reliving, and also sexy. We ended up exchanging panties and taking plessure in them being soaked.

To anyone who read this, you probobly have an enormous boner right now, or you've pissed your pants. lol

Posted by: Peeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! at September 22, 2006 7:52 PM

One time I got lock'd in the Garage and I was bursting to let my pee out! I was beating on the garage door trying to get someone to open it. I was jumping up and down trying to hold it in. I sat down on a bench in the garage and double crossed my legs. I look'd around the garage to see if there was anything I could relive myself in. I saw a carboard box, but I knew it would soak through that. I was about in lose control of my blader and pee in my panties! I leand over closer to the carboard box and relized that it had a bucket behind it! I stood up and try'd to walk over to the bucket, it took all of my streenth just to get up and walk one step, I knew I could'nt walk any further without exploding into my panties. I try'd to lean forward to pick it up. I finally had it in my hands! I was overjoyd with exitment! I got so exited that I almost pee'd. I sat the bucket down and then, I relizide I could'nt pull my panties down without bursting out all my pee. I knew if I did'nt pee right there right then, I would probobly have over active blader for the rest of my life. So I just slid the bucket over to me and stood over it and pee'd through my panties into the bucket, I was so set on feeling my pee run out, that I could barly even lift my mini skirt up so that it did'nt get pee on it. About 20 minutes after that my nieghbor came and lefted up the garage door and let me out. I wonder if I could have last'd another 20 minutes....?..... Nah... I don't think so... hehe.

Posted by: bursting to let my pee out! at September 23, 2006 8:44 PM

my godd.. i REALLY have to pee soooo bad that im about to burt any minute... what does everyone do when they cant reach a toilet in time?

Posted by: Annita at October 3, 2006 2:00 AM

hold my sef running praying and doing everything i can to not pee on myself lol

Posted by: cherry at October 4, 2006 4:41 AM

One time me and my best friend ashly got on this faris wheel, we got to the top of it and then they let the people on the bottom off, when they try'd to start it back up again, it would'nt start! I was like.... OMGah! I was scared out of my mind! I was freaking out like crazy, then I started to need to pee! I had drank a whole cup of drink and I really need'ed to pee! I wanted to pee in the cup, but I'm a girl! How am I supposed to pee it a cup?! I was about to explode! I said "Ashly, I HAVE to pee really bad, I'm about to pee on myself." She looked at me and said "Hold it as long as you can Ania, just try to take you'r mind off of it, ok?" "I can't! I'm about to pee on myself!" I said. "Ania, you'r making me despret to pee too." She said. "Damn! Ania! Now I really need to pee, I'm going to pee all in my jeans now!" "Well Its not my fault what you'r bladder does, and when you need to pee." I said back. "Give me that cup," She said, "Why?" I said, "Just give it to me!" "Ok, gosh." I said. I gave her the cup and she pulled the starw up a little bit and unzipped her pants, she put the straw in her zipper and under her panties, she put it on her pee hole and relived herself into the cup, now the cup was full of pee, and I could'nt pee in it. "Geeeee, thanks a lot Ashly!" I said "You'r welcome" She said. I was dy'ing to pee! I was about lose controll! I was squerming and twisting all that I could, to keep from pee'ing. Ashly looked at me and said "Ania, you are going to bust, just pee in your pants Ania, I'll let you put my jacket around you'r waist when we get off, ok?" "I know I need to but I really don't want to becouse it will be so embarissing!" I said "Ania, you need to pee now befor your balder busts." "Ok..." I said, but really not wanting to, but I had to. I looked at ashly getting ready to tell her 'It will be so ebarissing though', I guess she knew what I was getting ready to say, becaouse she looked me right in the eyes and then looked at my hands holding myself and then she pulled my hands away, and took her hand and pushed on my blader forcing my pee out. I was peeing in no time. I was sort of kind of glad though, becouse if she had'nt, then my blader would have probobly busted.

Posted by: Ania at October 6, 2006 9:38 PM

My boyfriend is kind of a control-freak, and one of the things that he can't stand is how I have to go to the bathroom all the time (I can't help it, I've always had a small bladder!) Well anyway he makes me hold it all the time, like last week we went out to dinner and he told me to hold my pee until we got home, but then he decided that we should drive around for a while, and after 2 HOURS I was almost crying, I had to pee so bad. I mean I had to go bad enough in the restaurant but that was ok, I could hold it until we got home. But after driving and with the car bouncing and everything I was so desperate, I had to pee so bad it was making me crazy. I kept begging him "Jason, please just take me home or pull over or something, I can't hold it" and to make things worse he was laughing like it was funny. He even pulled a bottle of water out of his back seat and made a big show of taking a big drink in front of me. Meanwhile I couldn't even sit still, I was squirming and I had my hand pressed as hard as I could between my legs, and my brain was just screaming at me to pee. Well I tried my best to hold it, but then the car hit a pretty big bump and that was it, I just started peeing, I couldn't couldn't help it and I couldn't stop it either. Jason freaked out and pulled over immediately and shoved me out of his car so I could finish peeing by the side of the road, but it didn't matter, I'd already soaked his passenger seat. It was so awful, I was so embarrassed and Jason was so mad at me. The weird part is he still won't let me go to the bathroom when I have to go. Why does he make me hold it? He finds pee disgusting so I know it doesn't turn him on or anything. And for me it makes all of our dates so uncomfortable because I always have to hold my pee and sometimes for so long that I'm practically dying. Anyone know why he does this to me?

Posted by: Ashley at October 7, 2006 7:08 PM

I dont know why he does that to you ashley, but if I was you, I would give him a taste of his own medicen. I would make him hold in his pee for as long as he could until he pee'd his pants.

Posted by: kirsten at October 21, 2006 9:51 AM

Ashley, I'd leave your boyfriend if he does that to you. That is abuse.

Posted by: girly girl at October 26, 2006 6:45 PM

OMg i rele had to pee once when i was at church! i was desperatley squirming where there was no br!! so i ran 3 miles to pee in a shower.

Posted by: Holly at October 28, 2006 6:36 PM

Omg I remember one time I was out walking my dog, and I had to pee really badly all of a sudden. I tried to hold it, but eventually when I started to pee in my panties I knew I'd have to go somewhere behind a tree or something. However, I couldn't find anywhere with suffiecient cover, so when I started to pee my panties pretty much in full flow I sat on a bench and flipped my skirt out of the way and just peed straight through my panties, hoping no one would come by.

Posted by: katie at November 11, 2006 4:55 AM

I have OCD or something, so i never hav to actually go to the bathroom ever. The feeling is there, i just dont think its a bad feeling. When i was 7 or something, i tried to beat the world record of bladder control (4 days)I almost suceeded but got really sick from a nearly damaged prostate and possible blood poisoning, i may have had to get surgery if there was actually blood poisoning but there wasnt. being 7 i neglected to read the part about the guy almost dyeing. So im never tryin that again

Posted by: Alex at November 28, 2006 7:26 PM

once I had to peeeeee so bad and it was so bad I had tears in my eyes I was in my parents car and out of nowhere we just bump into a car not bad at all just a little bump and my dad over-reacts to this spending a hour appoliging so now back on the road I have to pee my little brother whos 7 is teasing me telling me my blatters going to explode im a boy and im 11 and next thing I know im soaken wet so im sitting there wet and my brothers thinks its so funny he tells my parents now I have a over active blatter and when we go on a trip im in a diaper and plastic pants its kinda ok

Posted by: jj at December 4, 2006 5:51 PM

Hey, I'm so into femal desperation, anyone know any good sites? And oh yeah, that one where the girls casey and taby try to get each other to piss, turns me on big time!

Posted by: justme at December 16, 2006 9:46 PM

at school my friends are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean!!! one time I really needed to go, like reeeeeelly needed to, and they were all like "flowing rivers, gushing water falls!!!" plus, they do that "pssssssssssss" thing, the peeing noise. arrrgh!!! i hate them!!! plus, they never need to go I never get revenge.

Posted by: halie at December 18, 2006 7:18 PM

OMFG I have to pee sp bad right now!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Rae! at December 19, 2006 8:01 PM

one time my friend had to pee so bad when we were
at this girls house. so he asked my friend ashtion if she could hold his penis and she did and he ended up peeing for 30 mminutes

Posted by: Dean at December 24, 2006 11:09 AM

I feel like I have to pee when having sex. Why is this?

Posted by: shadow at January 3, 2007 2:18 PM

Maybe because peeing during sex is freaking hot? Just a thought. I had one girl who had to pee sooo badly while we were in the shower and when she was lying on top of me she finally said "okay I can't even hold it anymore" and she started flowing pee everywhere. Very hot.

Posted by: turned on at January 3, 2007 11:28 PM

hey, let's pee! pssspssspsss i hate that once i realy had to pee i peed my self pssssss! go pee now bursting bladder! the only reason i said all yhis is because i wanted to see if anyone wrote back about peing themself.

Posted by: poopums at January 24, 2007 8:04 PM

I find it funny how virtually every person here who mentioned dying to pee and not being able to hold etc. is female. I guess it's true girls have smaller bladders lol. I do enjoy female desperation though, espicially in a nice long line :). Anyone here wait in a long line for the ladies room?

Posted by: Arthur at January 28, 2007 4:34 AM

There was this one time, I sooooo had to pee, like BAD. I was in line at the movie theater and there were like, 60 people in front of me in the line, no kidding. I was like, doing to pee pee dance, like, jumping up and down, which helped but also didn't help. When I had finally relieved myself, it was in a boy's bathroom stall because I seriously needed to go and I couldn't wait anymore!

Posted by: Casey Stalls at February 3, 2007 1:05 AM

Omg......I seriously had this very bad urge to pee, but there was like, nowhere to go, and I was stuck sitting on a bench in the mall and I like, was drinking Dr. Pepper at 100 miles an hour, which wasn't helping. I finally ended up making a break for the bathroom, and I finally relieved myself, and it felt good!

Posted by: Hearts at February 3, 2007 1:50 AM

I was on a roller coaster one time with my boyfriend, and he started ticklin me, and then I suddenly had to pee, like, really bad, and he kept on when I was like 'Stop! I have to pee! BAD!', and i was screamin' for mercy and I held myself down there like there was no tomorrow.I was sitting there and then when the roller coaster started, it bumped when it started, as normal, and I felt a squirt in my underwear and then held it again. And then when we got off I literally got up and ran to the bathroom, and then all the stalls were occupied and then, finally, after bouncing up and down for about another 2 hours, I finally got an open stall, ran inside, and then relieved myself when I sat down.

Posted by: Hearts at February 4, 2007 12:49 AM

OMG! I read all these comments and now I REALLLLLYYYY have to PEE!! I have two stories about when i had to pee... BAD!
The first one is accully bout mt friend. We were on our way back from camp and the last day is really busy so she didn't go at all. It was like... 1:00 and some how she hadent gone ALL DAY and she was totally desparate to pee. She kept mouthing the words "I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!" to me with total desparation in her eyes. For some reason she was embarresed to tell her dad to pull over. eventully at like... 2:00 she was liike "Dad PLEASE pull over!" when we finnaly did she was in the stall peeing for 10 MINITES.
The next one is like the worst day in my LIFE. I was only like 9. I was with my friend and i really had to pee. I started peeing my pants and then I started holding myself. my friend asked what was wrong and I ran away and yelled I"M PEEING MY SELF!!" then I changed my pants and came back ouside and my friend was like "did you really pee your self?? lol! you suck." Then after lunch I went and knocked on her door then her mom was about to open the door and i peed my self... AGAIN. I'd never been more desperate to pee in my life.

Posted by: Martha at February 10, 2007 8:27 PM

omg i nee to pee right now SOOOOOOOOO bad it ant funny.im like dancing in my chair,i cant even type my hands are shaking and now im ooooooooooooooooooooops i just wet my thong & computer chair!ow well hope my boyfriend dosnt matter, im at his house and here he comes now, hope i ant in troble well by p.s hes hot

Posted by: hannah at February 14, 2007 8:17 PM

This is a true incident, it really happened to and how I wished it hadn’t
I was out one night with my new boyfriend. I had been told he was something of a control freak, but I didn’t realise just how bad he was.
We’d had a great evening down at a pub. We met up with some friends. We all had great time while consuming a good deal of lager
Suddenly Les leapt to his feet saying he was going off to play pool. None of us minded as we were all having such a good time.
Come about 11 pm he demanded I get in the car to drive home. So I scrambled into his car. Man, he sure was in one heck of a hurry (and one heck of a vile mood)
Now I’m not used to drinking, well not quality and couldn’t believe how quickly booze would seep through my kidneys. It didn’t take long before I realised I need to go to the bathroom my bladder felt as though it was gradually becoming fuller. He was in a bad mood so I held on. After a while I was begging to feel uncomfortable. I plucked up courage asking him to please pull over. He ignored me. I decided not to ask again and held it in. The need to relieve myself was becoming urgent. After a while my bladder was full. I asked Les again to stop but he just wouldn’t
I began saying “Hey come, I need to wee”. He gruffly told me that “this was my punishment”!!!., The pain in my lower abdomen was getting more and more urgent. I begged him to stop. I was soon dying to relieve my ‘expanding’ bladder.
I clutched my crotch with one hand then two I was rocking to and fro and gasping for sheer relief. It was pure torment After a while I couldn’t keep still I shuffled about in the seat. I looked at him, you know he seemed to be enjoying my pain I began bumping up and down with this engorged thing that seemed to be almost (so it seemed ) expanding up to my navel. Shortly I begged him ‘Oh Please Oh please PLEASE!..I even offered cash that’s how desperate I was. Oh grief I begged and begged and I begged.I was screaming gasping, I was screaming in agony. I swear I could feel that hot piss been swishing around. Even thought my genital would explode as I held onto them Les was enjoying watching me, he was enjoying my agony.
Finally I arrived at my house. I could barely move up the path I was doubled over clutching my crotch and writhing with sweat oozed out of me. I was half crying half gasping. Then Les pretended he couldn’t find the key, he put his hand in his pockets I thought he was searching for the key, but he was fondling himself! I could bare it second longer I just let go of my piss. It came gushing out, like faucet full on. Oh the redlief, the f… wonderful relief. My hot piss ran all over the step down the path and into road. It just flowed on and on and bl…dy on.
That was the last time I ever went out with that S.O.B.

Posted by: caroline walker at February 17, 2007 3:30 AM

Were you in his car? I would have peed in his seat if he didn't let me get out.

Posted by: Sarah at February 18, 2007 2:47 PM

OMG, that entry where the guy said psss cause he wanted to make people pee made me need to pee so bad!!!!

Any hoo, once i was at a frieworks sshow and i needed to pee but i didn't tell anyone. every time the fireworks went off, i felt the boom down in my bladder. i was there with my friends, and when i told, they were all like, "oh, halie, psssssssssssss!!! drip!!! splash!!!! peeeeeeeee!!!!!' and i wet myself.

Posted by: halie at March 1, 2007 10:41 AM

once i was on an airplane to the grand cayman with my parents and i realized i had to pee kind of badly. i didn't want to go on the plane because we weren't far from landing and i didn't want to be peeing during landing. so i just thought, "okay, i'll go at the airport." so we get our bags and it takes forever, finally i get into a bathroom, there's only one stall, and some bitch just has to go before me. she's in there doing god knows what, taking forever. i must've waited about 15 minutes. so finally i just gave up, and i was like "okay, whatever, i'll just wait." so then we have to go get our rental car! that takes forever, too. by now i have to pee really, really badly, and i'm pretending to be sitting on my feet, but i'm really actually pushing my heel into my crotch. so then, we're going to our cottage on the beach, and we have to get gas! i had to pee so, so badly i was gonna go nuts. i couldn't really think of anything except about how badly i had to pee. so finally, we get our car, and then about 20 or 30 minutes later we arrive at our cottage. and we unlock the door, and i pretend to be looking around, then i go upstairs, and, it's a bathroom!!! WOOHOO! finally, i relieved my bladder and it came out so fast it didn't feel like that much. it felt sooooo good!!

Posted by: isabella at March 15, 2007 11:50 PM

lol these stories are HILARIOUS!!!!! sorry it sounds mean, but i am laughing sooooo damn hard right now...

Posted by: isabella at March 15, 2007 11:59 PM

one time i was in germany and i was stuck in a traffic jam for 3 hours because there was a big accident. and i mean, everybody had their engines turned off. that's when i noticed, i kind of had to pee. i was like, oh shit, it's gonna get worse. so i drank the last 3 inches of coke in a bottle and waited. and when i really had to pee, i peed in the empty coke bottle. it made these fart noises because air needed to escape from the bottle. but it felt so good. and then, i just dumped it on the roadside.

Posted by: isabella at March 20, 2007 12:04 AM

Omg, this one time I was at myrtle beach, south carolina and I was wearing my bikkini setting on the steps that lead down to the beach and all the sudden I had to pee REALLLLLLY BADLY. So I got up and ran to the closest place with a toilet and when I got in the womens room, every stall was occupied! So I stood in a line for 5 minutes squirming with my legs crossed and holding myself tight, and then I just said Bump this and I went over to the mens room, but someone was in the stall! By this time I was ready to pee on the floor! So without hesitation, I pulled my bikkini bottoms to the side and poked out my pelviss bone and used a mens urinal. LOL!!!!

Posted by: just me... needing to peeeeee!!!! at March 26, 2007 4:45 PM

Lol! I made my boyfriend hold his pee in for EVER once. It was SOOO funny! He was and still is my boyfriend, his name is Gerard But I call him G-rod, lol! Anyways, We were on our way to Miami Florida and I'm driving because I know the way REALLY good, and He's all like, "Let me drive baby, please? I know the way from here on out." And I'm like "No, I've driven all this way, now I'm gonna finesh driving the rest of the way."
And he say's "Let me drive!" And I kept telling him no. Then he put his hands on the wheel and try'd to start steering the car! So I slapped his hand away and started steering. "What are you doing?! You could have kill'ed us!" I said. He just sat there and stuck his tounge out at me, so I stuck mine out at him. About 10 minutes later He starts looking all uncomfertable and starts moving around and crossing his legs, I knew he need'ed to pee really bad and we still had an hour to drive. So I said to myself 'I'm going to make his hold it because of what he did, it will be a mean but funny punishment'. I giggled at what I had thought. "Pull over baby, I gotta take a leak" He said. "No, It's your punishment." I said. He said "Ok, I'm sorry baby. Please pull over!?" "No" I still refused. He start'ed to grab at himself and I laughed at him. He look'ed at me in pure desperation, and said "Alright, I see how it is... I'll getcha back girl, dont even think I wont." I laughed even harder and said "You do that baby". He was squeezing himself for ever now, and he started looking around for something to pee in, but there wasnt anything. He look'ed at me and said "Please, I'm really about to go right here. PLEASE?" I looked at him and His hands holding himself. I thoguht for a minute, if it was me needing to pee so bad. I couldnt resist those sweet big brown eyes staring into mine. And I said "We'll stop at the next gas station" And He said "Thank you, I was beging to think you was gonna let me be like that FOREVER!" He lean'ed in and kiss'ed me on the lips and then got out of the car a went squirming and running holding himself into the Texco Gas station. I just shook my head at the sight of him and burried my head in my hands and started laughing my ass of! LOL!!!!

Posted by: Lexxy -AKA- Lex Lex at April 3, 2007 7:15 PM

This one time, I went to the bathroom, And guess what! I pee'd!!!!!!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!! I PEEEEE!!!! And guess what eles! It said PSSSSSSSSS!!!! AND GUESS WHAT ELES!!!! IT FELT GUUUUD!!!!!!

Posted by: Wierd...But kool at April 4, 2007 4:56 PM

In the mornings my boyfriend does'nt want to get up even when he HAS TO PEE. It's so funny to watch him. He starts rubbing his legs together and holding himself and thats when I know he needs to pee. When he has to pee really bad he makes this wierd noise like "Eh....ehhhhhhh" LOL! It's hilarios. Sometimes when he has to pee really REALLY badly I turn on the water faucet and every time that I do, he gets up like one second later and comes to relive himself. LOL!!!

Posted by: mandy at April 7, 2007 1:36 PM

I call him pp for pee pot. LOL!

Posted by: Mandy at April 7, 2007 1:37 PM

I was needing to pee really bad, but I was watching a video on youtube and it was really funny, and I pee'd everywhere. lol

Posted by: bblolmmlmm at April 13, 2007 12:55 AM

Once when i was in school we had this party with a bunch of spanish food that was really spicy so i was drinking a ton of soda, and water. Well anyway this was in my second to last class and we had a big test in the last one so by the time I had started to feel like i had to go to the bathroom it was too late. Then the bell rang and I had to rush out to my bus...no time to go then either. So I get on and by now I'm dieing. Then low and behold this really cute guy whose attention I had been seeking for months comes and sits down next to me. So there I am Riding home on the incredibly long bouncy bus ride with my legs crossed as tightly as possible bouncing up and down a little bit trying to look like everything was alright. By the time we were even close to my house I had to pee so bad i couldn't move, or sit still. I was squirming and bouncing with my legs crossed as slightly as possible. I was just sitting there completly helpless with my knee in my bladder because of the smallness of the seats unable to release all of the liquid in my bladder. I was wincing with every bump and could barely talk. I was literally shaking, and no matter how hard i tried i couldn't get my mind off it. So there i sat, having to pee worse than any other time in my life. Bouncing squirming even trying to hold myself to prevent myself from peeing all over the seat which at this point was looking more and more like reality. I didn't think i could hold it for another second, but i knew i had to try. Finally on one large bump it was all over. It bounced me two hard without notice I felt a twinge in my stomach and the next thing I knew I was peeing all over myself and the cute guy I had been sitting with, in front of everyone on the bus. It was the most humiliating day of my life.

Posted by: Sarah at April 14, 2007 2:30 PM


Posted by: someone at April 17, 2007 9:12 PM

I did that to my friend one time, we where on this long road trip together to california from Georgia and as we where pulling off to go on our way, she's all like "Oh! I forgot to pee! turn around." And I'm like, "no you should have went ahead of time, we are already 5 blocks from home anyways." And she's like "Please! I really need to pee" And I told her no everytime she would ask. It was so funny but also arousing (im lesbian, so is she, we are girlfriends.) to see her needing to go SOOO badly. We drove through 2 states without me leting her pee yet and she was like "Please! I'm bursting here! I cant hold it pleeeeeeease!?????" I kept saying no. We got to this long line where they where working on the road and paving it, and she was sqeezing herself for all she was worth. She was making me desperate also for quiet some time. I start'ed to need to pee rally badly to and start squirming. I said "I've need'ed to pee really bad this whole trip to.... Do you want to have a hold it contest?" She said "I'll do it" So we held ourself's tight and made our way to california. We got to the motel and got on the elevator so we could take our things to the room 710. We got there and we went out on our oceanfront balcoy, still waiting to see who would loose the hold it contest. She did'nt know, but on the way out I locked the door, but I had the key to get back inside in my pocket. We sat out there and talk'ed about peeing and who was going to loose. The roar of the ocean was all to much for her, she said "I give up, you win , I HAVE TO PEE RIGHT NOW!" She try'f to open the door, "It's lock'ed!" she said.
She look'ed around franticly. "Do you have the key to get in?" She said while trying to cheek herself for a key. "No" I said. She start'ed to whine a soft yelp. Tears came to her eyes as she fell to her knees and held herself with one hand and pushed her thigh tight to the other with the other hand. "You can pull down your pants and pee off the balcony and take the risk of being seen, or pee your pants and take the risk of having to stay out here for a long long time waiting on someone to let us back in, with nastey pissy jeans on. your choice. I choose the balcony" I said as I stood up and droped my skirt and panties and squated to pee off the balcony. I moaned as I pee'd and it felt so good and reliving! I rubb'ed myself as it came out because I was so sore. She watch'ed my pee come out and she said "Ohhhhhhhh!!!! I cant wait anymore! ohhh! move over casandra! I gotta pee!" I moved over so she could have room to pee. she unbuttend her pants and pulled them down, she could'nt even wait to pull down her underwear. She started to move then to the side, and out of my very very mean-ness, I said "Booo!" And pushed her leg. She gasp and jump'ed a little, She started to leak and she squeezed her legs tight together "Damnit! you could have made me pee!" She said. She squated with her panties to the side and befor she could even get adjusted to pee off the balcony, she pee'd on the balcony and she said "I cant pee off the balcony." And she just stood up and back against the wall and press'ed on her stomach and said "It wont come out fast enough!" I laughed and said,"Yeah, I know! It sux. I'm still peeing, and I have been forever! For like 3 whole minutes!" When I fineshed, I came over to her and press'ed on her stomach to make it come out faster. "Thak you." she said. "I have something to tell you." I told her after she fineshed. "What?" "I had the key all along..." I said. She rolled her eyes and said "Casandra, You forever want me to wait until the last minute to pee" And we both laughed and went inside.

Posted by: Casandra at April 22, 2007 7:02 PM

One time at night I had to pee bad but my bro was in the bathroom and he locked the door. I had to pee SO BAD that I actually considered peeing in the kitchen sink. My brain(and bladder) were screaming to go pee, but my brother was still in the bathroom. I had my hands on my privates and I was bounching around like a 3-year-old who 'needs to go potty'. But right then, all I wanted to do was pee because I knew I couldn't wait. My bladder was about to burst when my brother finally came out like 30 minutes later. I ran in and litterilly threw down my pants and boxers. I relieved myself(my bladder thanking me as well) and went back to sleep.

NOTE TO SELF: drink NOTHING before bed time.

Posted by: Cody at April 27, 2007 7:56 PM

One time me and my boyfriend Josh were out and I had to pee SO bad. He knew and decided to torture me by making that peeing sound. By time we got to the house(which took like 2 hours) the pressure on my bladder was too great to ignore. I had to 'let go' right then. I was going to explode. Josh knew this and pretend to look for his keys. I told him to hurry up and he said I can't find my keys. I couldn't hold it for one more second(and I told him this) so I kicked him in the balls. He bent over and I said, "Did you find the keys?" he handed them to me and I ran inside straight to the bathroom and peed. I felt so much better after that but Josh was still outside on the porch, painfully holding himself. LOL

Posted by: Ashleigh at April 28, 2007 5:39 PM

I had to pee so bad one time on a school field tip. We were leaving the science museum in another county, and it was taking for ever to get back, plus I was sitting next to CJ, (He is only the cutest dude ever lived, hes my bf now though). I was crossing my legs and holding myself in a way that I thought noone could see. He leand close to me and said "You okay?" And I said "Yeah, I'm.... fine". I was thinking of how embarassing it would be to pee myself, and I got this really disgusted look on my face without realising it and I guess it gave out the image that I was about to burst. He leand really close to me and said where only I could hear "You gotta... pee?" I nodded my head and said "Yes, is it that obvious?" "Well, your only squirming so much you look like your wearing a suit made of cheap itchy lace, other than that, no." He said while laughing afterwords. "Man, I gotta go." I said. "Try your best to hold it though." He said. A few minutes later it was unbarable. I gave it one last try for 2 more minutes, then I couldnt do it. I felt a squirt. "I'm peeing" I said To CJ. "Here, use this to hide it." He said handing me a sweater. I couldnt belive I was peeing, in front of CJ, AND HE WAS BEING SO HELPFULL AND SWEET! "Oh my gosh" I said putting my hand on m head. "I'm going to be laughed at for the rest of the year for this!" I said. "No you wont,.... I'll pee my pants too!" He said. "No! They will laugh at you" I said. "Not if I dont pay any attention to them" He said. I wanted to cry, I was going to be laughed at, and he was going to pee his pants for me! He started to pee and he stood up. "Look everybody! I'm peeing my pants and I dont care!" He said. I couldnt belive it! Everyone giggled and laughed. One girl stood up, "Hey! I gotta pee to!" She said while starting to pee her pants. another boy stood up and did the same thing. CJ said "Rock on!" and kept peeing his pants. I stood to show that I was too peeing. By the time we got back to the school everyone had pee'd themselves. It was so funny because the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade was like... 'whats going on with the pissing?' LOL! That was the most sillyest day of my life.

Posted by: LoveLoveCJ at April 30, 2007 5:15 PM

omg i have got to pee! omg i got to pee so bad. i cant hold it. i have had to pee for like a day now. almost. its like 9 or something and i havent taken a wizz since the day beafore yesterday at like 11:00 at night. yea i kno wat u r all thinking. im stupid right? wrong! im at my friends and he house is confusing and i cant find the bathroom and she said somthing earlier about it being broken so im gonna DIE!!! some one help me!!

Posted by: none of your buissness at April 30, 2007 8:50 PM

When I have to pee so bad my teeth ache!! What gives? Anyone else have this wierd thing going on?
And yes, I think peeing on your partner would be a great turn on although Ive never tried it but would like to try this with a willing partner!!

Posted by: Don at May 3, 2007 5:04 PM

this one time i was on my way home with my boyfriend from a night out. we were quite drunk and we were standing in a bus shelter. i had on a really short denim skirt with a thong underneath. we started kissing and making out while standing in the shelter. u know how when youve drank a lot of alcohol the urge to pee comes on quickly? well it did then! but i was enjoying kissing him and he was biting my neck gently and i didnt wanna stop cos i was sooooo turned on. then it started raining hard and that made me want to pee even more urgently! i whispered in his ear "baby, stop i have to pee like NOW!" he carried on kissing me and said softly in my ear "just do it now baby, it will be such a turn on for me...pleeeeeease" well at first i thought no way but he kept urging me to just let it out and his fingers were digging into my butt and so i just let go right there whilst we were kissing. he felt the hot pee running down his leg and he said "oh babyyyyyy that feels sooooo good oooooooh my godddddd" and it felt really good for me too! i moaned with pleasure to finally let it out and i peed and peed for ages let me tell you! well we were both really turned on by then so he lifted me up and held me against the back of the bus shelter and we ended f*cking right there, anyone could have seen us but it was the most exciting sex ive ever had i'll never forget it!

Posted by: Danielle at May 8, 2007 6:37 PM

One time me and my friend, Lynn, were home alone. I drank like 4 cans of soda, so imangine that I have to pee bad. And so did Lynn because of her tiny bladder. Then she said, "I know you gotta go, but I gotta empty my tiny bladder." So I said, "Since we both gotta pee, let's have a Hold It contest." Lynn agreed. We sat there with our legs crossed tightly. Lynn even had her hands on her crotch. Then she said "Let's have a drink." So we went into the kitchen, our legs crossed and we got a can of soda. The coldness was too much for me, but I drank some. After Lynn took her first sip, she said, "That's it! You win! I gotta go NOW!" But I said, "Right after me!" So we were both trying to get into the bathroom. Then Lynn said "This is stupid, let's just go on the couch and settle this." After five minutes on the couch, Lynn said "Unless you want your pretty couch soaked with yellow pee, you'll let me go pee first." I knew she had to go BAD so I was about to say, "Just hurry cause I'm gonna soak myself." but I felt a little pee leak out. Panicking, I ran into the bathroom to pee.
When I came out, Lynn was mad because I went before her. I said "I'm sorry but a little bit leaked out. And unless you want to soak your panties, stop talking to me and go pee." She nodded and her hands flew to her crotch and she hopped (i guess she had to go so bad she couldn't walk) to the bathroom and went. After that we felt so much better. But tiny bladder Lynn had to pee like 5 more times that night. The last time, I grabbed her arm and made her hold it for an hour. I even turned on the water! Oh yeah, I'm evil.

Posted by: allie at May 8, 2007 7:33 PM

I have a REALLY small bladder. And when I have to go, I HAVE TO GO!! U have 2 get out of my way, or I'll wet my pants or skirt or whatever I'm wearing for a bottom.

Here's a story for ya: At school, the bell rang and the bathroom doors were locked!!! Oh no! And of course I had to pee. After thirty minutes(it wasn't locked for thirty minutes, but we had to take a test), my bladder was bursting. I asked my teacher if I could go and he gave me the pass. I sped-walked down the hall into the bathroom. I was the only one in there, so I grabbed myself like a two-year-old and bounced around a little. I ran into the stall but -OMG!!- my jeans button was stuck. Cursing my incredibly small bladder I struggled to open the button and pull down my jeans. I had to go worse and worse as each second passed. Finally I got the button undone and I got to pee. I felt so much better.
Want another story? Oh, I'll tell you how I got my nickname "Gotta Go" Gabi. Here it goes: I was nine years old (i'm 16 yrs old now) I was at a sleepover at my friend's house. I had WAY too many sodas and I had to pee. But I had no clue where the bathroom was! So I asked my friend, but her father was in it. So I had to hold it. (i think her dad was crapping). After ten minutes, I had tears in my eyes because I had to pee so bad. When my friends asked why, I said "I just have a real small bladder." they started lauging and making jokes. Another five minutes passed and I asked, "Ash, I really have to go. Don't you have another bathroom?" She said no and I was forced to hold it. I had to go so bad I started bouncing around, which made them laugh more. I squeezed my legs together and started pacing the room. One of my friends tickled me a bit but I screamed no! When I heard a toilet flush I ran out of the room. I was about half-way there when I stopped and bent over a bit. I knew I couldn't hold it anymore, but I prayed my bladder wouldn't explode. I got into the bathroom and jumped on the toilet, peeing my heart(and bladder) out. When I finished, a couple times that night my friends kept asking "Gotta Go Gabi?" and I guess that's how the nickname stuck. Weird huh?

OK, now I gotta go pee. So goodbye!

-Gotta Go Gabi

Posted by: Gabi at May 8, 2007 10:39 PM

I really have to pee this minute. this made me wanna make myself pee so i drank 5 cups of water in a row so now im holding my crotch and i am hoping wanting to pee but its a race against myself and im squirming in my seat o my god i gotta PEE!!!!! PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

Posted by: kathy at May 13, 2007 6:21 PM

When I was in the 4th grade I had to pee. But I didn't know where the bathroom was and I was too shy to ask. So as the day went on, I had to pee so bad. When I got on the bus, I was stuggling to keep myself from exploding every time the bus hit a bump. When I finally got to my stop, I got off and ran to my stop. I had to find my key since my mom wasn't home yet and I unlocked the door. I felt some pee make it's way down my leg, so I put my hand between my legs as I ran to the bathroom. But when I finally got in there, I had peed myself. Now whenever I'm in school and I have to pee, I think of this and I feel like I'm gonna pee myself! lol

Posted by: Leah at May 19, 2007 5:08 PM

I was making-out with my boyfriend Derrick in his car when I had to pee. I whispered to him I had to go but he said "We're almost done, can't you hold it?" I said I would but after a while, I had my hand on my crotch while we were kissing. Derrick noticed this and said "Do you really have to pee?" I said "Yes but I'll hold it for you." and we went back to kissing. A while later I had to go too bad so I said "Derrick, I gotta go BAD!" So he started to drive me home. I had to pee so bad so I said "Pull over. I'm going right now! I can't wait." He said "We'll be home in a few. I'm not letting you pee on the side of the road." But I kept begging him to let me go. Finally he pulled over. I took off my skirt and get ready to pee. I was about to go when I saw a car drive near us. So I hopped back in Derrick's car adn sad to go. So we're driving down the road and I still have to pee so bad. I told Derrick "I think I'm gonna pee in my skirt. Are we almost at your house?!" he said "We have like ten minutes." I said "I can't wait that long! I have to pee now!" So he said, "Just pee in that bucket." and he gave me the bucket on the floor of his car. T first i thought no way but I crossed my legs and started bouncing up and down, causing my boobs to bounce. So I took the bucket and peed in it. I felt so much better. Derrick told me to hurry up because he was going to pee. I tried to pee faster but it was taking too long. Finally Derrick didn't want to wait so he pulled over and started peeing next to me. So we sat there peeing in a bucket. It was so weird.

Posted by: Cassie at May 19, 2007 5:23 PM

Ok so this 1 time i was sleepin over @ my causins house. we slep in a tent and we were soooo bored and it was like 2 in the mornin. all we had was an empty 2 liter coke bottle and the hose outside. we decided to have a water drinking contest because we could just walk inside and go to the bathroom. I went first and drank the hole 2 liters but my causins stomach started 2 hurt so he couldnt drink any (i told him not 2 eat that much candy....) so in bout an hour i NEEDED 2 pee soooo BAD!!!! i ran to the door with my causin right behind me and the porchlight flicked on. after i tried to go inside we realized the door inside was locked I HAD 2 PEE so BAD that a little squirted out.... he said we could go to bed and in the morning i could go. so i decided to try it. OH YEAH RIGHT NOW OLNY MY SIS IS HOME AND SHES TAKING A SHOWER AND I RRRREEEAAALLLYYY NEED TO PEE!!!!!!! any way i thought i would just not think about it go in the morning. i actually fell asleep. in the morning i woke up still wearing my skintight jeans because i couldnt chang last night from how bad i had to pee. as soon as i woke up i got out the tent and saw my causin sitting on the ground starting a fire. I NEEDED TO PEE SOOOOOO BAD THEN. i didnt care what happened i just started to pee on myself and it squirted EVERYWHERE!!!! my ENTIRE jeans were soaked and right now i just let let a litlle out... ooooh this isnt good...... OMG i just peed on my sisters laptop, couch, and her new skirt!!! its still coming!!!! oh no..... now its on her deigner rug... uh oh. i just got a cup from the kitchen and left a huge trail of pee on my way in there.... OMIGAWD the cup is overflowing.... oh no look @ the mess!!!! im getting out of this place b4 im dead..... c yall later!!

Posted by: Amy at May 20, 2007 10:40 PM

OMG!!! yesterday I was downtown with my best friend Chelsea, and I secretly had to pee (REEEEELLY BAD!!) the whole time.. . long storee short i peed myself and chelsea made fun of me for EVER....... come to think of it... she isn't even my friend any more...

Posted by: Abby at May 24, 2007 7:34 PM

One time I was a mummy in a school play and just as they finished wrapping me up, I had to pee. I was in a full body mumy suit for three hours and I had to go so bad, I thought I was going to pee in the costume. In the end, I did. Lucky for me, the gaws were really absorbant. lol

Posted by: Colleen at May 24, 2007 7:57 PM

One time we went to Foster (like 4 hours away) I made sure I went right before the trip. So we`d be in the car, havn`t drank a thing, in the middle of nowhere(i never drink on cartrips,except near the end) and passing the time by playing on my freind`s DS. About an hour into the trip, I had a bit of an urge to go, then my freind goes, Mum, um like bladder.... which meant she sorta had to go and it was getting uncomfortable! (the same with me too) so we stopped at this park thing with dirty toilets. I spent the next 3 hours talking to my friend, playing and reading books, (the book of records really soaked up the time) not thinking about pee. when we got there I got out of the car and relised how much I needed to pee! we had to load all our luggage into this trolley, and take it over there and I forgot about my urge again. When we were coming back, I went after about 20min (me and my small bladder) reason being I wasn`t doing anything cuz my freind was sleeping. Then about 2 hours later I started to need to go, after 15min it got urgent, I told my freinds mum but I think she didn`t hear me, cuz she didn`t stop. We got home, and getting out took a long time cuz my freind fell asleep again and wouldn`t wake up and come out. Then she took a long time getting her bag out grrr... I got my bag out ran inside, dropped my bag and went pee, o the relief! My freind laughs at it ever since! damn my small bladder!

Posted by: chiky cheese at May 30, 2007 3:30 AM

I have to pee bad right noe but thats not y im typing. IM typing cause 2 nights ago, i had to pee really bad and i saw a doggy pad on the floor (the bathroom was taken and i had to pee SOOOOOOOOO bad!) so i got and idea. I pulled down my panties and pants and i started to pee on the dog mat. But i didnt pee it all out cause i knew the dog pad owuldnt absorb it all. So then, while i was in mid-stream it felt sooooooo good but i knew i had ot stop cause first the my brother had turned off the shower so i knew i had ot stop. So i stop in Mid-stream )yes it was hard cause i had to Pee!) and i pulled up my pants like nithin happened. i still had pee in my bladder but i decided id pee the rest in the shower sincei was going to take a shower after my little bro got out.

Posted by: brit at June 3, 2007 8:24 PM

one time my friends and i went out to go shopping and goof off and we stopped at a little cafe. earlier that day i drank 2 bottles of water and i had to pee REALLY BAD, so i went to go to the bathroom- only to find out they're under maintenence. i knew if i didn't get somewhere quick i'd pee my pants. i told my friends we needed to go but they weren't in any hurry so finally when they did decide it was time to go we headed to a mcdonalds so i could use the bathroom... the whole time they sat there and teased me about having to go. it got to a point where i had to stop cuz if i took another step i'd pee. i inched my way into the bathroom i was almost there when a wet a little. it was obvious cuz my friends started laughing "there's a piss spot on your crotch omg you better go!" so i made a mad dash into the bathroom and in the stall i went but it was too late i tried to hold back but i peed my pants in the stall in front of the toilet. it was so embarassing to walk out after i came from the bathroom with my pants soaked. it was horrible!

Posted by: mallory at June 8, 2007 5:37 PM

Okay...I was shopping one day in a Plant Garden with my grandma and my aunt, and I had to piss so bad! And my bladder is, according to me, smaller than a raisin! I had gone before we left, and by the middle of the ride, I had to go again. I was so desperate to go by the time we were at the place, and i was bouncin up and down in my seat in the car waiting for them to get ready to get out. When we got out, I told em I needed to go, so they asked where the bathroom was. And to my surprise, they didn't have one! They didn't even have a port-a-potty! I was absolutely dying by the time we were midway through the shopping. And when we got to a nearby fountain watering some plants, it made me almost piss myself, but i managed to hold on. The shopping had lasted for an hour when it was halfway through. And we had spend another 3 hours shopping in that same place. I was sweating my head off, and my aunt and grandma asked me what was wrong with me, and I lied and said that I was hot from the sun. It was pretty hot because the sun was literally right over me in the sky. After we had spent the last 3 hours shopping, I was in the car holding myself down there like a 2 year old. My aunt and Grandma added more pain to my bladder as they stopped at a friends house, and so I was not allowed to go in, because 'they said so'. I was dying, and I knew that if I didn't piss sometime soon, my bladder was going to bust. I knew I couldn't take a piss right there in the seat, cuz I would get in trouble. Suddenly, I felt a very, very, VERY painful surge in my bladder, and I held tight. It lasted about a minute, and then it stopped. I felt like my bladder was going to bust, and I knew then that I couldn't hold it. I was crying, and in dire need to piss then and there, and I was hating the fact that I was being forced to hold it. Finally, and hour later, my aunt and grandma finally came back out and we were finally on our way back to my grandma's house. When we got there, I got up out of my seat, and by then, my urge to piss had desipitated. I thought that I didn't need to go anymore, so I waited and I got online. And then to my surprise, the urge came back about five minutes later, and I grabbed myself down there. My aunt, grandma, and grandad were gone, so I knew I wouldn't see them for another 5 hours. I was holding myself the best I could, and my friend ran into the bathroom after he said that he needed to go really badly. So now I was forced to hold it again, and then when he got out, I was crying in dire need to piss again. He told me to wait, and he came in and made sure that I didn't get up to go to the bathroom, and he also made sure that I didn't piss myself sitting at the comp. I was bouncing up and down. I then felt a tiny bit of piss come out, and I grabbed myself, yelling "oh shit!". He asked me what was wrong, and i told him that I was starting to piss myself. He pulled me up out of the seat, and he told me to lay down on the floor. I lay down while holding myself down there, and he started to make out with me. The urge desipitated once again. About ten minutes later, when we were watching TV, I told him that I needed to piss, really really really really REALLY badly. He smiled, and he said "Oh you'll be fine. I've held on longer and I didn't piss myself.", and then when I was looking at the TV, he pushed down on my bladder, and I nearly wet myself, but didn't. i managed to hold on enough to prevent me from pissin myself. He finally led us both to my bedroom, and he finally tied me to the bed, so I couldn't hold myself down there when the urge to piss came back. It did about ten more minutes later, and I was squirming around badly, doing all i could to keep from pissing myself. He finally saw me piss myself, and for some reason he found the greatest pleasure out of it. I was pissed off at him about this.

That's my pee story of the day, and I'm still hating what happened that day!

Posted by: Hearts at June 12, 2007 7:33 PM

Im like obsessed with peeing for some absurd reason and what i like to do is make myself drink A TON of water then i go on peeing sites and watch videos of girls wetting themselves and and i look at pics of ppl wetting their pants and stuff

and then i PEE MY PANTS!!!! i know it sounds odd but i like it....i also love to hold my pee until im about to pee in my pants and then i wait until i take a shower and i pee in the shower.....i was wondering if any1 has any good pee websites or if any1 pees in a cup in the shower....

Posted by: Julia at June 29, 2007 5:23 PM

omg the other day, i was out on a date with my boyfrend and i had to pee like REALLY bad!! so i finally asked him to wait while i went to the bathroom. when i got in there, there was a really long line, so i stood there for like 10 min waiting and dancing and holding my privates. when i could finally get in a stall, i realized that my Zipper was stuck! by now i thought i would explode!!! so i had to go tell my boyfrend and ask him to help me get it.(in the middle of the restorant) and he couldnt get it. he tugged really hard and jerked me, so i fell on top of him and couldn't hold it anymore, so i totally embarrassed myself and peed all over him. SOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSING!!!

Posted by: jojo at July 7, 2007 1:32 PM

reading these stories are making me have to pee. lol. i'm gonna go b4 i soak myself.

Posted by: Jen at July 8, 2007 10:56 PM

I've been holding my pee for over five hours now. Should I keep holding it, or go?

Posted by: Gotta Pee Rite Now at July 9, 2007 11:31 PM

OMG. im sittin here at home and im about 2 wet and poop myself.I cant move nywhere n ive been sittin here 4 6 hours. SHIT SHIT SHIT. never mind.my .long wait is over. ive done both at once. ewww its messy n squelchy. im never gonna do that again. now im gonna go out n buy sum nappies 2 wear coz i ave messed all of knickers up with beig incontinant.

Posted by: Carys Jones at July 13, 2007 7:48 AM

once in first grade i had to pee so bad butt the playground aid told me i should have went at lunch so i watched my friends dig in the dirt as i wet my pants i hid it the entire day til i got home and my mom was mad.

Posted by: Q T at July 18, 2007 3:38 AM

omg the other night i went out with my girlfriends and we drank a lot(not beer; i'm only 16) and when we were leaving, i had to pee REALLY bad!!! i kept telling Sandy(who was driving) to pull over so i could pee but she wouldn't. it took us three hours to get home and i almost didn't make it. by time i ran into the house and to the bathroom, my skirt was totally wet. yup, i peed myself. i'm suprised i didn't pee in the car. i had to go SO bad!! lol

Posted by: JJ at August 8, 2007 11:53 PM

one time i ws spying on my two older sisters and they caught me and rolled me up in a rug. and i couldn't get out. by time my parents got home, i was running for the bathroom. lol

Posted by: Rory at August 9, 2007 12:13 AM

Me and my roomate's bathroom is messed up, so we can't use it at all until late tomorrow morning or something and I REALLY gotta pee! I've been holding it for a few hours now and I think I'm gonna pee my panties. I'm leaning forward and sitting on a towel. And Abbie-my roomie-isn't doing any better. She's laying in bed like she's sleeping, but her legs are crossed and she has her hand on her crotch. She keeps moaning "I gotta go!" every few minutes...like right now. Wait...she said she's not holding it anymore...she just peed her panties...there's a puddle on the floor...she looks so relieved. I AM SO JEALOUS! I don't wanna hold it anymore, but I'm scared to pee myself. Don't ask why, I just am! Do you think I should keep holding it until morning, or just pee now? I feel a little squirt out, but I'm holding myself desperatly.

Posted by: Jackie at August 10, 2007 1:32 AM

OK, you'll never guess what my roomie Abbie did to me. You all know our bathroom was messed up and I've been holding it for a few hours and so has she. Well she just peed herself and demanded I go too. But I'm like one of those people who are shy about peeing so I didn't want to. So Abbie tackled me to the ground and pressed down hard on my bladder. I tried to hold it with all my might. My eyes even watered, I had to go so bad. Abbie kept saying "Let it out Jack." but I didn't. I told her "I wanna pee in the toilet!" but she didn't listen. She took my hands away from my crotch and pressed her knee against my bladder. And I just lost it. Pee exploded from my bladder and soaked my shorts and left a puddle on the floor. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER so I guess I'm glad Abbie forced me to pee. lol

Posted by: Jackie at August 10, 2007 1:41 AM

One time I had to pee so bad during the state test so I "plugged" the hole.

Posted by: gretchen at August 20, 2007 6:06 PM

I love seeing and reading about ppl having to pee really badly. i also love having to pee. don't ask me why, idk.

Posted by: kelsey :) at August 21, 2007 3:49 PM

Gotta pee real bad right now been hol ding it for 8 hours now , my brain is crying out but this is a race against my bladder!

Posted by: Evie at September 3, 2007 6:52 AM

I sooooooooooo need 2 pee right now bcos I read all ur stories...............

Posted by: Cedric at September 7, 2007 5:55 AM

why is it that whenever girls keep boys in their car when they have to pee its funny but when boys keep girls in their car its wrong

Posted by: sged at September 8, 2007 7:26 PM

once i neary wet myself at my aunties party i held it but my brother made me pee in abush

Posted by: h at September 15, 2007 3:59 AM

i have a pee story to. I was at the mall and i drank a lot of water, after a while i felt an urge to pee.I waited for a little bit but then my bladder kept telling me to empty out and i had to cross my legs. I got into a store and i asked the cashier if i could use the bathroom. she said no because they were for employees only. I groaned and sat down. My bladder was at least the size of a football and was about to push out some pee. I unzipped my pants to let go some pressure. I waddled to the changing room and started to unzip my pants more. I was bouncing around and wincing, it hurt so much to hold it in!!! I thought i was going to have an accident. I sat down on a stool and a little squirt of pee came out. i held myself,but i could only think of the sea and the rolling waves. As i stood up, another squirt came out, and i had to hold myself again and bounce around so the stream of pee wouldnt come out!!!!!! I took a step forward and since my legs were apart a waterfall of pee came pouring out and i tried to fight it by sitting down but it came out more and more i was so relieved, but really embarrased

Posted by: nicole at September 30, 2007 5:50 PM

i have a really embarrassing story. I was in class and i was desperate to take a pee. I mouthed to my girl friend i had to pee NOW. class took forever and my bladder was pushing and pushing. I was desperate now. i asked the teacher if i could go but he said no. the bell rang and i rushed out of class. I was getting ready to spurt a little pee out. but i had to go to my next class. In my next class i was groaning an wincing. I was crossing my legs and sitting on my foot. The teacher told me to come up to the board and holding myself while i got out of my desk i made it!!!!!! I crossed my legs while at the board and a huge squirt came out. i quickly sat back down and the bell rang i ran to the bathroom. but there was a line i didnt care i was clutching myself. I was bouncing around and sometimes i would lean down. I could here people peeing and my bladder gave a forceful push. i clutched harder. OOOOHHHH I am gonna pee in my pants. i jiggled and shifted from one foot to the other. then something horrible happened. My zipper was stuck!!! I pulled and pulled but it wouldnt go. My bladder was rock hard and i was starting to leak pee. I asked someone to pull it and. i started to pee. A little circle formed and then i was peeing on the persons hand!!!

Posted by: amber at September 30, 2007 6:02 PM

One time I was out shopping, when i realized i needed to pee. It wasn't urggent so i made my way to the check out line, there were only a few open so i had to wait forever. So by the time i was done, i really had to pee, so i went all the way to the back of the store where the bathrooms are, only to find that they are closed. So i quickly headed for my car. Now the thing you need to know about my area is there is this great store, but all that is around it is highway for about half an hour, then it is residential. Well i get in my car, hoping i can even drive because by now i really have to go so bad i am starting to bounce. I get in my car pull out the parking lot and on to the highway and i instantly run into traffic from a car accident, meanwhile i am about to hace my own. I am sitting there driving down a busy highway at like five miles an hour, all while wincing and bouncing and grabbing myself with my free hand to keep from peeing all over my car. Well i finally make it out of the traffic, and i was so relieved i almost peed my pants then. Well i am now driving supper fast bouncing up down trying with all my might not to wet my pants. So i finally get home, hop out of the car run to the front door, and it is locked, so i struggle to find the key, i am bouncing and crossing my legs and i can feel it starting to leak out, i cross my legs and squeeze them so tightly that they start to go numb. Just as i find the key, jam it into the lock, and dash inside i feel a twinge in my bladder, and i explode, pee gushing down my legs like a waterfall. So after all that, i still ended up peeing myself, in my carpeted floor nonetheless. Well i guess it is still better than in public.

Posted by: Sarah at October 2, 2007 10:12 PM

yeah, thats heppening to me right now.
my teacher wont let me pee.

Posted by: Jackqulyn Matthews at October 4, 2007 3:07 PM

I've always had a weak bladder and for some reason going pee is always (well almost...) my last priority when I'm doing something (almost) anything else.And that's led to lots of desperate moments and a lot of accidents. I also, when I really gotta pee, dribble and squirt in my panties, like almost daily.

But its the accidents that I keep having. Its been going on since I was 7 when I wet my panties in class...I was really embarrassed, but it still happens in all sorts of places. Some no one can see, but other times I've soaked my pants, or skirt/dress. Like the other day, I was rushing to class (I said I'd bring snacks, it was the last day of class) and I didn't bother going to pee after my coffee (alwways a mistake) since 2 other people were waiting in the store. I got out of my car, rushing to the toilet, but just began to totally wet my slacks...I mean completely...so when I got to the bathroom all I could do was try to dry them off...of course that did not good..thank god they were black. I guess some people noticed, but I had to let them dry for hours...it was awful.

But I've got a friend who really loves my accident stories, so I tell him since he really gets off on it; he always asks me when I see him if I've wet my pants...I like telling him about my accidents or near misses since it turns him on and I love to flirt with him. He's still waiting to witness one of my accidents, although I have wet my panties with him a few times, but not badly and he didn't see them wet. (I know he loves to look up my skirts when he can...I love short skirts...and sometimes I let him.)

Posted by: Joanne at October 13, 2007 3:44 PM

i literally have to pee NOW!!!!!!!! i can barely hold it. oops its starting to gush out!!!! I cant force it back in. aaaaaahhhhh

Posted by: niki at October 14, 2007 6:33 PM

omg these stories are so funy!!!! I have to pee right now!!!!!!!! Any dare me to hold?

Posted by: gorgious rock star angel at October 17, 2007 8:05 PM

One time, I was sleeping over my friend Alisa's house with our other friends, Hallie and Bianca, and we were playing murder in the dark. So, after that, Bianca was like "Annie, I gotta PEE!!!!" Me and Hallie and Alisa said we had to go really bad also, so Alisa was like "lets have a hold it contest" so we did and when we were watching tv, Halie was like "omigosh i gotta pee NOW!!!" so me and Alisa and Bianca blocked the door in Alisa's room and Hallie started pissing it was so funny!

Posted by: Annie at October 29, 2007 10:14 AM

I HAVE TO PEE!i have been in this meeting for the past 2 hours and before this meeting, idrank three cups of coffee and two bottles of water!Now im in the bus and i really have to pee. my legs are crossed really tightly and there are so many bumps on the road that it is painful!I know what your thinking, im stupid,right, wrong! there is only one bus to go back home !oh boy now there is constuction on the road!I HAVE TO PEE SO BADLY!IM GOING TO BURST!the worst thing is im wearing a super tight belt right around my middle!HELP IM GOING TO PEE ANY MINUTE NOW!

Posted by: fizzy at November 1, 2007 5:34 PM

i was at the mall and we just ate and i was desperate to pee. I mean my bladder was sloshing and it was like i was laying on the ground with a baby elephant on my bladder. i was waddling and holding myself. I walked into Old Navy and sat down on a bench. I was wearing really tight jeans! i asked where a bathroom was and the cashier said there wasnt one. I unzipped my pants to relieve the pressure... i grabbed some clothes and waddled to the changing rooms. i was bouncing around and people could see my underwear because my pants were unzipped. I bent down and was wincing i could feel the pee urging its way through. I got into a room and pulled down my pants luckily i didnt start peeing. I pulled on the other pants and didnt pee in those either i walked out of the room. in agony. then I went behind a clothes rack pulled down my pants and panties and peed. I was so relieved. It was like a huge waterfall and it just kep coming and coming

Posted by: Nicole at November 2, 2007 3:04 PM

i was at the mall and we just ate and i was desperate to pee. I mean my bladder was sloshing and it was like i was laying on the ground with a baby elephant on my bladder. i was waddling and holding myself. I walked into Old Navy and sat down on a bench. I was wearing really tight jeans! i asked where a bathroom was and the cashier said there wasnt one. I unzipped my pants to relieve the pressure... i grabbed some clothes and waddled to the changing rooms. i was bouncing around and people could see my underwear because my pants were unzipped. I bent down and was wincing i could feel the pee urging its way through. I got into a room and pulled down my pants luckily i didnt start peeing. I pulled on the other pants and didnt pee in those either i walked out of the room. in agony. then I went behind a clothes rack pulled down my pants and panties and peed. I was so relieved. It was like a huge waterfall and it just kep coming and coming

Posted by: Nicole at November 2, 2007 3:04 PM

One night i went out to a nightclub & i drunk lots of lager, i fancied a man i had seen in there many times before, he bought me more beers then he asked if he could drive me home. I agreed as i liked him a lot. On the way out i thought i had better use the ladies as i#d not been in an hour, but the queue was really long and i knew he might not wait for me. I wasn't really desperate at this point, but i was aware that my bladder was pretty full. I just knew i needed to pee very soon. Anyway we got in his car & he started to drive, he said 'Do you fancy a short spin before i take you home babe?' I said 'Yes why not' as i felt honoured to be with him, he was so gorgeous. Well, within twenty minutes of driving my need to pee became really desperate, the countless beers i had drunk had made their way to my bladder and i felt really uncomfortable. I immediately regretted not going to pee before we left, and being the shy person that i am i knew i couldn't ask him to stop the car & let me pee on the roadside. I shuffled in my seat to try to get comfortable and then i crossed my legs, enabling my thighs to squeeze against my pussy, it felt good for a moment but then my pee need grew a bit stronger and i realised this wasn't helping me anymore. I longed to just grab myself down there and give myself a squeeze, but i didn't want my bloke to see me or know i needed to pee. I shuffled a little in my seat again, pretending to adjust my short dress and shoved my hand under my bottom, i found my pussy and gave it a foreceful much-needed squeeze. Oh it felt so good to give it some attention but i knew i couldn't keep my hand there for long without him realising what i was doing, so i pulled it away. Suddenly he pulled into a dark clearing off the roadside and turned off the engine. I squeezed my thighs together really tight for a quick moment of relief. He leaned over to me and pulled me gently towards him, kissing me passionately, my bladder tweaked as i moved, i was on the verge of desperation now, it felt so painful and i desperately needed to hold myself. Suddenly he placed a hand on my thigh and began to slowly move it up under my dress, still kissing me as he did so, then he sought out the crotch of my thong and stroked it gently. It took all of my might to stop from peeing on his hand, i was squeezing my sphincter muscles desperately to help keep my pee inside. He placed his fingers inside the crotch of my thong and began to rub my aching, desperate pussy, it felt sooo good that i pushed myself hard into his hand, seeking sweet pee relief and encouraging him to press firmly againt my aching, pouting slit. His fingers seemed to work magic, he seemed to know what i needed to get turned on whilst at the time preventing my great pent-up pee from gushing out everywhere. I continued grinding my pussy into his hand whilst he sought out my breasts and began sucking one. This new action made my bladder twinge again and i got a deep tingling feeling right at the top of my pussy, i was desperate to pee yet now desperate to come too, and i feared doing both together all over his hand. I wriggled around in my seat in an effort to keep my pee inside, all the time feeling his fingers massaging my pussy, it was so nice yet so painful at the same time. He began to move his head down to my tummy, kissing it gently, then he climbed over my legs & squatted in front of me, moving his head under my short dress. I was so turned on that i didnt even try to stop him when he began kissing my aching pee-hole, it just felt so good having his mouth pressing hard into me down there. I writhed in my seat and kept grinding my pussy into his face, seeking solace from his attentative full lips. My bladder tweaked again and i used all of my strength to keep myself from peeing in this gorgeous guys mouth! His tongue began to seek my pee-hole out, slowly, deliberately, wet and warm, as if trying to eat every part of me in between my thighs. I desperately needed to let go of my pee again and squeezed my thighs together, trapping his head against my pee-hole, shoving my wet slit into his mouth, wriggling it to find sweet blessed relief for my achingly, very full bladder. My need was really urgent now, his sucking action had became stronger, and my body began to writhe and squirm in a last-ditch effort to stop from peeing. I pulled at his head with my hands and screamed for him to stop sucking. He lifted his head and then unbuttoned his jeans, releasing his huge tool right between my thighs. I gasped in disbelief, how was i going to accomodate that inside of me, banging against my painful, over-filled bladder? Very slowly & carefully he slipped it inside me, it felt good at first & helped me to hold my pee, his thick shaft massaged my clit and peehole as it filled me, i gasped in pure pleasure and expectant relief. 'Please go slowly' i urged him softly, 'i've not done this much before'. My real reason for begging slown sex was to stop me from peeing all over him, if he thrust slowly i could concentrate on holding my painful bladder-load of pee inside. He moved gently inside of me, and i ground myself down onto him, it felt so good, so i continued to do it, rhymically writhing and grinding my desperate pussy against him. He started to speed up a little, but it felt ok, if anything it was relieving the pain in my bladder and helping me to hold on better. We stayed like this for several minutes, him filling my pussy with his shaft, thrusting in and out, side to side, circular motions, then repeating again & again. I felt really wet and knew i was coming, but i was still scared of squirting pee all over him so avoided having an orgasm. Whenever i orgasm with a full bladder by myself I have to pee within seconds of it subsiding, i just cant keep it in any longer. He began to thrust faster and faster and i felt him hitting my poor tortured bladder, i wriggled my bottom in an attempt to find a better place for his manhood to hit me inside, i managed to stop it hitting my bladder directly and guided his shaft to hit the front of my abdomen, right at the top. It felt sooo good like that, relieving my pee-pressure and making me come. It carried on for another ten minutes, both of us locked together in a glorious sex act, until finally he slowed his thrusts and began to come inside of me. I was so relieved i'd held off my orgasm, at least i had stayed focused in keeping my pee inside. Finally he collapsed on top of me and i winced in pain as he fell onto my tummy, pressing on my over-full bladder. I wriggled myself to find a more comfy position, his shaft still inside my pussy, twitching and growing softer by the minute. Finally i asked him to move from me so i could get comfortable again, and he did, zipping up his fly, moving over to his seat & starting the engine. My bladder suddenly tweaked & sent urgent signals to warn me it had had enough of holding. I thrust my hand into my crotch, gave it a squeeze or two to help it hold on then adjusted my dress & panties. I had no idea how i would get home before my bladder let loose yet i still dare not mention that i was bursting for a pee. I was so utterly desperate that i would have given anything to just let go in his car seat, oh the thought of sweet, blessed relief at letting go, i could think of nothing else! He started to drive away and i tried frantically to squeeze my sphincter shut, crossing my legs so that my thighs crushed against my aching pussy, wriggling my bottom furiously on the seat, leaning forward & pressing my pee-hole against the leather seat, but finding no much-needed relief, i was just too desperate now for these actions to help, i needed my hand or something to press hard onto my pee-hole, but i darent let him see me holding myself like a stupid little girl. I pulled my foot up beneath me on my seat and quickly sat on my heel, pressing myself as hard as i could against it, it helped enormously but i was still way too desperate for it to work for long. 'How much longer before i get to my place?' i asked painfully, hoping he wouldn't guess my predicament as i frantically rubbed my pussy against my heel. He looked straight at me so i stopped my wriggling and tightened my sphincter instead, 'Oh about 5 more minutes thats all' he replied, smiling, 'why, are you in a hurry to get home?' I shuffled quickly in my seat, leaning forward & sticking my full belly out, trying to give my bladder more room and at the same time pressing the top of my pussy and pee-hole harder into my heel, grinding slowly to massage myself down there. I felt a spurt of pee gush out of my slit and wet my foot, i wriggled and grinded harder in an attempt to stop my pee flow, it worked but i knew i was losing control. I couldnt last much longer, i was just too full, so painfully full of pee that was desperately trying to shoot out of my aching, very distended bladder. 'I just need to get home very soon' i grimaced, a pained look on my face at the sheer effort of holding. 'Are you ok babe?' he asked, 'are you not well, would you like me to stop?' 'No, i'm ok, just get me home, i need to get home quickly, please!' i gasped. Another spurt escaped me, hot and wet against my heel and i shuffled madly in an effort to stop the flow, i was losing the battle and no matter how much i wriggled againsy my foot i couldn't gain control, i shoved my hand between my thighs and thrust it against my pussy, seeking out my wet pee-hole and squeezing and massaging it furiously to get back into control. It worked, but only for the moment, i was literally pissing myself in his car, even if he stopped outside my house right now, how would i be able to move without letting go everywhere? 'Are you sure you're ok darling' he gently whispered, 'do you need to pee really bad or something, you cant seem to sit still for a second and you're shivering too, are you sure you dont want me to stop for you?' 'No im ok' i lied, bouncing around in my seat and grabbing at my crotch, 'i can hold on a bit longer, just please hurry!' I no longer cared if he knew what was wrong with me, i had to do everything possible now to keep from peeing in front of him, all over his car. I had to gain control until i got home and was finally able to let it all out. I thrust my other hand between my thighs and pressed both hands tightly into my aching, wet, pulsating pussy, i couldn't move at all as my bladder threatened to spill forth at least 2 litres of pent-up pee. He watched me intensly as he drove, i could feel his eyes on me, taking in the sight of a teenage girl who is so desperate to pee that she is holding herself with both hands, wriggling & writhing furiously in the seat, and crying with the sheer agony of it all. Suddenly the car stoppped and he opened his door & got out, he came to my door & quickly opened it. As he did so i let go another spurt of pee into my hand and i rubbed myself furiously to try to stop it again. I somehow managed to slow my pee into a small steady trickle. 'Come now, you gotta pee babe, its so obvious you cant hold on any longer, let me help you out so you can relieve the agony, dont be embarrassed babe, let me help you' he pleaded. 'I can't, i can't move' i cried, 'i'm doing it right here, im peeing through my fingers, i cant hold it in any longer, it hurts so bad, i've so much inside me, i'm so full that I cant move!' I squeezed my pee-hole tighter with my forefinger and thumb and managed to slow the trickle a little, but the agony in my bladder for doing so was awful. 'Oooooh it hurts so bad, i gotta wee, i need a wee so bad that i cant move' i cried out to him. Suddenly i felt his arm around my waist & his other arm slid under my tightened, clenched thighs, 'Noooo please dont move me yet, im gonna wee everywhere, i cant stop it, i will just wee all over you too'. He didnt listen and scooped me up like a little girl, me still desperately clutching my pussy to stop my threatening gusher from blasting out everywhere. He pulled me towards him, my pee spraying through my fingers and down below onto his shoes, then he quickly carried me to the back of the car and set me down in a somewhat squatting postion, whilst lifting my dress out of the way at the same time. 'Ok baby let it go now, its ok, just let it all go, don't try to hold it in, just pee!'. My bladder totally gave up and my pee spurted forecefully into my hand, it was no use, i couldn't stop it, i was in too much pain, i moved my hand and just let go, right there in front of him! Gush after gush of pent-up pee cascaded to the ground, running to the kerb as if in a race to get away from me. I sighed with relief at being able to finally let go, though the act of peeing had still not got rid of my aching bladder, i was just too full, there was much, much more to come out. I stayed like that, peeing forcefully in front of him for around 2 minutes, then finally it slowed to a steady stream. 'Ooooh that feels so good' i sighed, 'oooh i so needed that, ive held it in way too long, i ache so much from holding it' I admitted, not caring what he thought right now. 'You should have told me you were this desperate babe, you must have suffered dreadfully whilst we were having sex, why didnt you stop me and just go for a pee?' he asked. 'I thought i could hold it until i got home, i didnt realise how incredibly full my bladder was, i still cant stop peeing, it still hurts so bad' she winced, 'Its like theres another bladderful still wanting to come out, oh god, it feels so good though to be finally weeing.' A minute later the stream slowed to a tiny trickle, then stopped. I waited to see if there was anymore, but nothing came. I pulled my dress down & stood up slowly, my bladder was still painful from holding so much, and i staggered to the car where he was now sitting. 'Better now?' he asked softly. 'Yes much better thanks, i must have held 3 litres there, ive never needed to wee that bad in my entire life' she sighed, rubbing her belly to ease the ache. He leaned over and placed a gentle hand on her tummy, as if to let her know he understood how much pain she was bearing. 'Seeing you so desperate and watching you pee so forcefully has turned me on again' he grinned, clutching his stiff shaft through his jeans. 'Fancy a bit more now that you feel better?' he asked, moving toward her and kissing her on the cheek. 'Hmmm why not, i couldnt orgasm last time without fearing that i would pee everywhere, so i could do with more sex, yes' she laughed. 'Ooh i will make sure you are satisfied this time darling, this is gonna feel so damn good' he groaned.

Posted by: weeweegirl at November 6, 2007 9:56 PM

OMG I just peed a little i drank 5 44 ounce waters today and din't go bathroom since yesterday!

Posted by: Christi at November 16, 2007 8:04 PM

i don't know what it feels like to piss yourself, or how it feels to have to piss really really bad. i am sorta curious to find out how it feels, but i don't want to ruin my never-pissed-myself-before reputation!

Posted by: Mary at November 19, 2007 12:19 PM

the reason 4 my email address is because i always have to pee. right now, my sister locked my in my room and i really have to pee. You know, BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!!!!! i've double crossed my legs i've got my hand way up in my crotch. i have to pee so bad! i want cry. but if i do, that will put more pressure on my sorry bladder? i'm screaming and asking my sister to let me out!!!!! it's started to leak, so i'm turning over. shit i gotaa pee!!i've never been so desprate in my life. oh no!!! i'm peeing! i'm peeing everywhere! omg i've never pissed myself before!! i'm trying to stop it but there's no use!!!! ahhh, that feels a lot better, but now i need a shower!

Posted by: Carlie at November 19, 2007 12:37 PM

1ce, when i was 13, my friend Kila asked my if i wanted to have a hold it contest. i said sure. we chugges down three of those 2 L bottles of root beer, and then i had to pee so bad. so did kila. we waited an hour, and i was crossing my legs on the floor, my hand up in my crotch, and Kila seemed fine. suddenly she jumped down and pressed hard on my bladder and i peed everywhere. i was so pissed that i chased after her and tackled her down. she seemed fine. l8r after we got over it, we were watching TV, and kila's like "Charl?" and i'm like "wat" and she's like "guess wat?" and i'm like "wat?" and she's like "i'm doing a pee pee in my panties." i looked at her, and her jeans were totally soaked and the sofa had a big piss stain. we broke out laughing.

Posted by: Charlotte at November 19, 2007 12:44 PM

once,when i was 17, i was having a sleepover with my friend Tessa, and we were camping outside. after two hors tessa says, "Danna i gotta piss REALLY REALLY SOOOOOOOOOO BADLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" i looked at her and she looked like a sad puppydog, crossing her legs and holding her crotch. i said "go pee outside" and she's like but it's too cold and too embarrassing. so we got up and started to walk inside, but tessa said "i can't walk, that's howbad i have to pee." so we went back in the tent. all of a sudden tessa breaks into a run and flies out of the tent, when she gets to the porch, she stops, and i see she's peeing herself. "oh god i'm peeing myself!!!!!!" i go up to her and i try to open the door. the door is locked and my keys were inside. it was way too late to ring the doorbell. i say: sorry tess i can;t get inside. so tess has to stay in wet clothes. we got back into the tent. in the morning when i woke up, i realized that i had pissed myself too.

Posted by: Danna at November 19, 2007 12:57 PM

once my girlfriend really had to pee while we were out to dinner, but she runs across the mall but doesn't make it. she ends up pissing herself right infront of the grl's room. i think she looks sexy.

Posted by: Ryan at November 19, 2007 1:00 PM

once i made my boyfriend hold his pee. we were making out and after we were done he started to make a mad dash to the bathroom. But I grabbed him and held his hands behind his back! he said," Baby, I am about to pee!" But I said," Aww a big boy like you should be able to hold it." he winced and replied," I am desperate! I squirted a little while we were making out!" But i giggled and whispered," Awwww... thats to bad! I guess you'll have to hold it even longer." I said in a little girl voice. He struggled but I kept them locked in place. He then started crossing his legs and and bending down and jumping. after 30 minutes he was sweating. 10 minutes went by and I would know when he would accidently spurt some pee because he would bend down and cross his legs tightly at the front. another 10 minutes went by and he said," OK! I cant hold it! please please let me go! Im starting to pee a little bit!" but i stayed strong. 3 minutes went by and he bent down and was groaning, then he got up wiggling, and then he let it go. First a little circle formed and then there was a puddle on the floor. He was trying to fight it but he was to relieved. I leaned in and licked his ear i said," Now that wasnt so bad now was it?" He said," whatever and he waddeld to the couch and layed down. Then I layed on top of him and I started to feel his penis.

Posted by: tamika at December 1, 2007 9:12 PM

yeah, I hate having to pee....but i love it at the same time, i mean, if they'res a br around. Like today, i went from ten in the morning to 8:30pm and took a shower, but i didn't pee (i hadn't really had to go that bad, but the shower made me almost pee!) then, i got out and peed into a period pad.it was awsome!

Posted by: Ryry my brotoshe at December 2, 2007 9:02 PM

i was going to the movies with my friend and i was driving. after 10 minutes my friend says," I have to pee so bad!" I said," Your gonna have to hold it." she answered," I've been holding it for 30 minutes! I am really desperate!" I rolled my eyes and kept driving. i keep driving and peek at my friend, shes holding herself and bouncing around like crazy. she says," I cant hold it! Im about to pee." I said," Try and hold it." after 15 minutes we get to the movie theater. My friend jumps out the car and runs to the doors. we finally get inside and there is a really long line for the tickets,by now my friend is squeezin her legs together and bending down. We get our tickets and we get our snacks and we go inside the theater. Some of the movie has started and my friend is refusing to pee because she doesnt want to miss anymore of the movie. During the movie my friend is bouncing and squeezing really tight. then after 10 minutes I hear a hissing sound. My friend was peeing! She whispers," Im peeing! I cant hold it." I giggle and my friend is still peeing theres a puddle on the floor. My friend runs out of the theater and bolts to the bathroom. when i get to the bathroom shes balling her eyes out! that is my pee story

Posted by: shana at December 3, 2007 7:15 PM

i was with my boyfriend and noticed he was holding his stomach. i asked him wat was wrong and he finally managed to get out," i have to poop." We went to the bathrooms and I just went inside with him! He sat down on the toilet and Farted a huge fart. Then he bent over and pushed and pushed. His face was a deep red. midway, he stopped and said," its stuck. I cant push my poop n e farther!" and i said," Just grunt. and try to fart" SO he grunted and grunted then he finally let out a cute little fart. Then his poop came. It was pretty long... lol. And he said he felt better.

Posted by: Poopie at December 30, 2007 5:34 PM

My friend Hayley and I were jumping on the trampoline at night when it was raining. My sister and her friend Madelyn were there too. Our jeans were too loose and we ended up taking them off because they kept falling down. I started to have to pee, but i didn't feel like going inside, so I held it. An hour or so went by and then Madelyn was like "omg I have to pee really bad". She was wearing a skirt and she ran inside to the bathroom. Hayley said she had to go too, but our jeans were soaking wet from the rain and she didn't want to put them on. She ran to the door and peeked in, but my parents and her dad were right inside, and they could see her. She was like "Oh no Kiera they're gonna see me" and she crossed her legs. I was really desperate cuz I drank so much and I'd been holding it for a long time. So then I was like "Hayley I gotta go too, maybe we should go in the bushes." We were running all over the yard trying to find a spot to pee where my sister couldn't see us. There was a bush but we had to go through the muddy grass to get to it and we weren't wering shoes. Hayley had to go so bad and she was holding herself. Finally she ran through the mud to the bushes and I followed her. She was like "I'm going to pee right now, I can't hold it!!" and she was waiting for me to look away. I was like "Hayley, pee now!!" because I wanted to pee behind the bush which was like the only secluded spot. I started dancing around and begging her to go, but she said I was making her nervous. I was too desperate to wait for her and I remembered that there was a playhouse in the backyard. I started to run over to it. The rain started coming down harder and the house seemed so far away. I reached the backyard table and I couldn't hold it anymore, so I ducked behind the table and whipped down my panties and peed. It took forever for it to all come out, and Hayley came out of the bush and she was laughing at me. Then she took off her panties and she went over to the pool and tried to rinse them in the pool. She had peed herself!

Posted by: kiera at January 7, 2008 1:28 AM

I'm an 18 yo boy, and I have a friend, she's a girl, and we talked a lot on msn the last year, but now she has a boyfriends, so we don't chat so much. Once, when we were chating, she wrote me, that she need to pee really bad. Well, I really like girls who pee in, and she knew that, but she hate peeing in. Her sister was on the toilet, and she couldn't go. I cursed my bad luck, that she didn't had a webcam that time, but I think, she bounced very much, trying to hold in. I was teasing here a bit :) Just for my own fun. But it seemd, that I won't have luck again, because she said that her sister finally came out, and it was about time, because, she already peed in a little. But a few minuits later, she came back and said she started to pee, right in front of the toilet :) And after all, she managed to go in, but her pants where all wet by than. Later on, she usually played games with me. She didn't let me out to the toilet :D I liked that, 'cause I like to hold it and sometimes pee in, if i'm alone. Than one day, I said i can offer her a revenge, that I pee in my pants. She liked the idea, after all she didn't want to pee in anymore. And I waited here, and waited in front of the computer, and she was freaqvently asking me whats happening :) And finally I peed in, a took some pictures for here. She really liked it :D These were good memories, but I can't play with her anymore, but i would really like that a young girl (15-19) pee in her pants, while i'm watching her on the webcam. If someone is brave enough to do it, write me :) (I Only speak english and hungarian)

Posted by: Dave at January 14, 2008 10:47 AM

I peed my pants at my middle school, and it's reallly small so everyone knew it was sooo embarrassing...

Posted by: Kristen Hayes at January 14, 2008 8:55 PM

ok so i was on a long drive with my friend and we just got back from this awsome movie, though i drank about 3 cokes. As we were driving a felt a twinge in my bladder but u know, i was fine. about 30 minutes later the twinge was stronger and my bladder was filling up. soon after i knew it was pretty full. i crossed my legs, shaking my foot. about an hour later it was bursting. i kept crossing and uncrossing my legs, and i kept my hand on my thigh but i longed to thust it into my crotch. "Hey, uh megan can we stop" i said, getting a little desprate. "why?" she aked "um i need to use the restroom"
"cant you hold it?"
"uh i guess so"
i didnt like showing off my needs to people so i just crossed my legs and bended downaa little. soon enough it was just too much and i shot my hand down to my crotch. i crossed my legs and bended over, rocking from side to side. my bladder was overflowing now,i was very desprate.
"megan please stop im gonna pee myself"
" o come on ur not three"
"megan please"
"ok well stop in 30 miles"
"i cant hold it that long!"
i winced and groaned, still holding my self rocking back and forth, my bladder was soo swollen and painful. All the sudden a huge wave of pressure hit me.
"megan pull over now!"
"no were on a highway"
"im gonna pee myself in 2 seconds!"
"come on only 5 more minutes until the gas station."
i groaned and started shaking furisoly holding myself and rocking back and forth faster then ever.
"oh no.. oh my gosh.."
a loud hissing sound was erupting from my pants, i grabbed my bladder doing al i could to stop it. i groaned at the releif. "oh my gosh im peeing myself pull over!"
megan was to shocked to.
the hissing sound was loud now my pants getting wetter, the pee dripping onto the floor of the car. a huge puddle formed around my feet. i sighed and groaned at the releif also very embarresed to have it in her car. i peed for about 3 minutes, my jeans, a light blue, now a dark navy, and my seat was soaking, along with the floor, a huge puddle.

Posted by: jessie at January 20, 2008 1:54 PM

I REELY need 2 pee! my sis is in the shower and i REEEELLLLLYYY need2pee! FRIK

Posted by: katie at January 21, 2008 9:56 AM

One time iwas driving was driving with my boyfrend while I was driving. We were on our way to NY.after an hour he says he has to pee very BABLY.I said hold it u should have went before.he says how much longer? in a desperate voice.3 more hours I said.he says wat!its urgant! I'll have an accadint.I know he doent lik having to wet himself.he says babe PLEASE!. I say no.he starts holding his penis real hard.I was laughing in my mind.he starts holding himself,crossing his legs ,andsquirming.then he said.girl now its getting to a big emergency now I have to take a poop.I was enjoying this.now he was holding his pee by holding,crossing,and squrming and holding is butt.I was doing this to him because he did it to me.PLEASE I'M GOING TO HAVE THE BIGIST ACCEDENT EVER AND NOW ITS A HUGE EMERGENCY!!!he had to go soooo bad.still holding himself he asked how much longer?I said were here.he's like yes.he almost started to cry.wen we parked he was like its almost coming and I can't move.I was like yu have to to use the bathroom he said to me I'm having abig emergency help me.he coldnt even use his hands cuz he was holding himself.I could see little wet spots on him.he was like ITS LEAKING but I could see see he was trying to fite it.he said I HAVE TO LEAK AND LET OUT MT POOP AND IT IS A BIG EMERGENCY.I HELPED HIM TO THE ROOM AND he TRIED TO crawle to the bathroom.iwent to the bathroom and locked the door so he couldn't get inhe was yelling and crying with desperation iNEEED to leak finally I came out and tried to get in the bathroom but wet and pooped him self.

Posted by: evilgurl at January 25, 2008 12:26 AM

I woke up this morning and had to pee real bad but i could hear someone was already in the bathroom so i had to hold it. At first it was ok coz i was watching tv but after about 10 mins i was squirming about in my bed. I got up and walked around my room i was so busting i had to hold my penis with both hands. i ran to the bathroom and my brother was in there. i yelled at him to quickly open the door coz i needed to pee bad. he opened the door and let me in. i puled my pjs down and peeed for ages i was sooooo busting!

Posted by: joe at February 9, 2008 8:13 PM

I like to read these stories, but why don't they refresh more often, and why does my last comment didn't showned here?

Posted by: Dave at February 19, 2008 12:15 PM

One time I was at home with my bro and we had both drank a ton of water so he said lets have a "Hold It" contest. I said sure cause I always win lol. So then he says he has to pee extremely badly. I tell him so what. about 1 hour later, we are watching TV and he's like C'mon you win now let me pee! So he starts to run to the bathroom and I grab him and throw him to the floor and get on top of him. He can barely resist it. But then he turned the tables on me and now he was on me. Then he threw his elbow into my bladder and I started peeing. He was laughing so hard. So then I did the worst thing in the world to him: I flipped him over and started peeing in his mouth! He ended up washing out his mouth for the next 2 hours. MAN IM THE EVILEST EVER!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Peeing Hero at February 26, 2008 7:16 PM

I agree with you that there is a pleasure you get from having held your pee and then the feeling of release when it comes. It's somewhat sensual. An I know this is way too much information, but I love the feel of the hot, warm urine as it runs over my pussy. I also love to piss myself and feel the hat piss in my pants. In fact, I have to piss right now.

Posted by: panthea at March 3, 2008 5:03 AM

I posted a comment just a moment ago saying I had to pee. Well, I did. In my pants. It felt soooooooo good. It feels soooo good. The pleasure of release combined with the hot urine running over my pussy and puddling aroudn my ass feels soooooo good. I know I'm kinky and nayghty, but I can't help it.

Posted by: panthea at March 3, 2008 5:13 AM

One time I was driving to FL and I was driving.I was with my boyfriend.2 hours while we were in the car I NOTICED that Josh had to PEE cuz hae was holding his penis with both hands.20 minuts he told me that he REALLY HAD TO PEE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BADLY!!!!I sed we'll stop in 50 miles.he sed WAT I can't wait that long some is leaking.he had to go so bad he had tears in his eyes and was squerming and shivering and crossing his legs.he was SOOO desperate .he sed PLEASHEHEHES PULL OVER!!!! He sed gasping and wicing.I was like NO josh we have 5 more hours till we get to FL and you'll just have to wait.1 hour passed and he was still clutching his penis extremly hard and wince I can't wait let me out I have to REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLLYYYY PEEEE!!!Then he sed please baby it an emergency I REALY HAVE TO POOP NOW aNd I HAVE TO TAKE PISS PLEAS LET ME RELIVE MYSELF!!!!!!I stillsed no.he sed please I have to empty my tank!!!he was red and there was a visible spot on his pants.5 minuts later he gave up and pissed and pooped himself.noone has to go to the bathroom badder than him.LOL

Posted by: evilgirl at March 13, 2008 5:29 PM

When we were like 13, my twin sister and I had a contest to see who could hold their pee the longest. We each peed in the morning, but then we were forbidden from peeing the rest of the day, whoever could hold it the longest wins. So I was fine most of the morning, but around lunchtime at school I kind of needed to go, and I remember by math class that afternoon I needed to go sooo bad, I couldn't hardly sit still. But I kept looking over at my sister and she didn't seem like she needed to go so badly, so I just sat there and tried not to think about it, but oooo I needed to pee soooo bad. The rest of the day I was rocking back and forth in my seat, and I didn't want anyone to see me holding my crotch but a couple of times I couldn't help it and had to reach down there and hold myself. I was really panicked about getting on the school bus, because I thought no way would I be able to hold it, especially with the bus jostling me around. My sister was finally starting to show some signs of needing to pee, like she was squirming around and not standing still, but she got on the bus no problem, so I did too. Oooo that was the longest ride of my life! I sat in a seat by myself near the front and I was in agony the whole ride, I sat bent forward with my hand rammed in between my legs, I was nearly crying I had to pee so bad. When we got off the bus I decided to just give in and let my sister win, I couldn't hold it anymore. But when I saw my sister I could tell that she had to pee just as bad as me, so I tried to wait a little longer. I layed down on my bed, wiggling around and holding myself, praying that I would hear my sister go to the bathroom first. Finally I did hear her run for the bathroom and shortly after I heard the toilet flush, and I was so relieved, I WON! So I got off my bed and made a dash for the bathroom but she was still in there with the door locked. After a few seconds I banged on the door for her to let me in, and she called back that she wasn't going to let me use the bathroom, I'd have to wet my pants. I was panicked, was she serious? I couldn't hold it any longer, I was sooo desperate to pee! I couldn't get her to open the door, and I didn't know what to do so I went back to lay down on my bed again, and I fought so hard to hold it but after about another 15 minutes I just couldn't, and I just stated peeing and I couldn't stop it.

Posted by: Jennifer at March 18, 2008 6:53 PM

OMG this page is awesome, although also really weird. Just from reading all these stories i need to pee soooooo bad. I just put a towel on the comp chair and im holding myself with both hands, legs crossed and everything. Oh no... i just leaked a little bit, i can barely hold it any longer but i cant get to the bathroom and i don't think the towel will hold it all, i havent peed in so long there will be loads.

OH NOOOOOOOO i have to pee so bad.....

Uh oh its too late, im peeing full-flow and i cant stop the relief is so good.

I should do this more often its kinda fun apart from the mess lol.

Posted by: Carla at April 9, 2008 11:40 AM

I am 7th Grade. I went to my friend Ellies house for a sleepover and we had a 4 hr movie marathon. She has bedwetting probs so wears goodnites to bed. I needed to pee real bad and so did Ellie and so she said "here put on a Goodnite and let go. dont worry i am too" So we both got one out the pack and Ellie put hers on, but i couldnt get mine on. i was bursting by this point, but Ellie didnt think i needed to go that bad and she decided to pounce on me as a joke. she landed on my bladder, i let go got a massive pee stain on my crotch. i tried to stop to put the diaper on but i couldnt. i just shoved it infront of my jeans crotch but got pee all over Ellies bed. oooops!!

Posted by: Alex.xx at April 13, 2008 10:13 AM

Omggggggggggggg I have to pee so bad now! We're on a plane and the br is out of order! Im flying to LA from Nc! Hello? thats like, 2 days w/o peeing! HELP!

Posted by: Amy at April 14, 2008 9:41 PM

once i drank so much water and ate chocolate, i could have peed but instead i went in the bathroom and turned on the sink. i waited and waited for total, awful, leg-crossing, hopping dancing desperation but it just didn't come. finally i got tired of waiting, the sink wasn't helping enough, so i just peed and i wished i'd held it longer cuz it was practically a trickle.

Posted by: peelover at April 28, 2008 8:38 PM

i was on a really long bs trp wit mi skool n mi yr advisour sed we'll hv 1 stop at half time it was a 8 hour trip. But i had a prob i hdnt peed dis morning n ws needing to go a lil bit. 2 hrs into da trip i ws bustin bout to wet miself wenmi crush dylan says i need to pee sir n he says in 30mins we'll stop on da side of da road. well by now dylan has sat nxt 2 me n imneeding to pee really badly thn he say 'do u need 2 pee' yes i say shyly trying to hold it in. we stll had 20mins to go n dyl n i were busting. we were jst bout to stop n i say to dyl i cant hld it ani more.he says neither n starts to wet himslef. seing dyl do dat i givr in n wet miself. well it ended up beeing gud mi needing to pee. we now go out n i lost mi virginity to him. :) mwa xoxo

Posted by: sarah at May 8, 2008 3:57 AM

i was on a really long bs trp wit mi skool n mi yr advisour sed we'll hv 1 stop at half time it was a 8 hour trip. But i had a prob i hdnt peed dis morning n ws needing to go a lil bit. 2 hrs into da trip i ws bustin bout to wet miself wenmi crush dylan says i need to pee sir n he says in 30mins we'll stop on da side of da road. well by now dylan has sat nxt 2 me n imneeding to pee really badly thn he say 'do u need 2 pee' yes i say shyly trying to hold it in. we stll had 20mins to go n dyl n i were busting. we were jst bout to stop n i say to dyl i cant hld it ani more.he says neither n starts to wet himslef. seing dyl do dat i givr in n wet miself. well it ended up beeing gud mi needing to pee. we now go out n i lost mi virginity to him. :) mwa xoxo

Posted by: sarah at May 8, 2008 3:58 AM

I just bought this cool new bathing suit and it has a hole in the back, but it's one piece so when i had to go i sat down and pulled the bottom down and stretched the front over my legs and peed through the hole! it felt so cool, unfortunately i didn't have to go reeeaaally bad... i think i'll chug some water and wait til i have to pee sooooooooooooooooo bad and then i'll do it again!!!!!

Posted by: wanna have to p at May 10, 2008 7:14 PM

I've read all these stories, taken all these polls on peeing, listened to pee sounds, drank three dixie cups of water, and some sips of coke and now I'm BURSTING!!!!! My legs are pressed tight together and I'm squriming so much. God I love it but I have to go so badly!!!! I'm holding it in for all I'm worth? Anyone else holding it in? We'll have a Hold It Contest.

GOOD LUCK *grabs self and tries not to pee*

Posted by: tryin 2 hold it all in at May 24, 2008 11:14 PM

Once I was in a hold it contest, and I had to go pee SO BAD. Someone turned on the water, which on top of everything, didn't help. I had both hands between my legs and I was squeezing my legs together really tight. I couldn't concentrate on anythying else. Finally I was just like, you win! I had to go so bad, I don't think I've ever had to go so bad. I tried to get to the bathroom as fast as I could, but it's kind of hard when you have to pee SO badly that you can hardly move. Finally I felt it coming out in my panties a little bit, and I couldn't stop; I peed myself right as Igot to the bathroom.

Posted by: Whatevss at May 28, 2008 5:44 PM

One time I was at the movies with my boyfriend. I was thirsty from being at the beach so I downed my large soda in the first hour of the film. This meant that in the middle of the movie, I had to pee. Really. Bad. Of course, I didn't want to miss the movie so I held it. I placed my jacket over my lap so nobody could see that I was holding myself. Luckily, I had a skirt on so that I could press directly onto my crotch. Occasionaly I pressed my legs together. My boyfriend noticed that I was fidgeting alot and asked me what was wrong. I whispered, "I really, really gotta pee but I don't want to miss any of the movie." To help ease my agony, he pressed his hand over my crotch. That helped alot. I pressed my hand over his hand and pressed them both against my crotch.

By the end of the movie, I couldn't sit still at all. My boyfriend helped me a little but I was sure that I was going to burst any second. As soon as the movie was over, I raced to the bathroom. Unluckily for me, there was a line. It was small but it still meant waiting. I jumped up and down, rubbed my legs together, pressed my kness and hands to my crotch; anything to keep me from peeing. Finally, a stall opened for me and I walked as fast as I could to it. I was so desperate to go that I didn't pull my skirt off. I just pulled it up and peed straight through my thong. It was so relieving.

Later, my boyfriend told me that it was a huge turn-on.

Posted by: jamie at June 3, 2008 3:00 AM

This morning I woke up having to pee but I decided to see how long I could hold it. I took a shower and I had to hold myself and wriggle to keep myself from peeing. Then, when I ate breakfast, I couldn't sit still and my bladder ached when I drank a glass of orange juice. Then, I went on my treadmill and ran. Every so often I had to grab myself. When I finished my run, I really had to pee. By that time, my boyfriend had woken up and was taking a shower. I had to pee so bad I was doing everything I could to not pee. I turned on the TV to try and distract me which worked for a couple minutes. By then, I could not hold my pee any longer. I knocked on the bathroom door and demanded that he open up. He didn't reply instantly so I was forced to do a little peepee dance to hold myself.

I gasped as a little spurt came out. I was sure that the floodgates would open in a couple seconds but then, my boyfriend opened the door. I got to the toilet as fast as I could but I was wearing extremely tight jeans so as I was doing my zipper, I started to pee all over myself. It was so relieving.

Plus, I knew it turned my boyfriend on which meant fun for me later.

Posted by: Jamie at June 3, 2008 3:32 AM

I just like 5 minutes ago peed my pants.

I had to go so bad, I couldn't even walk. I made it to the bathroom but I was almost to the toilet and I just lost control. I could feel the hot pee starting to soak my pants and I ran over to the toilet but it was too late; my pants were soaked with pee.

Posted by: lola at June 3, 2008 5:58 PM

One time when I woke up in the morning, I found that my boyfriend was awake. I was feeling a little horny especially because of my almost-full bladder. I knew my boyfriend's bladder must be feeling the same way, if not worse so I rolled over so that I was on top of him. We made out for a while. I could feel him wriggling underneath me and that really increased my need, though I didn't show it. My boyfriend semi-gasped, "I really gotta pee. now." i smirked at him and continued to kiss him. He moaned and grabbed his penis with both hands. He was practically shaking, he was so desperate. "I'm going to piss all over you," he said. "Oh...It's coming!" he moaned. I sat up and saw his boxers quickly becoming soaked. He rubbed his penis as he peed. I was so turned on, I started to rub myself, too. There was so much pee, too! I hadn't know he could pee that much. His peeing now made me have to pee. I said, "I have to pee really bad, too." He removed my hand from my crotch and rubbed it. It felt so good and now that there was nothing holding the pee back, my hot pee gushed all over him. Afterwards, we got in the shower and had a hot, steamy shower together. Overall, it was a pretty great start to my day.

Posted by: Jamie at June 3, 2008 9:34 PM

i was busting to go on the way home from a night out. i walked soooo fast and had to push my hand against my pee hole. i started to pee a bit when i got to my door - i made it to the bathroom but pissed my pants before i got on the toilet! thts the most ive ever needed to go before.

Posted by: kia1 at June 12, 2008 8:44 PM

OMG, I have a good one. Actually, it just happened to me today.

I was going out to take my dog for a walk. As I was leaving, I absently registered that I had to pee, but it wasn't that bad, so I didn't really think about it. So, we had been walking for like five or ten minutes, and I had to pee REALLY bad. I was trying to squeeze my legs together inconspicuously while still walking, but it was really hard. If that wasn't bad enough, it started to RAIN. There was water landing all over me, making dripping sounds. Every time I heard a drop land on the sidewalk, I felt pee start to creep out. I practically dragged my dog back home, and I felt so relieved when we got in the door. I grabbed my crotch and hopped to the bathroom. I'm unbuttoning my jeans and dancing around, then I throw my pants down and start peeing. It was such a relief. But it wasn't until after I was done that I realized I had forgotten to pull down my underwear. They were soaking wet.

Oops. XD

Posted by: lol at June 27, 2008 6:22 PM

we were in the car,i was driving.i had not peed in hours.unfortunately i had drank 3 cups of tea and a large coke that day as well as an iced coffee.I felt a sudden urge to pee that was so strong i nearly pissed myself.
i held my vagina tight with one hand while squirming in my seat and trying to drive and let out a desperate scream.everyone said whats wrong,they could see i urgently needed to urinate.the urge got even stronger and i screamed more.i said i've got to pee,help me.I pulled over,and held myself betwen the legs so tightly and began to yell some more from the agony that was so intense everytime my over full bladder contracted.i reached behind me for a towel i had on the floor of the backseat.just then i leaked into my underwear and just before i got the towel under myself as i lifted out of my seat urine gushed out full pelt,i whipped the towel under and begun to soak it.i told the guy next to me to finish off the the carton of flavoured milk that he had so as i could pee in the carton.because i knew i was passing a much larger amount of urine than normal,i passed more than a litre.he handed me the carton and i pushed aside the heavily soaked wet towel while peeing like mad,i was peeing so fast that everyone could hear my piss gushing out and splashing up the sides of the carton.i was feeling relief as the pressure on my very overly full bladder was easing.i completely filled the carton and over flowed the carton before it stopped.i had to go and lay down on the back seat of the car afterwards holding my sore bladder.it was so stretched and hurt so bad,because that was way to much piss for my bladder to hold.i never want to feel that desperate urgent need to pee again.i was aweful,i felt helpless and i had no control over myself.my need to urinate was so strong that nothing else mattered.i couldn't even think of anything else other than emptying my bladder and pissing.I damaged and over stretched my bladder and now i have infections.
oh no,i need to go again now,got to run try to make toilet.

Posted by: aussie girl at July 5, 2008 1:51 PM

This one time I was in high school and on my way to a singing recital in another county. It was this competition where the choirs of all the surrounding schools compete in. Anyway, I was nervous and my throat was dry, so I kept drinking all this water. I mean I wanted my voice to sound as great as possible so I kept drinking and drinking and drinking all of this water. I must have had like 6 bottles! Well our bus was late getting to the auditorium and everyone was rushing around trying to make it on time, and I didn’t realize that I had to pee SOOO bad!! I mean I felt like I had to pee but I thought I could just hold it until after we were done singing but I guess I didn’t realize how much water I had drank! So we are all on the stage in front of a huge group of people, judges, and all the other school choirs and I am DYING to pee! I mean I have to go so bad that I can hardly stand it! Since I was in the front row I couldn’t hold myself or cross my legs or anything! I couldn’t even sit down! So I’m standing there gritting my teeth and pinching myself trying to take the pain off the fact that my bladder was about to burst! I was trying to sing but I know I sounded awful since I couldn’t hold it in anymore. My friend Laura was next to me and whispered “what’s wrong” I said “I have to pee so bad that I’m about to cry!” She’s like “Just try to hold it!” I said “Ok” But I’ve never had to pee this bad in my life. Finally we are done and could exit the stage. I’m practically running off the stage holding my crotch secretly. I ask the teacher where the bathroom is and she says it’s all the way down the hall to the right. I don’t think I can make it. Every few steps I’m bent over trying to hold it in. I can’t walk! So Laura goes with me and she’s like just sit down and rest a second and then you’ll be able to make it. So we both go to this secluded hallway and I’m sitting there with my legs crossed twice, hand on my crotch bouncing around and she’s like “I don’t want to freak you out but I really get turned on by seeing someone have to pee!” She’s like “can I help you hold your crotch?” I’m a little weirded out but I am squirming around so much and have to go so bad that I think it might be a good idea for her to hold my crotch while I cross my legs so I say Yes. She starts holding my crotch and I’m grinding and squiriming against her hand. It feels kinda good and I almost forget that I have to pee so bad! I tell her it’s working and that I want to try to make it the rest of the way to the bathroom, but she’s so hot and turned on by my desperation that she doesn’t want me to go! She’s playing with herself while she’s holding my crotch and she wants to get off. So I’m grinding on her hand and she inserts her fingers in my pussy and I squirt a little pee on her hand and she starts making these sounds like she’s having an orgasm. She says it would be so hot if you just wet your white cotton panties right now. So I pull up my skirt and just let go. Pee is flowing out of my so fast and soaking my panties and her hand and she orgasms as I pee. It felt soo good!! When we were done I just threw the panties in the trash and went back to school.

Posted by: Lyla at July 8, 2008 12:55 PM

wow what an odd site... I've already had to go twice just reading these comments and I have to go again... this gives me an idea.


Drink at least two glasses of water, then read through all the comments. Try to make it all the way through without peeing. Then post on your success/failure :D

If two glasses of water is too easy, try drinking more, and try different liquids.

If you're holding it right now,


Posted by: challenger at July 8, 2008 7:42 PM

Ok. Weird site..BUT TOTALLY FUNNY!

Anyway there was this one time when my fiance Jacob and I were going to North Carolina. We stopped at hotel and I had to pee. We checked in and by the time we had gotten upstairs and unpacked I REALLY had to go! Jacob stood in front of the bathroom door. He knew I had to go. I said "Jacob move. I gotta pee!" Jacob picked me up and started to tickle me! I tried to hold it but the peing urge was much to strong. I thought I was going to die! I tried to tell him to stop but I was laughing to hard! Jacob was a really good tickler. He could tickle me in every spot all at the same time! It was so hard not to pee right then and there. I just couldn't hold it any longer! So I ended up peeing myself. I was really mad but stil loved him! So embarrassing!

Posted by: Jenna Marie at July 14, 2008 11:20 AM

OMG I LIKE REALLY HAVE TO PEE Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo BAD!

A story---

I was at my friends house, we were walking her dog,and I really had to pee. So I said "I have to pee" And she;s like "Hold it ok, we have to wait intill she poops." I was like UUUUUGGGGHHHHH! Finally its like 2 hours l8r n I have to pee like right NOW or it will leak out, so I'm doing the usual hand over crotch, cross leg, don't talk to me thing, the dog STILL HASN'T CRAPPED and I was like "OK HOMEWORD BOUND, LETS GO I HAVE TO PEE" "but she hasn't-"
"SHUT UP." and I run as fast as I can (Which isn't fast.) back 2 her house, then I remembered she is remodiling her bathroom and there is no door. "SHIT" I think but I had to go so bad I didn't care. I had to go like sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sooooo BAD it HURT LIKE HELL! AND I WAS LIKE OH WELL AND I RAN INTO THE BATHROOM AND PEE'D I WAS LIKE "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! PEEEEEEEEE! OOOOOOOOOOOH BABY!" I WAS THINKING THAT, THEN HER TWIN (WHO IS DAMN SEXY) PASSED AND WAS LIKE "UHHH..." THEN WE HAD DAMN GOOD SEX THAT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Posted by: I HAVE TO PEE NOW at July 15, 2008 12:46 AM

Ok, this is a totally true story that is also my most embarassing memory! me n my 2 best mates met up one day n had a little look round the shops before grabbing a bite to eat and then heading to a local bar for a couple of drinks. i was having a great time, we got to the bar quite late and after two large sodas i felt liked i needed to pee. it wasnt an emergency and the line for the ladies was really long so i had a couple drinks and started flirting with this super sexy barman! we started talking and he said his shift was almost over and did me and my friends want a ride home, i agreed so after ANOTHER beer we waited outside for him to come out. by this time i was getting a little desperate but i knew i could hold on until i arived home and the line for the toilets had gotten a lot longer! he came out and we walked to his car, i got in the front and my 2 mates got in the back. he was very nice and talked about everything and one by one he dropped off Ellie and Fiona. outside Ellies house he said "do you mind if we take a small detour" "sure" i replied. i was getting a little squrmy but nothing major. he started up the engine and drove off after a few minutes i got an urge to pee, the beer had made its way to my bladder allready. i tightened my thighs to give myself some releif. i was a very shy person about peeing so i could hardley ask him to pull over so i could releive myself. on we drove up the road towards some woods, he turned in and parked up beneath the trees. he smiled at me and moved closer. at this point i was desperate, i wanted to hold myself sooo badly but i didnt want him to see. he began to kiss me which was lovely but made me go to jelly which is not good when you have a full bladder! i pushed him off me quite roughly,he looked shocked, then angry. "whats up!" he shouted. i stayed silent. "if you didn't want to get off with me why did you come? a free ride home?" he got out of the car and walked around to my door. i was so scared he might rape me or attack me but he just calmly opened my door. "its not to far back to your place is it" he asked i shook my head, it was about a twenty minute walk but five minutes by car. "good, you can walk!" he said grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the car. he slammed the door, got back inside and drove off leaving me alone and desperate to pee. my pants were digging into me as these jeans were a getting a bit small. i started walking home, miserable that my bladder had spoilet my wonderfull opertuity with this gorgeous guy. it was pitch dark so i put a hand down to my crotch to stop any little leaks. i stared at the bushes at the roadside and considered squatting but i would haave to take my jeans off so i quickly walked on. i was desperate! it was going to take me ages to walk home and i knew i might not make it. i started to cry, not out of desperation but the fact my night had gone so wrong. i dried my eyes after i reached the snotty trying to stop stage. i suddenly felt a twinge in my badder and put my other hand down while tightning all my muscles down there to try and keep my panties dry.i was finding it hard to walk so i sat down on a stone wall for a bit. i was fifteen minutes from home and my bladder felt like a football. i looked behind the wall i could hang my jeans over it and squat but i decided against it as two headlights appeared in the distance. as the car got closer to me it slowed down and stopped next to me. it was a man he was pretty tasty to come to think of it but then all i was interested in was not peeing my panties. "do you need a lift" he asked. i nodded and gratefully climed in. i might just make it now i tought. i fidgetted in my seat trying to get in as comfy a posistion as i could. he kept looking at me and i knew he could tell i was bursting. i felt another twinge in my bladder and a little squirt came out, we were still about ten minutes from home. my bladder was sending signals to my brain saying it had had enough of holding. i pleaded with myself to hang on for a bit more. i started to cry. the guy pulled over and got out. i thougyht he was going to make me walk! a small trickle escaped my pussy so i frantickly grabbed myself. he opened my door and started to unbutton my jeans, he carried me out of his car to a grassy bit at the roadside."i know your dying to pee so just take your jeans and panties off and let go, you have to move your hands though!" he said. "i can't i am allready about to pee if i move my hands i'll pee all over myself!" i cried tearfully. he pulled my hands away from my crotch i tightened my muscles while he tried to slip off my jeans and panties quickly!.he couldn't get them off with out toppling me over, and what was worse a car was coming the other way. "i cant pee here with a car coming!" i screamed clutching myself in a last attempt to stop the pee flow but too late, i had began to pee! the guy stepped back warily. i began to cry but i was also incredibly releived! i peed solidly for about five minutesand then finnally my bladder was empty! i stood up my jeans soaked through. i started howling! how could i have done that. the guy comfoted me, threw a towel down on the seat and drove me home. i thanked him and ran inside to have a shower. i have never been so embarrassed ever and a bit of advice to anyone else who finds themself in my predicament:just take off your bottoms (unless a skirt) take off your panties and just let it out, try to find somewhere secluded first.

from Totally Embaressed

Posted by: Tanz at July 24, 2008 6:12 PM

whoever sed they were walking the dog i wuz 2 lol and i had 2 pee sooooo bad i wuz trying to pull the dog along but he kept stoping at places and I had 2 check if any1 was there and then hold myself to keep from weting myslef and then we were almost bak 2 the house but my dog stopped again i stood there scruncheing down and squirming and then felt a huge swquirt come out i looked down and there was a big spot on my pants so i dragged the dog home and ran to the bathroom i just barly made it b4 totally peeing my patns

Posted by: dogwalker at July 30, 2008 3:43 PM

One day I was out for dinner with my boyfriend. I had 3 glasses of wine and at least that many glasses of water. By the time we left the restaruant I felt the slight need to pee, but it wasn't too bad so I just shrigged it off.

We get into his car and he starts to drive. He asks if I have to get home soon and I tell him no because I don't have to work tomorrow. He smiles and says "Good."

Then he drives a bit further and pulls into a secluded area. He starts kissing me and I return the favour.

We are kissing for awhile... you know really getting into it... and then my bladder makes itself known. It feels really full now. I ignore it for a bit and keep kissing my boyfriend. Pretty soon I have to put my hand between my legs to relieve some of the pain. I really need to pee, but I am enjoying this too much.

My boyfriend then leans over me and starts to kiss me on the neck. I quiver and almost lose it. I need to pee so much! I am holding between my legs and trying to concentrate on keeping it in until I get home. He notices my squirming and asks if I am okay. I tell him that I don't want to stop but I have to pee.

He tells me that he will stop if I tell him to and find a washroom otherwise we will continue. I tell him that if we find a toilet we can continue right away. So we get back into the seats and he pulls out. I am holding onto my bladder for dear life. Everywhere we look places are closed. I am starting to think I won't make it and might lose it in the car. Now I am shaking and fighting back tears. I can't pee in front of him.

I am holidng tighter and tighter, squeezing my legs and crying. Then it starts to rain! Oh my gosh the sight of the water hitting the window makes my bladder contract. I feel a bit of pee escape. I hold tighter. This can't happen. I close my eyes to help it out.

We finally get to his house and he opens the car door for me. The only problem is I can't move. I am worried that if I move it will all come out. Finally I stand up and start walking to the door. Every other step I feel a burst of pee. I am holding myself so tight that my hand hurts. I get to the front door and ask where the bathroom is. He tells me one level up.

That is all I could take. The floodgates opened and I peed myself.

I was so embarrassed, but he said it was hot. We spent the night on his couch taking advantage of his excitement.

Posted by: Carla at August 1, 2008 5:12 PM

i was at a market with my pals 1 day n had jst drank a bottle of water and before that had a few cups of orange juice at lunch. we were wandering around the stores when i suddenly had an urge to pee. i held it in for a bit because i knew it was not an emergency. after about an hour i was getting a bit desperate as my 2 friends were sipping on their own bottles of water. we went into a record store when i felt s twinge in my bladder so i told them i had to pee. "hang on a tick there is no restroom here, theres a store over there that sell body sparys and that so try there" so we walked over to the drug store but sadly the bathroom was for enployees only. i was realy needing to go and about to pee my pants so my friend bought some maxi pads and told me to go into the clothes store over the road get some clothes to try on and pee into the pads. so ui did. i picked a pair of jeans from the rack and went to the changing rooms. i was so badly needing the toilet that i felt a little leak on my way. i managed to get to the changing rooms and pull off my skirt. i felt anouther leak so quickly held my crotch like a 3 yr old. i eased down my panties and slipped a pad into my pamties and started to pee. i was in full flow when i noticed the were period pads and would not hold all my pee. i quickly tried to stop so i did and i pulled off my panties an threw the pad on the store jeans, sat down on top of them and let the rest of my pee go. i got dressed again and left the store as if nothing had happened, it was the worst i ever needed to go. lol

Posted by: tania at August 4, 2008 11:41 AM

Just today, I wet myself. I was laying in bed doing assigned reading for school (I'm 15) and and had just recently taken a piss. I decided not to hold my bladder at all. At first nothing happened, but after 30 min. a small spurt comes out into my boxers. By the way I am wearing boxers and running shorts. Soon a small spurt would come out once or twice every minute. Eventually I finished reading and got up. I realized that I was soked. I had a huge wet spot on the back of my shorts. I had wet myself in 1hr.

Posted by: Kevin at August 5, 2008 1:04 AM


I had to pee sooooo bad but my dad was 'taking a dump' as he called it and he takes like 20 minutes. So I was stuck sitting there holding my self and jumping up and down omg I had to pee soooooo bad like 99.9% of my bladder was full. My bladder felt as if it was on FIRE. Then when my dad FINALLY came out, I ran into the bathroom, undid my pants (which took awhile cuz I was sqruimimg) and then I sat down, and said" AHHHH!!! PEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and I thought 'aww man! This feels SO gooooood! MMMMM-MMM! Aww, ya!' I peed for like 10 minutes lol

Posted by: peelord at August 17, 2008 11:13 PM

I have to pee now, its not that bad but

I LOVE having to pee

I hold it 'till I feel like I'm going to burst then run to the bathroom and PEE like there's no 2 morrow, oh it feels SOOOOOOOO good to let it out!!!!!

I also have this special trick where I tickle my pee-hole, (It feels GREAT!!!) drink like 10 glasses of water, type in 'pee' on random websites and read storys or watch videos where people REALLY have to pee, and then wait till I REALLY HAVE TO PEE RIGHT THIS SECOND, hold on for another minute or so while I bounce around and I type a very descriptive story of how bad I have to pee, save it on word and read it the next time I have to pee, intill I FINALLY RUSH to the bathroom, struggle while I pull down my pants and undies, sit down, and hold it WHILE sitting there, while letting the water drip intill I just finally PEEEEEEEEEE it feels soooooo good and I just say "AAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! That feels GOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!" and stuff..

man its soooooo fun!

Posted by: pee at August 23, 2008 4:33 PM

I have to pee so bad!

Posted by: Sophie at August 24, 2008 4:40 PM

Oh my god, a couple of weeks ago, I went to my friend's house to hang out. my friend's dad said he would drive me home. I was about to go to the bathroom when her dad aid "come on, let's go!" so I figured i could hold it. I had to go pretty bad in the car, but nothing life-threatening; I just squeezed my thighs together. It seemed to tak forever to get to my house, but I made it; I hopped out of the car, thanked her for having me over, and then they drove away. I go up to the door and ring the doorbell, figuring someone would be home, but surprise! No one. I sometimes carry my key, but I hadn't thought of it on this particular instance because I had assumed someone would be there. I rang the doorbell like 5 more times, but no one's home. I went into the backyard and squeezed my legs tight together. I tried not t o think about how bad I had to go, but it got worse every second. I wanted so badly tohold myself, but there were a bunch of neighbors outside, so I just sat on the swing (we have a swingset) and squirmed around. Like ten minutes later, there was till no one home. I was getting very desperate now. My legs were double crossed and I was squirming like crazy. Then I got the idea to check the windows and screen door; maybe they were unlocked. but as I got up, a squirt of pee came out, leaving a spot on my pants. Panicking and desperate, I ran to the side of the house, pulled down my pants, and let loose a long pee. Thank god there was nobody on the street. XD

Posted by: gottago at August 25, 2008 7:41 PM

So....these are some amazing stories. Maybe we should find a safe way for some of us to get in touch?

Posted by: Curious? at September 3, 2008 12:01 AM

Where I work i wear hip waders because i cut stone, and I cut it with the aid of water, so usually I need to pee, and its a pain to take them off every time I have to go to the bathroom. Today I got to the point where I had to go soo bad that I couldn't stand still, but I still had the stupid waders on...and so I waited another half hour until the end of the day. Unfortunately, I had to leave work right away for an appointment, so needless to say I didn't pee. Thank god it was only a 15 minute appointment, but I had still been holding it for way too long. I got home and I was just bursting, but there was beer in the fridge... After three quick tallboys, my bladder was burning and I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold my pee in much longer. I was talking on facebook when a hot spurt gushed into my jeans. You know when no matter how hard you try, you just can't hold it back? Well I was there, and made a mad dash for the bathroom, dribbling all the way there with small, yet noticeable spots seeping through my pants. I got into the bathroom, slammed the door shut, and tried so hard to hold it in until i reached the toilet, but my bladder couldn't hold another drop of beer rushing into it, and so just as I was undoing my belt, I just couldn't hold it anymore and I started flooding my pants like three seconds before I got them down. My pee sprayed loudly into the toilet for what felt like forever, until finally it was gushing out at a semi-normal speed. I was way too aroused by the feeling of my pee seeping out of my urethra, so I couldn't help playing with myself for the last twenty seconds of my amazing pee...

Posted by: keeping my name a secret ;) at September 3, 2008 8:24 PM

hi its me omg i have to pee soooooooooooo very BAD right now!!!! I'm shaking as I right this!!!! All I can think about is peeing!!!! But I LOVE holding it in so I am!!! I CAN'T SIT STILL!!!! My legs are moving everyywhere cuz i can't hold myself since i'm typing!!!!

help meeee

i hafta peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Posted by: pee at September 5, 2008 7:03 PM

hi its me omg i have to pee soooooooooooo very BAD right now!!!! I'm shaking as I right this!!!! All I can think about is peeing!!!! But I LOVE holding it in so I am!!! I CAN'T SIT STILL!!!! My legs are moving everyywhere cuz i can't hold myself since i'm typing!!!!

help meeee

i hafta peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Posted by: pee at September 5, 2008 7:03 PM

I remembered that I was at some kind of school dance. I had to fart. So since the music was soo loud, I could rip it all. So while i ripped, I pissed myself also. What a combination!

Posted by: Keiti Wan at September 6, 2008 8:45 AM

In year 6 we had this 3 days 2 night camp down by the ocean were it was private bush area.
We had just finished that 1 hour activity so i headed down to our cabains to go to the toilt.
So byt he time i got up to grab ressces (an apple and cup of cordal) there was 10 mins left.
I ended up having 2 cups of the watery stuff cause it tasted nice.

Now it was time for todays special activity and my group was going 7mins by speed boat to a small sandy/dunny area were all the water around was deep then there was this area in the middle of the lake/ocean area.

So we got into our groups and waited 10 mins before we set off to get ready. 10 mins later we went to this sotrage area to grab life jackts and it was then i noticed i needed to pee. I said nothing and kept going.
By the time we got down to the dock everyone else had beaten me there so half the group went first. so we waited like 16 mins for them to get back. By the time they got back i was busting bad but it was to late and i knew we still had over an hour.

So we boareded the boat and it went fast and wasent good. We finally got there and i was about ready to piss my pants. However i waited.

So then the teachers said explore around so i went into the water area like everyone else and started to splash around to get myself wet.

When i was fully wet i peeded my pants and no one could tell as i was already wet.

Posted by: annoymous at September 14, 2008 3:34 AM

OMG this is ma most embaressing moment of ma lyf! i was stayin the nite a t ma grandmas house and was running late for school the next day. i quickly drank sum orange squash and dashed out the door. as the day passed ididnt need to pee, i had sum water at break and soup at lunch. it was in afternoons double maths that my problems started. i had suddenly got a twinge in ma bladder so i clutched mysel under the desk, whispering 2 ma m8 Tanya that I am about 2 pee. she giggles and tells me to hold on. i try ma best but we still have 2 hours 2 go b4 home n Mr Locke wont let me out to the restrooms! about five mins frm the end i am aboutr 2 burst. i feel a surge in ma bladder n sum pee cums out. i squeel n tell Tanya wots happned. she smiles cheekily n then suddenly the bell rings. we get up frm r desks n line up at the door. suddenly Tanya pushes hard on ma bladder (no1 else can see wot she did) so i fall into the coat hooks. i suddenly loose control n she tells everyone that i have wet my panties i burst out crying in front of the whole class (even our teacher who is soo nasty n strict) n now i get bullied by most kids in my year. Tanyaisn't my friend anymore .

luv Emma Dimarco

Posted by: Emma at September 22, 2008 3:04 PM

I remember one time when i was fifteen me n my bet friends went to the mall to buy christmas presants for ppl. well i have a tiny rasin bladder (they always make jokes about it) i had drunk two bottles of water and was now desperate! i held on grimly knowing i would never make it to the basement floor to the restrooms as my pee was all ready pushing against my bladder. suddenly the feeling was too strong so i quickly dashed down the steps as fast as i could but the bouncing about was 2 much for me. i sat down on a bench at the side of the steps praying for me not to wee everywhere. suddenly a little trickle seeped out i was almost crying. i quickly shoved a hand to my pussy to try and stop my flow. my best friend Abbi came up to me with a bottle of orange juice and began slurping loudly trying to get me to lose controll. i screamed at her to stop so passers by stared. i slid my body back so my spine touched the wood of the bench and my stomach would be flat. i found it more comfortable like that. i closed my eyes the pain in my bladder was sooooooo bad i decioded to get back up. as soon as i got up squirts of pee passed through my pussy and dripped on to the floor. i gasped and quickly ran down the remainder of the steps, my hands firmly wedged between my legs, giving some releif to my poor pulsating pee hole, but the urge was to much. i got off on the 1st floor and ducked in behind one of the shrubs. i lifted up my skirt and pulled off my panties. as soon as i tried to move my hand away from my aching pussy my flow xcame out full speed spraying pee everywhere. i rubbed my fanny furiously at the releif of finally being empty! sadly the security gaurd caught me!

Posted by: Bex at September 23, 2008 3:39 PM

I remember one time when i was fifteen me n my bet friends went to the mall to buy christmas presants for ppl. well i have a tiny rasin bladder (they always make jokes about it) i had drunk two bottles of water and was now desperate! i held on grimly knowing i would never make it to the basement floor to the restrooms as my pee was all ready pushing against my bladder. suddenly the feeling was too strong so i quickly dashed down the steps as fast as i could but the bouncing about was 2 much for me. i sat down on a bench at the side of the steps praying for me not to wee everywhere. suddenly a little trickle seeped out i was almost crying. i quickly shoved a hand to my pussy to try and stop my flow. my best friend Abbi came up to me with a bottle of orange juice and began slurping loudly trying to get me to lose controll. i screamed at her to stop so passers by stared. i slid my body back so my spine touched the wood of the bench and my stomach would be flat. i found it more comfortable like that. i closed my eyes the pain in my bladder was sooooooo bad i decioded to get back up. as soon as i got up squirts of pee passed through my pussy and dripped on to the floor. i gasped and quickly ran down the remainder of the steps, my hands firmly wedged between my legs, giving some releif to my poor pulsating pee hole, but the urge was to much. i got off on the 1st floor and ducked in behind one of the shrubs. i lifted up my skirt and pulled off my panties. as soon as i tried to move my hand away from my aching pussy my flow xcame out full speed spraying pee everywhere. i rubbed my fanny furiously at the releif of finally being empty! sadly the security gaurd caught me!

Posted by: Bex at September 23, 2008 3:41 PM

The other day, the bell had just rang, and we were leaving to go home from school. I had to go to the bathroom, moderately bad, but not super bad, but I didn't want to waste time and risk missing my bus to stop at the bathroom. The bus ride home is only like 5-10 minutes anyway, so I figured i'd be fine. I made my way out to the bus, but by the time I got there, I had to go pretty badly. It was too late to go back in, so I would just have to hold it. On the bus, I squirmed around a little in my seat and pressed my legs together. I wanted so badly to thrust my hand between my legs; I was getting a little desperate; but there were too many people. The bus finally got to my stop, and I found with mortification that it was difficult for me to walk considering how full my bladder was. I tried to get up out of my seat, and I almost let the pee go right there. I managed to hobble off the bus without wetting myself, but I was seriously getting panicked. Legs squeezed as tightly together as possible, I walked as fast as I could to my house. A couple of times, the urge became so huge that I had to stop and hold myself till it went away. I made it to the door of my house, but I had to dig around for my key. It seemed to take forever to find it; the whole time I'm looking around in my bag, I've got my legs crossed as tightly as possible and I'm bouncing up and down. Finally, I found it, and I was so relieved I felt a small squirt of pee escape. I grabbed myself desperately and tried to race to the bathroom. As I was racing, I knew I was too late; my pants were suddenly flooded.

Posted by: havetopee at October 3, 2008 7:03 PM

OMG I really have to pee so bad rite now. i'm holding my dick and its not helping...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is really painfull. I'm gunna EXPLODE oooowwwwwwww.
AAAAHHHH OOOOWWWW I will hav 2 pee here cuz i can't get up without peeing. OMG I'm sweating!

Oh no.

I peed.

Posted by: bob at October 17, 2008 7:14 AM

ok, i have a story!
about an hour ago i had, like, 3 glasses of water. then i started reading all these comments. i started feeling the urge to pee. a few minutes later i was pushing my hands into my crotch. finally i couldn't take it. i ran to the bathroom and ripped off my jeans and underwear! the toilet was the whole way across the room, and the sinks were right beside me. can u guess what i did? yep. i pissed into the sink. XD!!!

Posted by: Hannah at October 19, 2008 3:57 PM

Last year, i drank so much water cuz I wuz nervous. I had to take a huge exam. By the time my 1hr long bus ride was over, I wuz practically peeing myself. When I got to school, I wuz squirming during the exam, and I was about to piss myself infront of the whole class!! i asked the teacher to go to the bathroom, but he said after the exam, at my next class. when the exam was finally over, i DASHED out of the classroom, and luckily I was taking the deserted staircase, and suddenly I realized my bladder was so full i there was no way I could make it to my next class!So i took advantage of no one being there and I pulled down my pants and started to squat. suddenly I heard the door open, and MY CRUSH walks in. And he sees my jiggly ass hanging out there, and i still didn't pee yet! So i pulled my pants back up and tried to run away, but my bladder stopped me and all of a sudden a huge gush of pee came out. I was wearing skin-tight white leggings with a tight tight shirt. The pee trickled down my legs, which were working hard along with my hands to stop the flow. I dug my fingers up my crotch and pushed hard, hard hard. it just tricked over my fingers and got my hand all wet. it tricked down the stairs and onto my crush's feet! I still wasn't done peeing when my crush dashed up the stairs and grabbed me. he started to make out with me and pee all over me and ripped all my clothes off. since he was my crush and i had wanted this for a long time, i let him. we made out right on the school staircase, and we didn't even notice that the principle was running our way. We both got suspended. While walking to the main office with my crush (who's name is Delphredo BTW) i realized i still had to pee! i crossed my legs and jumped up and down and dug my hand in my crotch and then bent down. delphredo helped me by digging his hand into my crotch when the teacher wasn't looking. then i yelled TEACHER I HAVE TO PEE!!! and she said HOLD IT. And right then and there, I peed myself again while sitting in my principle's white chair. i got it completely stained yellow. After we went home, me and delphredo drank three bottles of beer, sat on top of each other, and pissed! we could feel the hot piss swirling around our bodies, making up warm. we touched each other's crotch's while the other peed. and delphero said "you know that seeing you pee in those tight white leggings was the sexyest thing i've EVER seen?" and so I went upstairs, took a shower, put on a pair of tight tight tight white skinny jeans and NO SHIRT (so he could feel my boobs) chugged down three cans of beer, and then sat at the top of the stairs, spread my legs and pissed! this time i let it flow, and it felt sooooo good! the big hot yellow stain spread all over my white jeans and dribbled down my legs. Delphredo attacked me again and licked my boobs and wet crotch. ahhh fun days!
one thing though... i was 14 when this all happened!
want me to piss for you? it'll feel REALLY GOOD!

Posted by: Aubrey at October 26, 2008 9:24 AM

I remember i was about 6 n was at a pals house. i was burstin for the loo but her dad was in the shower. i ended up peeing on her living room floor. i had to borrow her sisters socks and knickers it was sooooooooooooooo embaressing :( oops :(

Posted by: Sexii Miss T at October 28, 2008 4:27 PM

OMG! One time I was at the movies with my friend and we didn't want to leave the movie to go pee so we waited. After a while I told her I was about to pee myself. She said she was to but we still didn't want to get up. I told her it was dark in there and there wasn't anyone else in our row(we were at the top) so I was gonna pee in the seat next to me. I got up nad pulled my panties down and sat in the seat next to me. I let out one little squirt and it felt sooo good so I let out another giving the seat time to absorb it. Finally I had to just totally let loose. I hope the people in in front of us couldn't hear the hissing. I was sop relieved when I was done. I wipped my pussy with a napkin and got back in my seat next to my friend. Then she peed in the seat next to her. I could hear the hissing sound as she went. I was a great day. I always pee in the seat at the movies now and some times the floor. My friend does to. Any one else???

Posted by: desper8Gyrl at November 7, 2008 11:18 AM

I'm a guy, and I remember a time where I literally drank around 1, maybe even 2 liters of water. After about 15 minutes, I started to feel the need to pee, but I ignored it. I was with my friend, and after about 20 more mintues, my bladder felt really full, but I still decided to hold it in, and stick with my friend who was on the computer. Abut 30 minutes passed, I really had to take a piss. I was grabbing my crotch and bouncing up and down. My friend then said, "What are you doing?", I said to him "I REALLY need to go to the bathroom." He then said "Well go before you wet yourself." My mom was cleaning the upstairs bathroom, so I had to use the downstairs one. When I got to it, it was locked. So I went back to my friend, still clutching myself and jumping up and down with every step I took. My friend asked me why I'm still jumping, so I told him that someone was in there (or so I thought). So, I still had to go desperately, and I tried to take my mind off of it. About 30 minutes later, around the time I felt I was about to piss my pants, I waddled back to the bathroom, noticing it was still locked. I knocked on the door, barely holding it in. After about 2 minutes of knocking, I realized the bathroom was not occupied. The locks on my bathroom doors are very easy to open, so I tried to pick the lock with my hands with no luck, so I got back to my friend, using all of my energy to keep control of my bloated bladder, and asked him (while grasping my groin) to help me open the door, knowing he would be able to do so. He brought me over to the door and picked the lock without a problem. I thanked him a million times, but before I was able to waddle to the toilet, he closed the door! I tried to open it again and get back in, but then he squeezed me really hard and pressed really hard against my bladder, causing to almost pee my pants. While I was distracted bouncing up and down and using all my strength not to lose control, my friend qucikly locked the door on me, and dragged me back to the computer, for another 30 minutes, grabbing my hands behind my back to make sure I wouldn't escape to my oh-so-needed toilet. During this period of time, he talked about waterfalls and river, and forced me to watch videos of running water, and made me drink around 10 cups of water while watching, only adding to the unbearable pressure. He also spilt water on the crotch area of my pants, soaking my jeans and boxers, making it even more difficult to hold it in. Finally, as I was begging for him to let me go, I had success--I broke free of my friend's grip, and, realizing my mom was done cleaning (and was gone from the house), made a mad dash to the upstairs bathroom, since the downstairs one was locked. However, due to me needing to piss like a racehorse on steroids, the sloshing piss bounced up and down during each and every step of the way to relief, especially the stairs, which meant my friend easliy caught up with me. My friend, this time dragged me downstairs to a couch, sat me down and then sat--as in pushing all of his weight--onto my massively overfilled bladder. He also found a blanket sitiing right beside him, which he used to tie me down, giving him time to whip up five cups of water all for me to drink. And, at the most unfortunate time ever (for me, at least), he whipped out something called "Piss Powder" he found in his front pocket, a type of unnoticable pranking powder people put in other's drinks to make them need to pee BADLY. He put the powder in all the five drinks, and made me drink all the cups. Then, we watched TV for the next ONE AND A HALF HOURS, while he sat on my lap, resting himself in a position that all the weight would be carried over my enormously full bladder. After about 10 minutes, I felt the powder really kicking in, and after another 10 minutes, it felt like the amoun of oiss inside me was doubled, and you could imagine how it was like during the rest of the 1-and0a-half hours. I spent all that time begging for his kindness and let me relieve myself, crossing and moving around my legs, trying to throw my friend off. Eventually, he started squirming, saying he needed to pee, so he tied my hands behind my back using the sheet, unlocked the bathroom and took a giant piss, taunting me as he did so. I started slouching over in dire need, trying to untie my bonds. My friend then came out, and tightened my bonds after tying the rest of my body to the couch. We watched television, as I tried to untie myself in drastic urgency. After around 50 minutes, I did so, and almost crawled towards the bathroom. However, my frined held me still, and I just wabbled, clamping my balls in preparation for some more bladder torture. My friend then said "It really hurts that bad?" I said, in a blatant tone "Yes!" My friend reluctantly agreed to let me go, but as I stood, preparing do finally let go and remove this anchor, my friend then swung the door wide open on me before I could fulfill my ever-so-needed duty. "What are you doing? I thought you allowed me to go." He then told me he had his fingewrs crossed. After about 30 minutes of the same old drinking Piss Powder-laced water, my friend sitting on (and occasionally kneeing and squeezing) my bladder, talking about water, he finally let me go FOR REAL this time. I happily shuffled my way to the bathroom, and, without disturbance, began to answer my burning call from nature. However, to my horror and dissapointment, my fly was caught, I tried pulling it and pulling it as hard and I could, but it wouldn't budge. I tried pulling down my pants, but they were too tight to pull down! So, I continued to helplessly grab my you-know-what, and bravely stood beside my friend (sitting down in these tight pants would probably make me wet myself) who was watching TV for two hours, just barely holding it in. Eventually, after tugging and pulling during that period, I finally got my fly down! So I finally got to the bathroom, ready to pee and all, but--and just to tell you this is a TRUE story, the door gets jammed. This time, even my friend couldn't get it open. It seemed like I was doomed to get my jeans fully wet, but I then remembered the upstairs toilet! Rushing to that one, I unfortunately found the toilet was clogged and out of order, with my dad up there, trying to unclog it--he said it would take him possibly 6 hours! Of ourse, I couldn't wait that long without soaking my jeans (which were already damp in the crotch area from the water my friend spilled on it), or exploding. So I quickly ran downstairs, bouncing up and down, when I saw it--a 2-and-a- half-liter bottle. I told my friend to leave the room, and he did. Finally, in relief, I went, and I could understand why I had to go so badly--I filled the entire bottle to the rim, and still had to go! Fortunately, I only filled about half of a small cup after the giant bottle. I felt so relieved, you wouldn't believe it.

--Some Guy

Posted by: Some Guy at November 16, 2008 2:45 AM

Ok so the other day I was in my three-bedroom apartment (which I share with 2 friends) and we have one bathroom. Earlier that day me and my friends had gone out to meet people and we must have drank 4 liters of water, and I hadn't peed since the day before. So I was on my laptop at my desk and one of my friends was in the bathroom forever. At that time I was desperate to pee. When he left the bathroom my other friend went in. So I was basically clutching myself trying to keep my pee from soaking my pants. So then I was thinking about where to pee. I couldn't go in the yard or street because we don't have a yard and we live in the city. Finally I was at the point of desperation where you can't let go of your crotch or open your legs without pissing. So I had my plan all set out; I would run and use a neighbor's toilet. So I grabbed my crotch with both hands and made a mad dash for the door to my bedroom when a little squirt came. I panicked and took my hands away from my 'area' and opened the door. But when I did, I lost control. A little squirt came and started the flow. I desperately tried to stop it but the relief was so massive. I tried to grab a cup or something to finish in, but I couldn't stop it felt so good. There's my story!

Posted by: Tom L at November 17, 2008 6:50 PM

I remember a time when i was with my friend and we were on the computer, and i drank 8 cups of water. about 30 minutes i realize i have to pee, but i decide to ignore it. about 30 minutes later i now REALLY have to pee, but decide to hold it because i want to stay with my friend. about 30 minutes later i'm bouncing up and down and holding my groin. my friend asks me what are you doing? i say i REALLY have to use the bathroonm. he says "well go then!". i go to the bathroom but when i get there the door is locked, so i am guessing that someone is in there. so i wait for 15 minutes while desperately trying to hold in my sloshing bladder and clutching my jock area, but no one has come out of the bathroom. i knock on the door, but no one answers. i soon discover that the door was just empty. i try to pick the lock, but i cant, so i ask my friend for help. He says he doesnt want to. I then slouch over because of my burning need to piss and tell him its an emergency.
"Just use the upstairs bathroom" he says.
"That one is clogged" i say.
He reluctantly helps me with the bathroom, and opens it in a second. i thank him so much, but while i unbuckle my belt and begin to pull down my fly my friend opens the door, and i say what are you doing? im about to take a piss! He says no youre not, and drags me out of the bathroom, and then locks it using his lockpicking skills, blocking me from entrance. he then drags me to the computer and holds my hands behind his back (hes really strong!) for about 30 minutes. during this time, he talks about running water, forces me to drink several, big cups of water, and punches and squeezes me in the bladder area, which makes me meed to piss like a water buffalo. However, i break free of his grip and make a mad dash to the upstairs bathroom, clogged or not. However, the staircase proves to add significantly to my already unbearable pressure against my pelvis, causing me to slow down, which means that my friend catches up to me. he then drags me down to the couch, sits me down, and then sits onb my lap resting all his weight on my bladder area. after about 5 minutes, he ties me up with a thin blanket he finds on the couch, leaves, and comes back in about thirty seconds. he has something he found buried deep in his backpack (he dropped at the front door in my house), and it turns out he has something called "Pissing Powder". "Pissing Powder" basically is a practical joke type of powder that makes someone have to take a piss really bad. He then pours the pssing powder into 5 giant cups of water and forces me to drink them all. i do, and after about 15 minutes, it feels that the pee in my bladder has tripled. He keeps me captive there for about and hour, where he turns on the tv, sits on my lap (while resting his wight on my bladder area), forcing me to drink water and swallow all of the pissing powder. He also presses and knees my already massively overfilled bladder, causing me to almost piss my pants. Then he purposely spills water on me, soaking the crotch area of my jeans and my boxers, too, causing me to need to pee even more badly. i spend this time begging to be let go, slouching over, squirming and grabbing my balls for dear life. After a while, my friend says he really has to pee badly, so he picks the lock takes a piss, and taunts me about it, making sure i can hear him be relieved. He comes back, holds me down (and makes me drink more water, and presses against my enormously bloated, ready-to-burst bladder. however, when he leaves to get more cups of water, i untie my self and make a run for it. however, i can only basically crawl, because of my great need to pee. so, while im halway up the stairs, my friend catches up to me and holds me still, in which i respond by groaning and clutching my nuts. my friend then says, is it really that bad? I say yes! he then takes me downstairs and lets me the bathroom (finally!). however, to my horror, my fly is stuck! and i cant pull down my pants either because they're to tight. So then i use all my strength to hold in my piss, while trying to get my fly down. After between 1 and 2 hours, i get my fly down and try to open the door. however, our shoddy bathroom door is jammed! not even my friend can open it. so i waddle up to the upstairs bathroom, clogged or not, but i see how badly clogged it is: the toilet water is filled up to the rim, and only a tiny cup of piss would cause it to overflow (and it feels like i have all of niagra falls stored in me, all sloshing and splashing around). so, i tell my friend what the problem is, and he says hold on a sec. he comes back with a two-and-a-half liter bottle, and says use this. i thank him immensely, pull down my fly and damp boxers (after telling my friend to leave the room, that is) and let out an enormous piss. in fact, i filled the TWO AND A HALF LITER BOTTLE to the rim and STILL had to pee! After that, though i only filled about 2 small cups. That was probably the GREATEST relief i have ever had in my lifetime.

Posted by: Some Guy at November 18, 2008 9:02 AM

Ok. I really have to pee now. I am sitting on my bed with one hand shoved up my crotch, stroking desperatley, and only one hand free to type. OOOOOOOHHHHH! I just peed a bit, my skinnys are gunna be soaked. I am in so much pain i feel like I am on fire. My bladder is hard and round.
now i'm masturbating i'm gunna orgasm! AAH!AAh!aaH1aah! oops... I orgasmd
gotta go clean up. bye guys!

Posted by: foxy pee at November 26, 2008 2:01 PM

Hey, Im a guy, and i remember a time when i was hiking through a giant forest. There was no bathroom for a long ways. Along the way, I drank a whole 1 liter bottle, and i unfortunately threw the empty bottle away. After a while, I had to pee. But for some reason, i decided to holid it in. After an hour of holding it, i REALLY needed to take a piss. I started bouncing up and down and grabbing my balls. I walked in search of a tree to releive my sloshing bladder on, and i ded. however, there were a bunch of other people hiking too! I didnt want everyone to see me pissing on a tree. So i walked, hoping to find a remote area, straining to hold it all in. After walking more, all i found was a bunch of people. even worse, there were no trees in sight. I was walking for about 1 more hour. It felt like all of niagra falls had been dumped into my bladder. After a while, i found an area that was nothing but long stretches of fence and stone. Then finally, i found a tree, with no people anywhere. Of course, the tree was about half a mile away, so it would be difficult to get there without pissing my pants. i was walking slowly, but unfortunately, when i got there, my fly was stuck. This had happened before when i wore these certain jeans. so i spent the next couple hours groaning and clutching my groin. i decided there was nothing i could do but try to get home. however, after about 45 minutes of walking, i got my fly uncaught! however, there were plenty of people, so i couldn't release my massively overfilled bladder. so i tried to hold it and walk home. however, after an hour i realized that i took the wrong trail. but then, success--i saw a portapotty. i bladder felt like it had a pulse, and it was so dermormedly bloated that it was impsossible to bare. i was limping to the portapotty even, slouching over my grabbing my nuts for dear life. i felt some even leak through my boxers. when i got in the portapotty and closed the door, it was very dim inside. And, to my horror, i saw that the toilet was clogged with twigs and leaves and completely overflowed. i tried to open the door, but it was jammed. but then i remembered that i had several bottles in my bag. however, the 1-liter bottle i had was filled to the top with water, and i couldnt pour it. unfortunately, i had to drink it. after drinking it, the pressure went from bloated to unbearable. making a movement by now would cause me to lose control. i lowered the bottle to groin level, lowered my boxers, but then i realized that i the opening of the bottle was too small to fit my you-know-what in, and i couldnt try to aim because of the bad light. However, i had a 2 litre bottle of water, and ended up having to drink that. after drinking, my bladder pressure went from unbearable to beyond describing with words. i swore i could see my bladder bulging out of my pelvis area. the amount of piss in my bladder at that time was like a full bladder x10. When i reached the bottle to my jock area, it STILL couldnt fit. it was useless, and i was locked inside. I still had one final 3 liter bottle, just in case if i got lost. so i drank the entire thing. This time, there was so much pressure that it was almost numb, you could literally see the bulge of my bladder. This was like if every player on 2 basketball teams had too pee real badly. if i couldnt go now, i would wet my pants or my bladder would explode. Though the opening was bigger, i STILL couldnt fit my dick in. and i still tried to hold it. i could barely move anymore. however, after about 30 minutes, i got the door open. and since it was much more clear outside than it was in the port a otty, i could aim now. I pulled down my fly and my front boxers and let it all out. I filled the 3 liter bottle to the rim. I filled only a tiny amount of the 2 liter. That was probably the worst hiking trip i had ever been on.

Posted by: Anonymous at December 3, 2008 10:19 PM

Oh last weekend I was camping with my friends who i share my apartment with and me and one of my friends had a pee holding contest with me. We both drank 2 liters of water and waited. After a while we were squirming. My friend isn't good at this stuff. After a while, we had each climbed a tree and I was pressing my bladder against it. My friend was wearing swim trunks and I was wearing jeans. Soon he started yelling, "Oh god, I'm pissing myself!" he jumped out of the tree and started sprinting, holding himself, pee running down his legs. Then I saw him dash behind a tree and try to get his penis out of his trunks but he couldn't with the flow of his liquids...I was laughing so hard I ran behind the tree and pissed myself...oh that felt good.

The next day we did the same thing, (i don't think it was fair, I hadn't peed since my accident the day before) and i had about 4 liters of water in me and I was ready to explode. But then we left for home and it was a 3 hour drive and my friend who wasn't in the contest wanted to get home soon. I was already almost peeing myself when we started off. I kept begging my friend to stop and let me relief my bladder, which was so full I could barely move. I told him that I was going to pee in his car but he still wouldn't stop. My other friend was holding himself and saying the same thing. He was like, "Man, I gotta piss so bad, please stop or I'll wet myself!" and he actually did, right there, within 30 minutes, he was soaked, but as he was peeing, he was like, "Aaaaah, that feels sooo good!" which almost made me pee. We were about 20 miles away when we got stuck in traffic. Agony!!! I was bent over, clutching myself fiercely, and almost shaking. My friend was like 'Pull over or he's gonna explode!' It was almost too late. My friend found a woody area and said 'run before you piss urself!' and i was already sprinting as fast as a guy who gotta pee can. I ran behind the closest big tree and tried to go, but my zipper was stuck. I squatted down a bit and bent my knees up and down and the flow flooded my pants and it felt so damn good. When I got back to the car my friend who was driving was like, Can i get out, i gotta piss so bad im gonna explode? and we were like, no way, so when we got back to the apartment, tortured him and locked the bathroom door and did stuff to him until he was so desperate that he peed out a window, or tried to. He was already peeing when he got there. HAHA!

Posted by: Tom at December 6, 2008 11:57 PM

ok so i was camping with my bunk at sleepaway three years ago and we were out in some wood. So I really had to pee on a hike. We were going to a lake, so I relaxed a bit, knowing i could sneak a leak there. But we were an hour before we got there, and i was desperate when we has this whole talk about lake safety. My bestie Eve was like, 'Summer, i wanna go look at the woods, lets run!' I was like, ok so we went and i was grabbing myself through my bathing suit, which unfortunately was a one piece. Eve was like 'Summer r u o k?' and i was like, 'no Eve i gotta go so bad!' so we started running to the lake. I rocketed in and got comfortable and then swam around as i peed.

Another time i was locked out of my house while camping in friend Eve's backyard with her and in the middle of the night i was like, Eve i really gotta pee! she did too so we ran into the yard and i was like, Eve I can't make here! we tried to go inside but as i said we were locked out. Finally i was desperate and i remembered the water bottles we had brought outside, they were wide mouthed, thank god! We went into our tent, pulled our pants down, and peed in the bottles oh it felt so good!

Oh my god i just peed major wetness in my pants...

Posted by: Summer at December 7, 2008 12:07 AM

I have to pee so badly right now I drank like 3 of those huge coke bottles for parties and like 4 cups of coffee this morning. I am going to pee in a second these stories make me go!!!! I am sitting in a train station fidgeting and the bathrooms are all out of order let me leave before I pee myself here in Starbucks oh no it's coming bye!!

Posted by: Mike at December 18, 2008 3:36 PM

Ok so I really have to pee so I am going to tell you this story quickly...

I was in a play, and it was opening night. Earlier, I had had a sore throat so I drank a lot of water. Then while we were getting dressed I had the urge but we had to get ready and everything. Then the show started. I made it through the first three scenes easy. But I was wearing black yoga-type pants (really tight) and a tight light pink t shirt. I was backstage for a moment and I tried to sneak a small hand towel in my pants but I was caught and I went back out.
By the end I was desperate and I was about to make a mad dash when the director screams "Grand Finale, everyone!" I had forgot. Our finale was like the rockette's show at the Christmas Show in NYC. We wore black leggings, a bright pink short skirt that was very loose, and a green tank top. Lifting my legs? I wouldn't make it for my life. But I had to go out. So I did. Big mistake.
We started out, I was fidgeting. At the end, I was ready to run. I kicked once, my pee started coming. I ran off as quickly as I could as we ended the number. I was grabbing myself, so I grabbed a towel in my dressing room and it went where my hands had been. I ran to the bathroom and found a line so long. I ran into my dressing room (it was so private, thank god!) and went into the corner. I put my towel down my pants, bent my knees together, and started peeing. Halfway through my pee I stopped and dropped my already soaked towel and went back to the bathroom, took my place at the end of the shorter line, and waited. Me and the other women were all wearing the costume, all holding our crotches like men do. Several ran to the corner and peed their pants, (I did, I was so desperate)...It felt so good.

Ok I have started my flood gates so I am going to find a bathroom before I explode!

Posted by: Taylor at December 18, 2008 4:16 PM

One time I was in the car with my boyfriend. I had been drinking a lot of liquid throughout the night and had not thought of going to the bathroom. My boyfriend, having to drive us home, had not drank much, only some non-alcoholic drinks. So on the way home, I realize that I had to pee a little. After driving a while, I think my boyfriend could tell that I had to pee since I was fidgeting a lot and crossing and re-crossing my legs. I tried to ease some of the pressure by unbuttoning and unzippering my pants. That way I could hold myself for brief moments while by boyfriend paid attention to the road. He asked me, "Do you need to pee?" after I had fidgeted again. I answered, "Yes, pretty badly too. But I'll try and hold it till we get home." He nodded and glanced at my hand which was holding myself. I figured that now that he knew that I had to go, I shouldn't have to hide my need from him. I also noticed that he was hard and really turned on by my need.
About ten minutes later, I was dying to go. We were almost home but I was almost positive that I wouldn't make it. I couldn't sit still at all. I had both hands shoved as hard as I could up my crotch and I couldn't help but let little moans escape from my mouth. "I really have to go," I moaned to my boyfriend.
When we finally reached our house, I headed straight for the bathroom but instead my boyfriend pulled me onto the couch. He started to kiss me and rub me a little. I was turned on and needed to pee at the same time. He pushed into me and I moaned having to handle my full bladder and him inside of me at the same time. I warned him that I would piss the couch if he didn't let me pee right then. He didn't respond as he kissed my neck. I made one last effort to stop myself from peeing which didn't help. He came out of me and I immediately started pissing. I was rubbing myself, it felt so good. I peed for a couple minutes until the stream finally stopped. I was breathing heavily from the effort of holding my pee in. Meanwhile I also turned my boyfriend on which led to a very interesting night.

Posted by: Jamie at December 23, 2008 2:14 AM

One time I was walking along the sidewalk by the beach with this guy I really liked. It had been a long night and I had drank a lot, which meant that I had to pee soon. But the guy I really liked wanted to go down to the water for a little bit. He waded out a little to his knees and asked me if I wanted to join him. I was wearing a dress with leggings so I could have gone in a little, but my bladder, which had begun to make itself known, I knew, would not be able to handle it. When he came out of the water, we continued to walk down the beach. I attempted to hold myself a little by putting my hands in my pockets and giving myself little squeezes but it was hard to do without having him notice what I was doing.
By the time we had reached the end of the beach and his car, I really had to go. Being pee-shy, I decided to wait until I got home to pee.
So at first I sat with my heel digging in to my pussy to ease the pressure. It helped a lot for the first 15 minutes of the ride. We were only about 10 minutes away but I knew that it would take a miracle to get there dry. I placed my jacket over my lap so that he could not see my hand holding myself.
As we drove on, the pressure from my hand was not enough. A little trickle escaped and I gasped. I controlled myself again but in order to do so, I had to lean forward and grab myself with both hands.
"Can you hold it?" he asked me. I blushed, knowing that he knew my predicament now. "No," I said softly, "a little bit just came out and I stopped myself but I won't be able to hold on much longer."
As we neared my house, another trickle escaped. This one was longer and I struggled to stop it. As I got myself under control again, I saw that it had made a dark circle on my leggings. He pulled into my driveway and got out of the car to help me out. As he helped me out of the car, an even longer spurt escaped. I gasped as a little bit of it ran down my leg. He could now see the dark mark on my leggings. I stood in the driveway wiggling and doing anything to stop myself from peeing myself. I told him where my key was so that he could open the door for me but mid-sentence I gasped again as another spurt came out. "I can't hold it, it's going to come out," I gasped.
He came over to me and said, "Here, I'll help you, just let it go." He pulled my hand away. With nothing left holding my pee back, I let go. My pee came gushing out as I peed for what seemed like forever. It felt so good, I started to rub myself and moan as I relieved myself. My friend stood there, turned on as he watched me. When I was finished, I pulled off my leggings and thong and threw them in a trash can.

Now he's my boyfriend.

Posted by: Amy at December 23, 2008 8:19 PM

Ooooh I gotta pee so badly...I'm holding myself really hard and squirming...and I am at my friend's house but her toilet is broken. I haven't peed in several hours and its going to come out soon but i gotta tell ya a story...

Me and my friends Sammie and Jared were at the mall. We had all drank 3 normal-sized waters. Then we started. We were both wearing tight skinny jeans and tee shirts, and Jared was wearing the same thing except for his jeans were baggy. After 3 hours (we had started shopping at 10), we were desperate. The bathrooms were in the basement, and we were on the 4th floor. Plus, the bathrooms were out of order. We looked around for toilets or small places to relieve ourselves. Suddenly Jared walked over to a small corner and unzipped his pants, bent his knees and started peeing. He tried to make us lose control. We kept walking, because Jared got caught by the police and they brought him home. Me and Sammie have small bladders, so we were bursting. We stopped a lot to bend our knees and cross our legs, because it was quiet and basically no one saw. We were on the 3rd floor when Sammie started peeing her pants. "Kate we gotta hurry I'm peeing myself a little." she told me, and we started sprinting across the floor trying to get to the basement. Sammie was almost crying by the time we were on the first floor, and we got into the basement in time. The bathrooms were out of order. Suddenly Sammie clutched her crotch really hard and said "Kate I'm gonna pee myself lets find a place to go, and quick!" so we ran to the first floor and into a clothes store. We asked someone if there was a toilet but she said only for employees. Sammie was holding herself really hard and suddenly she bent over halfway and I heard a small hissing sound. I started to lose control and we started running around looking for a place for me to pee. We went back to the clothing store and grabbed some clothes and ran into the dressing room. We both went in but when we got there I couldn't pull down my jeans cuz I was gonna pee myself. I sat on the little bench and my pee started. then I remembered the vitamin water bottle I had so I pulled it out and stood up quickly but before I could get my pants down and my bottle in, I was peeing. I spread my legs out and bent my knees as the pee ran down my legs. I was peeing, finally. Suddenly Sammie said "Oh god, Kate stop please I'm gonna pee..." and she grabbed my bottle that was sticking out of my purse, yanked her jeans off halfway, and stuck her crotch inside, and started pissing. She thought she was done but then when she pulled her pants up she started peeing again in her pants...that was a terrible day.

Oh god I'm peeing...gotta get to a toilet before I finish...

Posted by: Kaitlynn Marie at January 9, 2009 4:45 PM

omg.. I remember this one time i was walking home from school and I really had to pee, but I was almost home so i figured i'll just hold it... by the time i got to my drive way i had to rub my legs together while walking to stop from peeing... i got in the the house and fell to the floor from having to pee so bad.. there was pee squirting out and my bladder hurt sooo bad.. i got up and ran to the bathroom and peed nearly moaning from the pleasure of it...

and i have to pee now... ugh....

Posted by: MsNight at January 12, 2009 3:41 PM

OMG so like an hr ago or so i had been drinkin water bottles so i would have to pee i also had little flimsy cup wit milk in it i drank that first then had the 2 water bottle all the while i was reading this page and damn more and more i needed to pee and was horny i waited till i finished both bottles and was in pain b4 i went to the bathroom b4 i left i had a great idea so i grabbed the cup that had the milk went to the bathroom washed it out and went to my toilet i put the flimsy plastic cup over my dick and i just peed like hell and soon(which i planned) the cup was filled so high and my dick was deep in that i was peeing in my own pee my dick was sumberged so much that i was peeing in my pee it was genius and awesome then later i stuffed a bunch of tissues in my pants for safe measure had another bottle of water waited til i was in pain this time i put the cup over my dick but in my pants and surrounded it with tissues so then i did that for until the cup started to over flow and duh the tissues could hold most of it so some went down my leg and i had to pull the cup out and some pee spilt then i was in the bathroom of corse and did it over the toilet again and this time peed so hard and had so much pressure that i shit too it was soooo good

now the pressure is building again 3rd times the charm

Posted by: Pete at January 27, 2009 2:45 AM

i havent peed since last nite...ive been holding it all day long. its getting to the point where its just an irritating feeling and ive been thinking of just going and getting it over with and peeing already. but i cant give up yet, can i?? lol but i will be peeing before i go to bed tonite. im not risking wetting my bed.

my skinny jeans are kinda tight and ive drank a bit today. im pushing on my bladder now and in a minute i'll probably lay stomach down, cross my legs, and press my bladder down into the rug while doing things on this laptop.

earlier i was thinking that when i take my piss, i should take it in the shower/bathtub (without water running or in it) or in the sink or in my backyard (which is acres of woodland). but, its dark now, so the pissing-in-the-woods idea is not gonna work. ive never tried it in the shower/bathtub or sink though. my sink is like too small, i think id need some "practice" with my shy bladder before i pee in there. the shower/bathtub is looking hopeful except for my shy bladder which will most likely keep me from taking a piss in there. maybe i can start sitting on the toilet, then move to squating/hovering, then cut off my stream and hop into the shower/bathtub and start my stream again and let it all go. should i take a shower, like, have the water running when i do it?? maybe i will. idk. that might possibly help my frightful bladder. seriously, ive got that thing where my bladder locks up. i'd have to really need a piss before i could pee anywhere but sitting on the toilet. i was squating/hovering last nite and i couldnt even keep an even, steady, constant stream coming. it kept coming out in quick, irratic spurts.

haha a tena commercial just came on (you know, one of those bladder weakness pads)

anyways, ive got at least 3 hours before bed...

Posted by: XxpissyprincessxX at February 21, 2009 7:20 PM

Hey, you know what I love doing? Drinking tons of water, reading stories about peeing online until my bladder fills up, then holding as long as I can. Eventually, the pressure is too strong and the pee comes out uncontrollably. If anyone else likes doing this, email me at ianettinger@aol.com

Posted by: Ian at March 12, 2009 6:26 PM

My bladder is a rock. I drank far over a liter far over an hour ago. I just lay on my back for a minute and it felt like a heavy weight on my stomach. I explored my abdomen and realized it was up past my belly-button. It's painful, a constant agonizing cramp. So incredible.

Posted by: Me at March 17, 2009 8:33 PM

weird site...
i remember this one time, i was at my boyfriend's house. i was making out with my boyfriend outside (the house was empty) and i really, really, really had to pee. i was squirming and crossing my legs. and my boyfriend luke's like, "what's wrong?" i told him that i had to pee really badly, but i could hold it for him. so we kept kissing, and i had to pee soooooo bad...i'd drunk like five glasses of water since it was really warm, and it had caught up with me. so i had my hand in my crotch and i was squirming and fidgeting. and luke pulls away and says, "that's kind of hot..." and he puts his hand on top of mine, and helps me hold myself.
so eventually, i just couldn't hold it any longer. i got up, and Luke was like, "where r u going" and i said, "bathroom, can't hold it anymore." and i tried the door, and it was locked! his parents had left while we weren't looking. so i was in his backyard, about to wet myself, in front of my boyfriend.
he pulled me into his lap and he was like, it's ok. i had my legs crossed, his hand on top of mine holding myself, about to explode. then luke starts kissing me and i totally forgot. then there was this surge in my bladder, and i felt a little pee squirt into my panties.
luke looked at me and he was like, "it's ok. you can wet yourself. it's kind of hot." and i was like, "i can't! but i can't hold it much longer." and he said, "it's okay baby, just let it go," and pulled my hands away from my crotch. i let loose, and my pee came gushing out all over our hands.
when i was done peeing, i noticed that luke had a massive boner. we rinsed off in a hose, and would have probably had sex right there if his parents hadn't showed up.

Posted by: lily at March 22, 2009 7:09 PM

oh god i have to pee so bad right now. i'm typing with one hand and the other is against my crotch. i can't hold it much longer. i'm squirming and grinding against my hand and god it hurts so bad. but the bathrooms at this starbucks where i have my laptop dont work and if i get up to find another one i'm going to wet my pants.

Posted by: lily at March 22, 2009 7:25 PM

this one time i was going to the local pool with my friend. we sat out in the sun talking for like 1 hour and tanning in our bikinis. I ordered a lemonade, but i finfished it and ordered another one. After that i drank about a bottle of water. i felt my bladder filling up, but i was very pee-shy so i didnt want to tell her. anyways she asked if i wanted to go swimming and i told her sure why not? but i knew why not my bladder was already feeling some pressure. when we got in the pool we were swimming and laughing but every once and a while i had to stop and corss my legs really tight underwater but she didnt notice. after like 15 mins it got worse i was now pretty much always crossing my legs tight and iad to thrust my hand down there and grab my crotch hard but i made sure she didnt see. nd after 45 desperate minutes later i was bouncing and my legs were pretty much permenalty corssed and every 2 minues i had to stuff my hand into my pussy to stop from peeing. suddnely a little squirt came out and i gasped and doubled over. my friend didnt notice thankfully. i asked my friend if we could get out because i was getting cold. 1 second she said. i wasnt sure how i could walk yet without her seeing i needed to pee REALLY bad. my bladder was very full and i was squirming around a bunch and i knew i couldnt last ni the pool. lets stay in a little longer please?? she asked. uhh ok i said. she got us these noodles and she said lets it on them and float around. i decided to straddle it and i ground it into my bursting bladder and pussy. it felt amazing and took a lot of the pressure off. i thought i could last maybe 10 more minutes if we stayed like this. after 5 minutes the amazing feeling was wearing off so i dug even harding into the noodle as i arapped my legs around it and squeezed. hey imsuper cold can we get out i asked, she said fine,, ok by now my bladder was almost bursting. i got out and so did she. she asked if we could go get water at the snack bar. great i thought just what i need. uhm i guess so i said so we walked over. when we were walking it was tortue on my bladder i tried to walk normal but i just couldnt without peeing my self. i walked slow with small little steps hurry up she said. so i started to walk normal but a squirt of pee escaped. i gasped and stopped. what? she asked. oh nothing i said and kept walking.it had been like 3 hours since the lemonades and the snack bar was across the huge water park from where our beach chairs were. the snack stand was thankfully right next to the bathroom though. she rodered us two huge waters. i was just about to sneak into the bathrrom when she pulled me off so we could continue tanning. i was rwally starting to regreat that lemonade and wtaer as i could barely walk. seeing the bathroom made my need stronger (if that was possible) on the way back i had to walk with legs sort of crossed and i walked slow. after what seemed like forever we got back to our beach chairs and my bladder was so swollen there was a lump at my waist. i immediatly sat down on my chair and crosed my legs super tight. my foot was jiggling and so were my legs. i was squirming as much as i could without it being ovious i had to pee, and my hand was desperate to rub my pussy.my black bikini felt super tight around my waist and i knew i had totell my friend. hey um cristine? i kinda have to go to the bathroom. you can just hold it, cant u? she said. "for a little while.." i said and dropped the subject. she started talking about her boyfriend and i pretened to listen as my legs were double croseed and i was squirming like crazy. cristine, my friend, looked at me and said how bad do u have to go?? and i was hit with a huge wave of pressure and i didnt even care if she know and said i think im going to pee myself soon!! now that she knew i didnt vene care and thrust my hand to my crotch and double corssed my legs and jiggled and squirmed. "i have to pee too! ive been holding it for like 2 hours. ever since we got in the pool, my bladders been bursting" she said. "me too!!" i siad.she stood up and i could tell her bladder was getting full. she ws jumping and hopping around and couldnt stand still. omg it coming i out i yelled! a trickle was escaping and i just couldnt hold it i started running and so did she i had to stop ever 15 ft to double over and corss my legs with my hand shoved in my pussy. when we got there i ran just inside the door and the flow came. i peed for a record 2 minutes just feet from a stall! there was a huge puddle under my feet as the hot pee ran down my legs it ws amazing. i was watching the clock and the stream was hard an fast the whole time. once she got to me she was shifting from foot to foot and rubbing her pussy with desperation. "omg im gonna pee seeing you pee made it a lot worse!!" she yelled and ran in the bathrooom. after she ws done (in like 1 minute because of her raisin bladder) i was still peeing and once i finished it was pure releif had never peed so much in my life. my bladder ached and i went into the shower to rinse off. luckly there ws no one around.

i have to pee right now lol..

Posted by: tanny190 at March 30, 2009 2:53 PM


Posted by: GOTTAGO! at April 3, 2009 11:55 PM

Oh god, I have this teeny tiny raisin bladder and I drank like 6 full glasses of water. I had a squirt come out earlier so I am standing at my computer holding myself and dancing like a 3 year old!!

Posted by: Cayla at April 4, 2009 12:29 AM

One time I was at the movies with my friend Jenna. We were watchig lord of the rings and had each drank 3 cokes. Like a third of the way through the movie I'm like "Jenna, I have to pee, will you come with me?" "no, I have to pee too though, so well go soon.". Well in about ten minutes I was getting kinda desperate. So I crossed my legs. "Jenna can we go now??" well apparently Jenna thought we should have a pee holding contest. So by halfway through the movie we wereboth crossing our legs and had desperate looks on our faces. By the end of the movie Jenna told me she was going to let me winand use the bathroom. So we powerwalked to the bathroom clutching ourselves and the bathroom WAS OUT OF ORDER!!. So we drove to her house clutching ourselves and doing the pee dance and got stuck in traffic. "oh my god I have to pee soooooooooo bad" I told her. She looked like she was going to lose it any minute. We finally got home, and she decided to continue the pee contest.

Well after about an hour we were pretzels. Crossing our legs, clutching ourselves, leaning forward and bouncing up and down. I was goingto soak myself. I asked Jenna if we should just pee in the sink together. She told me that was a good idea so we climbed up to her bathroom counter cluthing ourselves and practically screaming. We took our pants off and Jenna said she couldn't wait so she just told me to pee in our panties. We both sat our butts down on the sink and plugged the drain. "first one to let go loses." she said. We were both shaking and holding ourselves and I'm surprised she held it this long. Ten more minutes. Then twenty. Then it became thirty. We were both crying we had to go so bad. This was one extreme pee contest. We took the bathroom clock and timed how long we would pee. "oh my god I'm peeing I'm peeing aaaaahhhhhh" she said. I started going too. We both were ahhhhhhhhing and ooooooooooing and peeing like there was no tomorrow. Then the sink started to fill up. It started to amost overflow. We both had our butts jammed in there, panties soaked. Finally after 4 minutes we stopped. I had never seen so much pee. We hopped down from the sink and sighed. Aaaahhhh.

Every Saturday we went to the movies and had our hold it contests. And each week we had aNew place to pee.

Posted by: Polly at April 9, 2009 1:59 PM

This site makes me gotta pee sooooo bad!!
*crosses legs and holds crotch*

I can't hold it for anothersecond!!!



Much better =)

Posted by: Pissy gal at April 9, 2009 7:33 PM

One time I was at the movies with my friend Jenna. We were watchig lord of the rings and had each drank 3 cokes. Like a third of the way through the movie I'm like "Jenna, I have to pee, will you come with me?" "no, I have to pee too though, so well go soon.". Well in about ten minutes I was getting kinda desperate. So I crossed my legs. "Jenna can we go now??" well apparently Jenna thought we should have a pee holding contest. So by halfway through the movie we wereboth crossing our legs and had desperate looks on our faces. By the end of the movie Jenna told me she was going to let me winand use the bathroom. So we powerwalked to the bathroom clutching ourselves and the bathroom WAS OUT OF ORDER!!. So we drove to her house clutching ourselves and doing the pee dance and got stuck in traffic. "oh my god I have to pee soooooooooo bad" I told her. She looked like she was going to lose it any minute. We finally got home, and she decided to continue the pee contest.

Well after about an hour we were pretzels. Crossing our legs, clutching ourselves, leaning forward and bouncing up and down. I was goingto soak myself. I asked Jenna if we should just pee in the sink together. She told me that was a good idea so we climbed up to her bathroom counter cluthing ourselves and practically screaming. We took our pants off and Jenna said she couldn't wait so she just told me to pee in our panties. We both sat our butts down on the sink and plugged the drain. "first one to let go loses." she said. We were both shaking and holding ourselves and I'm surprised she held it this long. Ten more minutes. Then twenty. Then it became thirty. We were both crying we had to go so bad. This was one extreme pee contest. We took the bathroom clock and timed how long we would pee. "oh my god I'm peeing I'm peeing aaaaahhhhhh" she said. I started going too. We both were ahhhhhhhhing and ooooooooooing and peeing like there was no tomorrow. Then the sink started to fill up. It started to amost overflow. We both had our butts jammed in there, panties soaked. Finally after 4 minutes we stopped. I had never seen so much pee. We hopped down from the sink and sighed. Aaaahhhh.

Every Saturday we went to the movies and had our hold it contests. And each week we had aNew place to pee.

Posted by: Polly at April 9, 2009 9:14 PM

Well, let’s start off by saying that my brother gave me a dare one morning. He dared me to not go pee until I got home from school. However, I forgot this until 7th period, when I remembered those several “extended” trips to the drinking fountain that I just HAD to take. I squirmed at the thought, and realized I had to pee pretty badly.
I managed not to think about it too much until Study Hall (9th period, our final class of the day), when a girl was obviously and visibly bursting for a toilet. My teacher obviously thought she was joking and said things to delay her while she was publically embarrassed by hopping around crazily and holding the crotch of her jeans. Everybody was laughing at her, and a group of boys were saying “reminding” remarks, such as “yellow river” and things like that. Finally, tears came to her eyes and a small wet spot appeared. Seeing that she wasn’t kidding, our teacher signed her a pass. She literally ran as fast as she could to the closest bathroom (at the other end of the school) but didn’t come back for the rest of the period. Everybody, including me, thought that she had peed her pants. The group of boys were mumbling that they hoped all the girl’s bathrooms were closed.
The whole situation reminded me that I had to pee REALLY bad myself, and – of course – I started wiggling, bouncing, and squirming. One of my friends asked me what was wrong. “Oh, nothing; I just need to pee REALLY badly. I have this dare not to ‘go’ at school from my brother, though…” I trailed off. My friends looked at each other with humored glances. ‘Oh, no. I shouldn’t have told them that…’ I thought to myself.
They started the “reminding” remarks that had just been dropped a minute ago by the group of boys. I plugged my ears; they pried my fingers out. I squirmed; they steadied me. I looked nervous; they told me the funniest jokes that I’d ever heard. Anything to make me break the dare and/or pee myself. However, I was able to ignore them, finish my work, and get to the end of the period without so much as a wet spot.
When I was at my locker - feeling proud that I’d lasted through Study Hall, but now my dryness depending on having a short bus ride – I hurriedly got ready to go home. But then I remembered something terrifying to me, though. I had to stay after school until 4:00 (it was 3:15 at the time) for chorus practice. I nervously shut my locker and went down to the auditorium, wondering if I should just ditch.
Well, I decided to go to chorus and when we were done with two songs, a another wave of urgency hit me. However, I managed to ignore it. By the end of the third and final song, I felt a tiny squirt. Not enough to make a wet mark, but enough to make me panic a bit. After we were finally dismissed, I was able to get a bus pass and run out the door.
When I got on my bus, I asked the bus driver to drop me off at my house first because I had to pee really badly, and she asked me what street I lived on. I told her my street name and she replied, “Late busses don’t work that way,” and obviously avoided my street multiple times.
A while after the third time she passed it, I quickly grabbed the crotch of my jeans as a bigger squirt shot out. Sweat beaded on my forehead and my hands got cold. I barely managed to stop it. “Can you PLEASE go to my house now? I’m literally peeing in my pants!” I briskly whispered to the bus driver. She laughed. She was obviously a wetting fanatic. “Nice. And plus even if I did go to your house right now, it would take about seven minutes. By the looks of yourself, you wouldn’t make it anyway.” ‘What an idiot’, I thought to myself. A small wet spot was officially starting to form now. I prayed to have a bladder of steel; I held it in with all of my might.
When we were one-and-a-half minutes away from my house, however, the bus broke down. Of course. I was so horrified of wetting my pants in front of all these kids that I lost control for a millisecond, but it was enough. The small spot got bigger as I fought for control. I bounced my legs, crossed them, and rubbed my crotch to try to avoid wetting myself. Everybody around me could obviously see what was happening to me. They all started laughing at me and saying the stupid “fffsssssssssssss” thing and the “reminding” phrases; but still I managed to finally stem the flow.
As the other bus pulled up beside ours for us to get on, I realized what onomatopoeia word would soon come to me if I stood up – again, the *fffsssssssssssss* thing. I slowly and carefully got up to avoid this from happening. I held the crotch of my jeans again as I managed to walk into the other bus without peeing myself, luckily, even with how on-edge as I was then. This time when I got on, though, the kids kept pushing me to the back of the bus so that I couldn’t get out of the bus easily at my stop. I was too terrified of peeing myself that I didn’t notice. Then one kid did the worst thing possible for my aching bladder.
He tripped me.
I fell, emptying some of my pee into my pants simply by the adrenaline rush that comes from falling. When I hit the ground, the rest of it trickled out. “Damn it…” I mumbled. Even though the release felt SO good to my exhausted bladder, I was very embarrassed and also ashamed that I couldn’t hold on enough to even get to my seat (sitting is the easiest way to hold pee for me). Everyone was laughing at me.
When I finally did get home, I took off my clothes, washed off, and put on fresh ones; my excuse to my mother for the change that I was “trying on outfits for tomorrow.” Nobody in my family ever suspected a thing.

Posted by: Pee-er at April 23, 2009 8:18 PM

This one time I was sitting at school and I had to PEE. And I mean PEE. I was doing everything to stop my pee from coming out, but finally I just ran to pee. It felt niiiiiice!

Posted by: Kayla at April 25, 2009 5:15 AM

Okay so I was going to go out with my crush for the first time ever. I was so excited. I spent hours getting dressed and ready. We were going to go to dinner, then a movie (aka, best date ever for a 17 year old girl, which was me at the time, of course) and when he came to my house to pick me up, I ran out the door without a second thought. Of course, that second thought I would have had was to use the bathroom before I left, because I had drank so much water before the date because I was nervous. So after the dinner, with our laughing and large consumption of soda, I was pretty full. But again, I ignored the urges because I assumed I could find a toilet in the movie theater before the movie started. On the car ride over, I became more desperate with every sharp turn and bump in the road. When we got to the theater, my crush told me that we had to get to the movie fast or else we would miss it. So we ran in and just caught the opening credits of the movie. We sat in the back of the theater, in the far left 2 seats of the row, me at the end, with a few people here and there in the seats in our row. I crossed my legs to try to hide the fact that I really had to go. Again, I drank a small soda at the beginning of the movie. When I straightened my legs a little spurt escaped, and a few after that. Right when the movie ended, we ran out into the theater lobby, but all the washrooms were closed. We ran out into the parking lot and into his car. We started driving to my house, but halfway to the house I got too desperate. I was all tied up just to keep it in, and spurts escaped every few seconds, and my leggings were becoming darker around the my crotch. I told my crush I needed to go pee then and there, and he asked if I could wait, because I never told him I had to go, and I said no. So we stopped the car by a small forest on the highway, and we both ran in, me clutching my crotch, and when we were hidden from sight, I had to cross my legs and hold myself at the same time. He told me to hang on for a minute and I told him I couldn't, but he said I had to for one minute and then he'd help me. The dark spot on my leggings was slowly getting bigger. He ran to a tree and as he did I saw his jeans darkening a little bit. When he got to a tree he pulled it out and started peeing everywhere. Hearing his pee splattering all over the tree and the ground I couldn't hold it anymore. I held my control for a minute as he finished, then he ran to me and pressed his hand on my hands which were at my crotch so I could hold it until we reached a bush. We finally did, and he told me to spread my legs wide. I did, and then he told me to let go. As he did, my pee started flowing uncontrollably. IT FELT SO GOOD! My leggings were soaked, and a huge puddle was under the bush, but we went back to the car and he drove me home, and as we did, he told me that the next time he went on a date I couldn't pee for that whole day of the date, then I had to have a desperate pee in the woods or something, and I agreed.

We still date to this day.

Posted by: Allyie at May 8, 2009 10:19 PM

When I was driving to the beach with my boyfriend Dan. The beach we were going to was a full 2 days of driving from his house, mostly nonstop because we packed plenty of food and water/soda. We took his car, because my sister was using mine for the day. So we left at 7:30. But because we both woke late, we had to grab towels and sunscreen and throw them in bags quickly, and we only had time to chug 2 bottles of soda and to change. I was wearing a bathing suit with shorts and a tee shirt, and he was wearing swim trunks and a tee shirt. So we were driving for around 2 hours, with him in the drivers seat, when I started having to go pee really bad, so I told him, and he pulled over so I could pee in the woods. After that, he asked if I could drive, and I said I would. So we hit the highway half an hour later, and we were on the highway for around 2 hours when Dan goes "Hey Krys can we stop? I gotta pee." I asked if he could wait and he said he could. Two hours after that, with him and I both having dranken 1 bottle of soda and 1 bottle of water each, we both had to go bad, but him worse than me. He was on the verge of wetting, and he was clutching himself and bouncing up and down, and I decided to make him wait, since we were still on the highway and we couldn't stop. He started wetting a little, so I let him out and he peed, and he started driving again. So I was sitting in the passengers seat from the 7/48 hour mark on. It was really warm so I ended up drinking 2 bottles of water by the 10 hour mark. So I was busting for a pee, and the liquid sloshed around in my bladder whenever I or the car moved the slightest bit. I asked Dan to stop several times and he said no every time. I was crossing my legs, pressing my heel on my crotch, and holding my crotch with my hands all at the same time to keep it in, and I spurted whenever we went over a bump. I screamed for him to stop but he couldn't since we were on the highway, and frankly he didn't want to stop again. I said "Dan please I'm gonna pee all over myself" and he said "You should have gone when I went. This is your punishment for making me let go of half of my bladder in my trunks." So we kept driving. The road we were on wasn't paved, so there were bumps everywhere. I pleaded for him to stop on the side of the road, I'd just pee on the side of the road if I needed to but he refused and kept going. Again, I had to wait an hour. We were 12 hours through, and I had been holding for 10 full hours. Now I was spurting all over my underwear, and my shorts were a little wet. I begged for him to stop but he wouldn't. We finally got back on the high way. 13 hours through, and I had to go right then. We'd be on the highway for another hour and a half. He reached over to me with his right hand and pressed on my crotch really hard. I pressed on his hand with my two hands, and sat on my crotch like that, and it helped. All of a sudden my urge came back and my bladder couldn't take it anymore. "Dan move your hand or I'll pee on it, I have to go NOW!" I screamed at him. He reached in the backseat and grabbed a thick towel and he put it under me and I peed. Worst i've ever had to go in my life!!!

Posted by: Krystal at May 9, 2009 3:10 PM

I had seven friends over one summer in like eighth grade. Most of us liked to hold our pee so we drank four cups of water each, then blew up a kiddie pool. By the time it was blown up, three of us needed to go a little bit. So we waited about three hours until we all were bursting. We stood by the edge of the kiddie pool and peed into it all at once. The pool filled up about an inch or so. So we covered the pool and did the whole thing again.

Posted by: Pee girl at May 12, 2009 11:13 PM

I gotta pee bad now so I want to tell you this story...

So last year, I met a guy my age who was an intern at my office (we were both 25 at the time). We got to know each other so he asked me out. The whole morning and afternoon of that day I spent by getting ready. I was drinking water constantly to kill my nerves, plus my mouth was dry. I went to the bathroom 1 time...at 2, and my date was at 5. I was dressed in really tight (and sexy) white leggings, with a tight-ish belt around my middle, over a black tank top. I felt confident, so when he picked me up, I ran to his car and we drove to a bar 40 minutes from my apartment. We stayed for around 4 hours. In the first two, we drank, but in the second two we had water, so we would stay sober. We drank about a liter each of liquids, no less. Of course, my bladder isn't too large, and when it's too full, it can lead to wetting. So when we started home, I had to go really bad, but I didn't want to say anything. He was making me laugh, and I could feel the pee pushing on my bladder. My pussy was pressed really hard down on the seat, and I didn't want to show him that I had to go really badly. We were stuck in some traffic halfway to my apartment when I got really desperate. I told him I had to go. He asked if I could wait, and i said no. He told me to hold onto myself to avoid an accident, and I did, but it didn't help too much. It started to get really really bad. I told him I was about to wet and he reached over and placed a hand "there". It felt so good that I leaned into his hand, and moved around while pressing. I got so into it. The traffic cleared so he had to drive with both hands, and my hands immediately grabbed my achy, damp crotch. I was losing it slowly, and I was seconds from peeing all over the seat. I moaned and he pressed on my hands slightly to relieve the pressure, and he reached into the backseat and found a bucket. I told him I couldn't get my crotch over the bucket in time, so he put it at my feet and pressed on my crotch again. He told me to put my hands under his and as I did, he let go, and grabbed the bucket as a torrent of pee came out. He pulled the car over in a second and held my crotch, and the pee stopped, only my crotch was soaked, and the belt was threatening to force more. He undid my belt and returned his free hand to my crotch with his other hand. He reached for the bucket with one hand and he told me to stand up. I couldn't, but he pulled me up and a torrent of pee flowed into the bucket. It felt so good!

Posted by: Samantha at June 7, 2009 12:36 PM

one time i was babysitting for two kids, one was 4 and one was 9. The nine year old was taking a shower, and the house was kind of small, so there was only one bathroom. I had drunk a lot of water and I had to pee BAD. i sat on the couch and squeezed my legs together and tried to take my mind off it but god did I have to go. i squirmed around and held myself; i figured it was okay since the kid was only 4, but she came up to me and said "are you going to peepee in your pants?" i was totally surprised i didnt know she realized my problem. my face turned red and I tried to stop squirming, i told her no, i wasn't. i took my hand away from my bursting bladder, but as a did, a small squirt escaped. i knew i wasnt going to be able to hold it much loner, so i got up and ran upstairs to see if the kid was out of the shower yet but he wasnt. i was so desperate that i looked for a plant or something i could pee in, then i found a cat's litterbox. I needed to goso bad that i pulled down my pants and peed right there.

Posted by: hale at June 10, 2009 2:29 PM

try this when you really have to pee.
wait till you have to pee so bad (like if you do any kind of moment you'll pee) and do the dishes,make the water run for a long time and watch it run then do the dishes (it works better to have a lot of dishes so your desperate or you have already peed when your done)
it's better to try this when nobody is home.
i did this once omg it was terrible i was dancing,holding myself,jumping from foot to foot i was so glad when i was done i almost peed like in a few seconds if i didn't get to a bathroom soon i would pee.

Posted by: may at June 17, 2009 6:19 PM

I was thirteen when this happened. I used to hold and hold my pee like a little kid until I just couldn't hold on any longer and ran to the bathroom where I would finally relieve my bladder. This happened at the mall.

My mom and I were walking through the mall and I got the urge to pee. I ignored the urge and kept walking. I followed my mom into Old Navy as my bladder filled. 10 minutes later, we were in Old Navy and I was crossing my legs and shifting from foot to foot. I was slightly bent over at the waist relieving some of the pressure in my bladder. My Mom noticed, "Do you need to use the bathroom?" I needed to, but I didn't want to stop shopping, so I said no and crossed my legs. "Are you sure? You look like you need to." I said no again, and stopped myself from bending over more.
20 minutes later we were still in Old Navy. I was hoping my mom would hurry up so I could say I needed to pee and we would go to the bathroom. Finally, my mom was done looking and we left. We continued walking. It was so painful I thought I was going to pee my pants right there. The pee in my bladder sloshed around with each step and it was aching. My mom stopped again, to go into Game Stop to buy a game for my little brother. I winced as we walked in, knowing my bladder was completely full and waiting for me to empty it. My mom took her sweet time at Game Stop looking at all the video games and asking the cashier which ones my brother might like. My poor bladder ached and screamed at me to pee, but I held on by sitting on my heel. My Mom bought my brothers game and told me to come on. I slowly got up and walked out with as much compsure as I could with a overfilled bladder. A wave of urgency came over me, and I stopped walking to cross my legs. My mom looked back at me crossing my legs and grimacing "Do you need to pee? And you better tell me the truth." I winced and replied as another wave of urgency came over me. I bent down and grabbed my crotch. The pain was unbearable. "Yes, really bad. I cant make it to the bathroom."
"For God's Sake, why did you say you didnt need to go in Old Navy?" My Mom was mad now. I got up.
"Come on, let's go find a bathroom before you pee your pants."
I clutched my crotch as we walked to go find a bathroom. We reached Macy's and looked around for a bathroom. By now i was doing a pee dance by holding my crotch, crossing my legs, bending down, and walking in a circle whenever we stopped. I couldn't get my mind off my bursting bladder. "Mom, I can't hold it." I was jumping around now like a 3 year old.
"You better hold it until we find a bathroom." My Mom replied. Finally, someone told us that the bathroom was up a floor, and to the right. I groaned when we got to an escalator. I couldn't hold much longer. A sharp jet of pee came out and splashed onto the floor. I clutched my crotch harder and bent down to gain control. "Kayla, dammit. Hold it for a few more seconds. Don't pee all over the floor."
"I can't. I'm about to pee." I gasped as another jet came out and splashed onto the floor. My mom rushed me off the escalator as I left a trail of pee behind me.
"You shouldn't have a problem holding it. And you better until we reach that bathroom and get into a stall." Finally, I saw the bathroom sign. And my bladder just about bursted when I saw how far away to the right it was.
"I need to pee now. I can't hold it any longer."
I was desperate. I was now bent over at the waist as far as I could go, and clutching my crotch for all it was worth.
"Kayla, hold it. We're almost there. And I don't think you want to walk out of here with shorts soaked in pee." I just about let loose when she said that. My bladder just couldn't hold on. Two more sharp jets came out and splashed onto the floor. I was about to pee my pants. By now, I had a wet spot on my shorts the size of a golfball. I tried to gain control as my Mom told me that I was almost there, and better make it. I gasped and managed to get out, "I wont make it."
"Well, you better try and not embarass me by peeing all over the floor." I just couldnt hold any longer. I moaned in pain as I walked. Finally, my bladder just couldn't take any more holding and I started peeing. I gasped and groaned as spurts came out in sharp jets. I tried to gain more control by crossing my legs, but it wasn't working. My bladder contracted and the floodgates opened. I torrent of pee came out and rushed down my legs. It hissed and gushed out. I couldn't stop it anymore. It sprayed from my shorts with such force It almost hurt. I moaned deeply as it came out hissing. I didnt think it would stop. Finally, the last few drops gushed out with force. My mom was furious. She sent me to the bathroom to clean myself. That was the most embarassing day of my life.

Posted by: kayla at June 24, 2009 4:46 PM

me n my friend were at the mall the other day and we stopped at the food court and got fries and coke before we started shopping. i got a small, but she got a large. like an hour later while we were shopping i noticed she was fidgiting around a bit and i asked her what was wrong, she said nothing but a while later she looked really uncomfortable and desperate, she was squeezing her legs together really tight but i could tell she was trying not to let anyone notice. i asked her "are you okay?" she turned bright red but she said she was fine. about another hour later, she was sitting on a bench and she had her legs double corssed and she kept shifting around. when she thought no one was looking, she would put her hand between her legs. I went over and said "are you okay?" and she whispered "i need to use the bathroom." I said "okay, I think there's one coming up somewhere, we'll get there eventually." she turned bright red again and whispered "i really need one now." she's shy, so i could tell shewas really embarrased about it. so we started walking and looking for a bathroom; she was walkingreally stiffly with her legs together, and every so often she would stop and cross her legs and bend down. after a few minutes, i noticed a wet spot forming on her pants. i could tell she noticed, because her face was even redder, but i pretended not to see; i didn't want to make her any more embarased. I saw a bathroom coming up ahead. i told her and she tried to act like it wasn't that big of a deal, but i could tell she was so relieved. there was a line for the bathroom, not a long one, only a couple people. she corssed her legs and squiremed around, and then she whispered to me 'i don't think I can hold it" i was about to tell her to ask politely if one of the others in line would let her cut, but they looked kind of desperate as well. finally, the stalls opened up, and she dashed in and peed for about 5 minutes.

Posted by: berry at June 28, 2009 8:15 PM

I raelly gotta go pee now my toilet is blocked iv thought about the shower but i cant run water so it would smell i havn't got a bath and my sink is to small.Iv been in this situation for 7 hours now and i am practicly dieing now can anyone help me or give me advise?? p.s for those who are wonfering i am a girl.

Posted by: joe at July 1, 2009 4:15 PM

Had a day that I was at a party and then a lot of juice, beat a strong desire to pee. I tried the bathroom but there was a huge queue. Then I took the car and came back with my boyfriend home. On the way, felt the throb of my bladder was so full that. We then stopped by a police blitz. They sent us out of the car and see the documents. I swinging from side to side in complete desperation for urination. The tightness and increased only in addition to cross your legs and squeeze me all, I put my hand in the middle of the legs and held me hard. I talked to the police that he needed to leave too because I was too tight to do was pee and not holding more secure. Some time later, they released us and in that moment I was beginning to make in your pants. Had a wet spot in the middle of the shoes and saw police. We arrived at home the spot was much larger and was dripped pee. Then I had to drop the pants and even there in the parking relieve me. I mixed in a groan of relief and pleasure as high as the porter heard and there was almost out. Sorry for him, but said he did not endure more. Ment that I did, but the relief was indescribable. Almost an orgasm!

Posted by: tomazaguilar at July 5, 2009 2:27 PM


Posted by: sherri at July 5, 2009 5:33 PM

One day I was just hanging out at my house, and then a air conditioning guy came to work on the air conditioning (DUH). Well, my friend was there, too, and she really had to pee, but she didn't want to go past the guy. With her saying she had to pee, I started having to, and we were both desperate. We had nothing else to do, so we put towels on the floor, stripped down and peed on the towels. Then we just put the towels in dirty laundry. (We both were super horny after)

Posted by: Pee-Pee in Places at July 14, 2009 10:57 PM

One time when I was in Grade 2, I had a spree of wetting my pants, at school. I had already done it once, and got away clean. The second day was less comfortable. Usually the urge comes just after lunch. Me, being stupid, had 2 chocolate milks, and a box of juice. I went for recess and felt fine. Then at 1:15, in class the urge came, but I would have to hold it because it was only just after, lunch and we were supposed to go at lunch. At two o’clock, the urge was becoming stronger, but instead of going to the washroom, I decided I could hold it, because my friends were playing tag, and I wanted to waste no time. I laughed a lot, and then I was suddenly thirsty. The bell rang, and I went inside, and forced myself to have a long drink from the fountain, in order not to die of dehydration. I was almost to the bathroom when my teacher said we had to go to class, I had to wait. I am scared of asking, so I was doing, my work, with the desk pushing on my bladder, which was not helping and then I hear a dripping noise, and oh god it is raining. Now I am desperate. That morning, I had three glasses, of apple juice, then at lunch I CHUGGED 2 chocolate milks, and another box of apple juice, then I had laughed, then drank more water, then the desk was pressing into my bladder, and now the rain not to mention all the water bottles. I was holding myself, under my desk. I am afraid to ask, so on breaking point, I was about to ask when the teacher announced she had to make some copies, of a sheet AND NOT TO MOVE UNTIL SHE GOT BACK. After she left I assessed my situation, I had a bursting bladder, a tucked in shirt, pressing on my bursting bladder, tucked into a belted pair of flood {When I thought of that word I almost let loose} pants which put pressure on my bursting bladder, and then white socks and shoes. I realized I might have to pee myself. I held on as long as I could and then let loose. The floodgates opened, as a torrent of pee rushed down my pant legs, soaked my socks and then formed a puddle on the floor. The pee was hot as it rushed down my leg, I sighed relief. I was fine till the end of the day, when we had to clean up. I went about my business and then THE TEACHER SHOUTED IN FRONT OF EVERYONE “Clean up that puddle of water under your desk. I was embarrassed and then my crush and girlfriend Whom I was sitting next to at the time, came down to help me and smelled pee. It was embarrassing .

Posted by: Morgan at July 26, 2009 3:23 AM

i went over to my friends house the other day and it was the 1st time id ever been to her house. after a while i really had to pee; i mean REALLY bad. im usually really embarassed about havingto go pee so i didnt want to tell heri had togo so i tried to hold it,but i had to go so bad. i kept twisting mylegs together andsquirming around; i tried not to let her see, but i was afraid of peeing mypants atthis point. finally i couldn'tstand it anymore i couldfeel the pee about to burstout any second, so i stood up and said "um, where's your bathroom?" i triedtomake it sound like it was no big deal, but i couldbarely stand still,and iwas pressing my legs together really tight, so she couldprolly tell. once she told me i practicallysprinted upstairs and i thought "ohgod" cuz the bathroom door was locked. I figured her littlesister, who i'd met like a thousand timesbefore, wasin there, so I started pounding on the door and squirming around like crazy. turns out it was her mom. i was totally humiliated.

Posted by: lil at July 27, 2009 4:56 PM

So I was driving cross-country with 3 friends, 2 guys (sitting in the front seat) and a girl, the two of us in the backseat (I knew them all really well, and we'd been close for a long time). So driving from Philly to Phoenix. It was a really long drive (that's almost 52 hours without stopping, but we'd stop a few times). So we made sure to pack plenty of snacks and water and such to hold us over while driving. We knew it would take us at least 4 full days of driving to get us over there, so we had about 30 liters of water with us, and we'd stop places to grab food and extra drinks if we needed. So we started at 7 AM on Saturday. We drove with no traffic for about an hour and a half, then it got really busy on the highway. By 10, we had gone only around 50 miles, and we weren't worried because we had no schedule and time frame. We each finished a liter of water. 2 more hours past and we had each finished another bottle of water. Neither of us girls had very large bladders, but the guys did. At 1, we'd finished 6 hours of driving, and though only 8 bottles of the water were gone, me and Em were squirming quite a bit. We did a McDonalds drive through, and in addition to our meals, we all got extra large sodas (big mistake!). By 2, all of the sodas were empty and Em and I were really desperate. My friend in the passengers seat, Tom said that he needed to use a bathroom bad, so we pulled over so he could go in the woods. My friend in the drivers seat, Dan (also the one with the biggest bladder), told us that we should go pee too, but both of us being a little pee-shy, we said no, though we were holding ourselves and squirming. He said alright, but try not to pee on the seats, this car is a rental, and you know that. So we squirmed and held our crotches for another hour. By 3, we'd been in that car for 8 hours, and Em and I were about to pee ourselves. We had almost 3 liters of liquid in our bladders that was sloshing around and it was painful. Em clearly had to pee more than me, though we were both really really desperate. "Oh god, please, please find a restroom, I'm about to go all over myself!" Em screamed, and Dan told her we couldn't stop for another 50+ miles because of the highway traffic that would be a while. Em was really pee shy and she could only pee in a toilet, so she braced herself and held on tight for another hour. I was surprised she'd held on that long. I had consumed at least another 2 cups of water since then, and now the two of us were even. My need kinda went away and so did hers, and when we finally got out of the traffic we were surprised to notice that we no longer needed to go too much. 30 minutes later we were still in traffic and all of a sudden Em grabbed herself fiercely and practically started crying as she yelled out that she needed to go worse than ever and that it was coming out in her spandex and we needed to get to the side of the road right then. We were barely moving so there was no way we could get to the grass on the side of the road, and the little dark spot on her spandex was growing little by little as she spurted uncontrollably. Dan handed her 2 empty soda cups and told her to go in them. She refused. "Then have your accident outside, where it doesn't get the car soaked." though she had a shy bladder she knew she wouldn't be able to get the soda cups under her without making a mess, so she unlocked her door and unbuckled her seat belt, grabbing herself with her hands as hard as she could. But as she rose up from her seat a little she started crying. We had no idea why until we heard the spraying of her pee in her spandex. She was peeing herself. Torrents of pee flew down her legs so fast, but she was going for a full 3 minutes. In those minutes my need came back with an urge that almost caused me to pee myself. We found a towel and Em sat on it so she wouldn't get everything wet.

I gotta pee so long story short--the two of us peed our pants 2 times each that trip, but the guys stayed dry.

Posted by: Jenna at August 8, 2009 7:43 PM

One night my boyfriend stayed over at my house so he was sleeping in my bed with me (we were both wearing pj's if you were curious, thank you). I woke up a little later than usual, and my need to pee was a lot worse, like, 'If I don't pee in 15 minutes I'll pee myself' bad. So I was holding my crotch so my boyfriend wouldn't see, because we were both awake and he was cuddling with me and I liked it a lot. I told him I'd be right back and I got up and started hobbling to the bathroom, grabbing myself a lot but he was faster than me. He blocked the door and grabbed me and I begged him to let me go in, but he started hugging and cuddling with me and he was getting into it. My whole front was wet all of a sudden and I realized he was peeing on me! I lost control and peed on myself and him and we were just standing there peeing.

Posted by: Summer at August 15, 2009 8:00 PM

oh my gosh i have to pee soo badly right know, my panties are even a little wet and reading all these stories is making me crazzyyy
but anyway i have a story,
So one time i was hanging out with my boyfriend(both 15) and we had spent the whole day outside at this fair in our town. Since it was hot out i had a lot to drink, probably like 3 water bottles, and a slushie, which is a lot for me. So anyway when we started to walk home i suddenly felt the urge to pee, but it wasn't bad so i didn't really think about it. We both live close to each other so we decided to go hang out at his house since his parents weren't home. needless to say by the time we were half way home it was hard to ignore my full bladder but i didn't want to say anything to him. When we got to his house he realized he didnt have a key so we couldnt go inside untill his older brother came home in a few hours. This was horrible news for me because by now i had to be pretty darn badly. Instead he suggested we go on his trampoline in his back yard. I knew this was bad for my pee situation but i still didnt want to tell him, turns out i was right because once we started jumping around my urge was getting uncontrolable. He gently tackled me over and we both fell to the ground of the trampoline, i was so thankful we had stopped jumping. We laid there talking and by this time i was about to burst, i tried to stay still but i just couldnt do it. I was crossing my legs and basically trying to stop myself from grabbing my crotch. He asked if i was okay, and i managed to say yes but i could feel the pee about to come out. He leaned over and kissed me and once his lips met mine i felt a little drop come out, i quickly grabbed my crotch praying no more would drip out but i was desperate. "I really have to pee" i told him. I didnt try to hide it anymore and clutched my crotch with both hands. "Why didnt you just tell me, i felt guilty starting to get turned on when i thought something was wrong," he said. he helped me stand up and as i tried to balence on the trampoline i didnt know if i could hold on anymore. He lead me over to the side and told me to pee off of it onto the ground, it looked tricky but i knew if i jumped down i would wet myslef. by this time i didnt even care, all i wanted to do was pee. So i pulled down my panties and my shorts and let loose. it felt kind of weird peeing in front of him but the relief felt soooooooo good i just couldnt stop, it came rushing out and started to make a puddle on the ground. Once i eventually stopped looked over at him and saw he had a massive boner and his face was all red, he said that was the sexiest thing ever, then he leaned in and started making out with me. it felt sooo good cause i didnt have to pee anymore and he was really into it becasue of how damn horny he was. I eventually reached over and grabbed his **** and since my panties were still down he started licking my pussy and made it even more wet then it already was from my pee. Overall i am never going to drink that much again but at least i know now how to really get my bf going ;)

Posted by: drip drop at August 23, 2009 9:25 PM

Some nice stories here! I've had a rather small share of public desperation, always planned stuff too well for that. Not to mention that as a boy, peeing isn't quite as limited (luckily, hehe). Had some fun when alone, though. If anyone wants to chat, add me on MSN (ranpalan@hotmail.com) or AIM (ranpalan). Hmmm. this tea is quite getting to me...

Posted by: Ranpalan at September 21, 2009 10:58 AM

Heh, I love holding my pee... Or, to be more precise, I generally can't be bothered to get up and go. Just like now, for example - and this tea isn't helping :/

If anyone would like to chat, my AIM is ranpalan, MSN is ranpalan@hotmail.com

Posted by: Ranpalan at September 30, 2009 2:12 PM

Wow! Lots of great stories! I get so shy when I have to pee. It gets anoying sometimes too! Like when we go camping. I just can't do it! My bladder won't let me! What's weird though is that i've always wanted to pee in elevators/ fitting rooms/ empty stairwells/ bathrooms floors/ ect. I SO wish I could overcome this shy bladder situation!

Posted by: Z Coop at November 8, 2009 2:25 AM

I NEED TO PEEEEEEE!!!! But By twin brother is in thwe Bathroom! .... I wander if he's peeing... lol maybe our blaters are related... WOW!!! REALYYYY NEED TO PEEE~~~~~ AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! DAVID!!! GET OUT OFTHE BATHROOM GODDAMIT!!!! NYAAAA It kinda hurts!!! Tear tear cry cry. YES!!!! DAvids OUT! I'm bringing my laptop to da bathroom with me cause i like to listen to music when i pee.... Is that wierd??? I also like eating in the shower, aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet re leaf lol

Posted by: Brandon at December 8, 2009 7:34 PM

omg!! i really need to peeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GTG!!

Posted by: jESSIE at December 8, 2009 9:55 PM

So me and friend were at the beach in our bikinis. I was really proud of my bikini body, because i had worked out and i knew i looked HOT! so we were just laying out under the sun tanning when i got reallyyyy thirsty. I drank a bottle of water. an 1/2 hour later, a drank a big bottle of lemonade, and a glass of soda. I felt my bladder feeling full, so i flipped onto my back to ease some pressure. I was reallllyyy pee shy, so i didnt tell her. she asked if i wanted to go in the water so i said ok. as we went it i felt my bladder at its limit. i squeezed my thighs really quick. we werent even in knee deep so i couldnt do any holding or anything ovious. she started splashing me so my bladder threatened to leak a bit because of the water, but i held on with a quick sqeeze. i knew i wasnt gonna be able to hold on for a lot longer without doing somthing else. so after fifteen minutes my bladder hurt so i crossed my legs really quick and squeezed. we sent in deeper so i began to cross my legs full time. i felt a leak trickle out so i crossed and grabbed my crotch. i didnt want to pee right there because it would stain my white bikini. after an hour i was bursting with my legs crossed and my hand thrust into my crotch while bouncing.
as we got out i uncrossed and just tightly squeezed as i walked. i was desperate by now and my bladder was bursting. as we got back to our spot i layed down and crossed my legs tight. i felt a burst of pee leak out and i gasped. what she asked. oh nothing i said. i knew i was gonna pee my pants soon. i was bursting to pee, i looked around for the honey buckets. i was shaking my legs down. uncrossing, then crossing while bouncing. whats the matter she said. oh nothing i said again. i knew i had to tell her. another leak squirted out and ran down my leg and i said "crap". she said what. i said oh i just kind of have to pee. i knew i was absoloutly bursting but i couldnt tell her. she told me oh can u just hold it. i said um ok. i sat there, legs crossed, boucning up and down, doing anything to keep my pee from spurting everyywheree. as i had my leggs double crossed, boucning, a long stream ran down my leg, i almost lost control. um i really have to pee now i said. oh i kind of have to too. i shoved my hand into my crotch. i gotta go now i said. i got up and ran to the porta potties, which had 2 people in line. i jumped and squeezed and crossed and grabbed but nothing was helping. my friend came over and said watching you made me so much more desperate. my bladder finally just gave up and relased. it felt sooo good but so embarrasing as the people in line watched and everyone around saw. it streamed out and flowed hard and fast for like 3 minutes while i moaned. my friend crossed her legs and bent over. seeing you go made me desperate she said. she grabbed her crotch. she quickly began peeing too. she peed for about a minute. after there was a giant pee puddle under us and my legs were covered in pee and my white bikini bottoms were stained yellow. after we got into the ocean and washed off. ive never had to pee so bad in my life!!!

Posted by: beachy at December 11, 2009 12:32 AM

A couple months ago, my friends and I went to a haunted house. One of my best friends was with us and I think she had to pee before we left, because by the time we got there she had to pee really, really badly. It had been about a 30 minute car ride, and when we finally pulled up she jumped out and was like, “Let’s find a bathroom first! I have to pee!!” We were like, “Ok, we will,” but first we went in to buy our tickets. We waited in line for about ten minutes and by then she was jumping and whining that she had to pee really badly. There was a tiny room in the back that had a sign that said “restroom,” so she took off for that room, but just as she was about to go in, some scary guy stopped her and was like, “Sorry, this is a staff only restroom.” She turned around and looked at me and I could see in her eyes that she really needed to go. So I was like, “Hey, you can go in the woods over there. I’ll go with you and stand guard if you want,” and she was like, “No, I am not peeing in the woods.” One of my other friends was like, “Well, we’re going to get in line for the haunted house.” It was a really good haunted house, and so the line was really long. My friend decided to come with us and just try to hold it. We were waiting in line and she was a little squirmy, but she was alright and every time she gave me a look I just encouraged her by saying, “You can hold it, hun, it will be ok.” So we waited in line for about an hour, and we got up there to go in, and my friend asked if there was a bathroom anywhere. The guy said, “No, not that you can use.” She whimpered and was like, “Well how long does this take?” He told us it would take 45 minutes to an hour to get all the way through. She looked at me and was really worried so I just squeezed her shoulder and said, “You’ll be fine.” The five of us went into the haunted house. It was really fun, and my friend who had to pee was right behind me, and she was having fun, too. But about halfway through, she started wiggling a lot and then told me she had to pee so badly that she couldn’t move. She fell to the ground and was holding herself and wincing. My other friends were like, “This thing is SO scary, and we are not stopping!!” She somehow managed to stand up and keep walking but she looked really scared and desperate, not because of the haunted house, which was really scary, but because she really REALLY needed to pee. I took her hand and somehow got her through the rest of the haunted house. We came out and she was really freaking out. I offered again to go into the woods with her. She was like, “I am NOT peeing in the woods.” But we had a 30 minute car ride home, and so one of our other friends was like, “You’re just going to have to hold it.” She was like, “I can’t!” and started to cry. I felt so bad for her. She collapsed again in desperation and was holding herself and trying not to pee right there. I noticed people were staring, so we managed to get in the car and I sat next to her and was talking to her and trying to distract her while we were driving home. She leaned her head into me and was shaking and crying and holding herself. Her legs were squeezed together tightly and she sobbed that she was going to pee her pants. I hugged her and rubbed her back and told her that was ok, and she needed to go because I didn’t want her to get sick. A few seconds later I noticed pee running down her legs and soaking through her jeans. She kept crying for a few minutes afterwards and wouldn’t pick her head up from my arms because she was soooo embarrassed. Then she suddenly sat up and was like, “But that felt so good!” And everyone started laughing.

Posted by: wowwww at December 14, 2009 10:52 AM

So my boyfriend and I have been going out for 1year but i have a pee pee story.

The first time i was going to his house i wanted to look hot. Mum was taking me there at 2, (i was staying the night) and he lives half an hour away. So i started getting ready at 10.30. And i drank HEAPS of water to kill my nerves, I didnt realise how much i had drank till it was about 1.30 when i felt the need to pee but ignored it so i could finish getting everything ready.
When we got in the car the need to pee got a bit stronger but i jsut ignored it again, BIG MISTAKE! so i arrive at his house and mum goes. we muck around for a bit, hugging kissing, pashing and then we go out the back continueing the kissing and stuff and he starts to finger me, well by now i am REALLY needing to pee and his fingers are pushing so hard against my bladder i felt like im about to burst. I said to him 'baby go softer' but he didnt hear because i was whispering quietly. He continues doing this for another 5mins and Im getting desperate. he is getting more and more into it by the second and he says to me 'baby, im getting a boner this is so good, your so tight and wet! ohhhh' after he said that i couldnt control myself, i leaked a little bit and was so embarrassed so i told him, i was like 'james, I need to pee so bad!'

he said, 'ash, just hold it a bit longer'

I said, 'I cant i just leaked a little im about to burst!'

he said, ' ok baby, lets go inside then'

i said, 'i cant hold it that long babe, im about to pee now'

he said, 'oka then, just go'

i said, 'ok babe.'

well just as i was about to pull down my undies and shorts his dad and 2 younger brothers come out, they sit with us and they start talking about soccer (they all LOVE it). by now im fidgeting so much and trying my hardest not to grab my crouch. James whispers in my ear, 'lets go somewhere else baby' i say, 'please!!!!'
his brothers then decide to attack us with water bombs and this is NOT helping my need to pee, water is runninng down my body and im about to lose it. His dad and brothers then go inside and tell us that they are going down the street they'll be back in 1hour. Well now i am so desperate and i couldnt help but grab my crouch. he must of forgot my need to pee and starts fingering me again, i say 'babe, stop i have to pee' he said 'sorrry baby'
then i pull down my shorts and undies and pee, i peed for like 4mins non stop!
when i finished james said that it was so sexy and he never thought he would be but he was so turned on from that, we then pashed intensly and he fingered me without me needing to pee and i could enjoy it now! We ended up having sex that night, and i'll never forget it ever,
btw i was 15 and he was 16 when it happened (:

we have had lots of pee fun now and each time is more exciting and sexier than the last...

I miss him now coz he's on a soccer trip :(

Posted by: Peeepeebitch. at December 21, 2009 10:15 PM

hi i did that contest about holding it reading all the stories and drinking 2 cups of water.i succeded yeah!my fav storie was by lovelovecj he sounds cute.

Posted by: love francisco at December 27, 2009 8:42 PM

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