April 28, 2003


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so i'm listening to 1010 wins today on the way into work and they start talking about netflix (a great concept with sometimes suspect service) and how some customers have been reporting dvds lost in the mail. they were saying how this is something that has increased in frequency. one guy was interviewed that said he lost one dvd in the mail, which is acceptable. then he mailed 5 back in one envelope (5?!? how do you fit 5 in one envelope? i could barely fit 2) and netflix said they received 2 of the 5 which causes some suspicion at the warehouse. i once mailed 2 back and they said they only got one. netflix then said that only one should be mailed back at a time, which is contradictory from their website. anyway, they then said they called the postal service which said they would prefer that 1010 wins would hold off on airing the interview because there was an investigation that was at a "sensitive point". 1010 wins - the investigative news source that they are - then digs deeper. upon further investigation, they say that a postal employee under investigation was found with over 700 dvds in his apartment and that 3 people at their flushing distribution center were fired with one guy having 37 dvds in his backpack when he was fired. both make sense to me since i have mailed dvds from the post office (physically handing them to the postal employee) before and had them lost. in fact, i have had many dvds lost when placing them in the mail box in front of a post office distribution center. i've actually lost 11 dvds in 13 months and had my account put on hold a couple of times, but i still think that its a great service. in related news, blockbuster has decided to start renting online too. will this be the end of netflix? read about it here.

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