April 26, 2003

drunk blogging

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so i know people drunk dial, but i'm just drunk blogging. baseball game earlier tonight. 3 wins in a row, 3 saves in a row for armando (highlights on espn asz i type...coincidence? i think not!)
anyway. field day!! woo!! audrey, calvin, carolina, and tien. i did that alphabetically. how sweet is that? its going to be a blast. calvin and audrey are going to share the car. carolina and i are going to share a tent...wink wink. hmm. i should stop, but i wont. so toast is good when you are drunk, but cheetos are very very tempting. i'm going to have some cheetos. mmm...cheeos. i love cheese and corn things.
lynn has red cheeks. thats it. cheeto time.

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